Strongest Profound Sect System Chapter 99

Lin Lei did n’t know that after leaving, the sect of the killed person came to the scene as soon as the disciple was killed, and he controlled everyone, and looked at the top grade of the office. , The man’s face sank, as if he saw something bad.

“This thing is only known to you. If you dare to reveal half a person, I don’t mind chasing you to the ends of the earth to kill you.”

After speaking, the man flew to the distance with the crowd and the dieciple who had died, and they left the crowd. On this day, their managers are richer than the managers of this life.

Within West Pill Sect, after Lin Lei lost contact, everyone panicked, especially Dan Yunzi, and even all the disciplines were sent out to find Lin Lei.

At this point in the great hall of Pill Sect, all Elder Supreme Elder and Dan Yunzi were sitting there, looking heavy, brows tightly knit, or not sighing,

“Supreme Elder, what are you going to do now, Young Master’s whereabouts are unknown now, listening to Thunder Report, Young Master is the most likely person to reach the Cloud Tower. We know nothing about this news, but if you let outsiders know, Is n’t that the Young Master is going to be besieged by the entire Tianxuan continent. “

Dan Yunzi, who is sitting in the upper position, is like an ant on a hot pot at this moment.

“Well, I thought about this too, but now we do n’t know where the Young Master is, where to look for it, and with the ingenuity of the Young Master, you and I can guess.”

Listening to Supreme Elder’s words, everyone who is doing it is nodded.

“But now it’s really hundred thousand. If you don’t find the Young Master and tell the news, the consequences will actually be bearable.”

“Well, why don’t I know this, but Young Master’s whereabouts are erratic. Before coming to sect, we have never heard of the Young Master figure. Where can I find it? It’s really sad!”

Dan Yunzi looked at everyone with a sad look, and for a while he didn’t know what to say, but at this moment, Dan Yunzi remembered that Lin Lei came with a follower, and suddenly his eyes were instructed.

“Come on, go to Haoran Feng and call Lin Lei’s entourage Lin Tian. He should be back yesterday.”

After hearing the Sect Master’s words, the disciple at the door thought about Hao Tianfeng flying away. After a while, the disciple took Lin Tian to the great hall of the meeting.

“Brother Lin, go in, Sect Master and Elder are in there.”

Looking at the disciple, Lin Lei pushed the door with a puzzled look and walked in, watching all the people in the great hall, and suddenly he was stuck in place.

Looking at Lin Tian, ​​Dan Yunzi asked impatiently, “You are the follower brought by Lin Lei. Then you know where Lin Lei is most likely to go, and where your home is.”

Just listening to Dan Yunzi asking a long list of questions, Lin Tian woke up from the gods after listening.

“Back to Sect Master, I don’t know where the Young Master is going. The Young Master didn’t tell me when he went to Lingtian restricted area again.”

Hearing Lin Tian’s words, the expression of disappointment could not help but be revealed in the eyes of all Elder and Dan Yunzi present.

“But Young Master’s home is in the east. Unfortunately, that’s the sad place for Young Master. Young Master may not return.”

An important message, all the people present were struggling, Lin Tian who saw this scene was somewhat inexplicable.

“Well, Lin Tian, ​​I will let Disciple go to you in a while, and then you write down the specific address of Lin Lei. If you have any questions about cultivation, please come and ask me at any time. You do n’t have to Report, you can come and go as you please. “

Such a bland sentence is enough to represent Lin Tian’s status in Pill Sect today, which is incoherent.

“Many thanks Sect Master, then I’ll step down if it’s okay.”

“Hmm” watching Yun Tian slowly fade away, Dan Yunzi quickly stood up, a smile appeared on his face.

“Great Elder and Supreme Elder Bai Yu, this time will trouble both of you. When you go to the east, you must find the Young Master and pick up the Young Master. If anyone stops, kill … no … pardon …”

When Dan Yunzi talked about Bai Yu again, his eyes were full of respect, but in the last sentence, the Murderous Aura in his eyes couldn’t help but erupt.

“Yes, I’ll wait for the task that Sect Master will account for, and I will definitely bring the Young Master back safely.”

After speaking, Great Elder and Bai Yu Supreme Elder stepped out of the room first, came to Lin Tian’s room, took Lin Lei’s home address, and then flew to the east.

In the past few days when Lin Lei disappeared, the entire continent was going crazy, everyone was about to lose their minds in order to find the Cloud Tower, and the good people just caught people and questioned and let go, but Disciples who pretend to be righteous sects are often more abominable than those who claim to be Demon Sect. Those people do not hesitate to kill one to get the Tower of Clouds.

