Strongest Saiyan of Konoha Chapter 183


The colorful brilliance is shining, the whole house is rippling with unknown brilliance, and it also reflects the tender and lovely Hanabi even more brilliance.

The insignificant aura on her body has gradually become thicker and stronger. The whole person has changed from the original Genin strength, promoted to Chunin, and even Special-Jonin Level.

But by this time, the colorful brilliance stopped, and Naruto stopped and continued to strengthen.

“What’s wrong with brother-in-law? Why didn’t you continue?”

Hanabi was sensing the changes in his body and didn’t want Naruto to stop, so he looked at Naruto with expectation.

“Your physique is too weak. If you continue, you can’t bear it. Take these three bloodline balls first.” Naruto took out three bloodline balls from the space and handed them to Hanabi.

These bloodline balls are Uchiha Clan’s, Senju Clan’s, Uzumaki Clan’s, three kinds of bloodline balls, plus Hanabi’s Hy_ga bloodline, will definitely increase the strength.

“Thank you brother-in-law.”

The moment Hanabi saw the bloodline ball, he knew what it was and was happily taking it to absorb.

With her absorb, Hanabis aura began to quickly become-stronger. Originally promoted to Special-Jonins strength, and soon promoted to Jonin, then Elite Jonin, and finally reached Kage Level.

But the promotion still hasn’t stopped, and Hanabi doesn’t know exactly how far it reaches.

Anyway, her both eyes are like Hinata, and the radiance of azure shines in Byakugan, which attracts people’s attention like bright sapphires.


Compared to Hinata’s strength, Hanabi is still a lot weaker. Because Hinata Fusion is Kami’s Servant, strength is already very terrifying, even if Otsutsuki Kaguya comes, it can be defeated.

It can be said.

The current Hinata is Hinata, the strength is terrifying.

However, Naruto was still worried about Hinata, so he took out a new bloodline ball from the space.

This is a female Saiyan bloodline ball, a bloodline ball with great potential. Although it can’t compare with his bloodline, it is countless times stronger than the low-level bald head bloodline.

Although Naruto had acquired this thing a long time ago, he has been reluctant to take it out.

The main reason is that he is afraid of having a bad influence on this world, but now he wants to soul shuttle, naturally he can’t worry about Hinata.

So Naruto took it out and handed it to Hinata.

“Hinata, absorb it. This is a complete bloodline ball. Maybe you can reach the stage of Super Saiyan II in the future.” Naruto said warmly.


Hinata nodded like a baby, took the bloodline ball and pressed it on his smooth forehead, and began to absorb quickly.


The terrifying aura is rippling, and the golden aura is shining around Hinata’s body. In the split second after absorb, she directly opened the super Saiyan first stage.


Naruto looked at Hinata’s Super Saiyan I, and blinked his eyes silently.

It really didn’t expect that Hinata will start Super Game One so soon. After all, the bloodline ball belongs to the bloodline ball, and the super plug can be different.

“It should be because of the absorption of too many bloodline balls. With the addition of Kami’s Servant’s Fusion, Hinata’s aptitude has reached a very high level. Maybe she will be able to start Super Game 2 after a while.”


The more terrifying golden aura shines, Hinata is so forcibly advanced from Super League One to Super League Two.


Looked at Hinata shrouded in golden light, as well as the lightning that appears from time to time, Naruto feels that his Hinata has greater potential than he imagined.

There will be Super Saiyan III and Super Saiyan God