This act has already completed the horrible destruction of Tian Xuan Continent, and even some Sects were extinguished sect overnight, and not a few. Some powerhouses want to stop such things from happening, but they are powerless. Tian Xuan continent is too big, they can’t manage it all, but everything they see will control it, but the culprit of all this is not the person who got the Cloud Tower, but the desire and the heart in their hearts.

As the saying goes, desire is the source of all evil. If there is no desire, then this world should be so beautiful, so the demonic path in the world is not sin. The most evil thing is the human heart, often good and evil are always in one thought. It depends on how that person chooses.

Time flies fast, and unconsciously, just seeing time is like a gap in the white horse. It passed away quietly. At first, a peaceful Tianxuan continent was filled with smoke, all in order to compete for the place, and it was already commonplace for Lin Lei to go to the east. .

After Lin Lei killed the people who occupied the teleportation array, he continued to teleport. Finally, one month later, Lin Lei came to the east. This sad place. When Lin Lei reached the east, a sad memory filled with Got the whole mind.

“Well, for a year, East, I finally came back here again.”

Looking at the east where he was walking, Lin Lei felt a lot of emotion. One year ago, he was still a first-order ant of Body Tempering. Now he is a powerhouse that can kill Golden Core Peak. This difference is ordinary person Never understand in a lifetime.

“Master, is this the east you’ve been coming to?” The alienation next to him now looked at everything in front of him, and it was not much different from the south.

“Well, yes, this is the east where the Master has always wanted to come, where all the sad memories of the Master are, and also the place where the Master does not want to come back in his life.”

Looking at the sad look in his eyes, he didn’t understand after being alienated for a while. Since he didn’t want to come back, now how?

“Master, since you don’t want to come back, what are you doing?”

Looking at the alienated expression, Lin Lei’s bad mood disappeared for a while, and a rarely seen smile appeared on his face.

“I don’t want to come back if I don’t find it, but here is the reason why the Master must come back and say that you, the little Monk who has no personnel, will not understand, but the only thing I want to do now as a teacher is to get rid of you It’s broken. “

Then, Lin Lei grabbed a distant arm, and stepped on the Fei Jian thinking of the nearest city to fly away.

“Ah, Master, please …”

Suddenly, a hoarse voice came out of the air, but everyone passing by heard it, and the probability of some people’s face except the evil smile.

Soon, Lin Lei came to the largest restaurant in the nearest irrigation city.

“Secondary, give me all of the best meat you have here, and you’ll need yours. The wine will be the best here, you know?”

Having said that, Lin Lei took out a large amount of gold and threw it to the shop second, and the shop second was almost able to squeeze out a chrysanthemum.

“Okay, okay, wait a bit, younger, I’ll get you some wine and vegetables.”

Looking at the shop junior eagerly thinking about the back kitchen, Lin Lei didn’t say much, but laughed and looked out of the window. As for the alienation, he was worried at this time, should he eat the amaranth ordered by the master.

“Soon, the wine and vegetables broke up. Lin Lei forced alienation to eat meat and drink. After alienation took the first bite of meat and drank the first bite, he couldn’t help it anymore, almost a table. Lin Lei ’s meat did n’t last long, except for wine and meat, which were almost alienated. ”

“Ha Ha Ha …”

Seeing this scene, Lin Lei smiled and smiled happily, but the people next to him were speechless.

Very quickly, at the speed of alienating the strong wind scattering the last clouds, a meal was so destroyed, and Lin Lei drank several jars. If it is not supported by the cultivation base, this is In previous lives, it is estimated that gastric lavage has now been performed.

“Distant, let’s go for 9! There are important things to do at night, and today I will let you break the ring again.”

“Oh ah………”

The dizzy alienation of the food agreed after hearing what Lin Lei said, politely turned over, and suddenly stood up in exclaim, so that all the people in the hotel turned their eyes on All cast over.



“You … what are you doing, do you know it’s shameful?”

After talking. Lin Lei covered her face and walked out immediately. The alienation followed closely from behind.

“Hu. I said to be alienated, don’t scream in such crowded situations in the future, do you know we are Sven?”

Listening to his Master’s words, Alien looked at Lin Lei with a strange look.

“You … don’t look at me like that. I’m telling the truth, but what I said in the restaurant is true. Tonight the Master will take you to one Sect to break your killing ring.”

In a word, the murderous aura on his body couldn’t help but come out. Everyone passing by Lin Lei seemed to go into the winter. It was cold and biting, it was cold to the heart and cold to the soul.

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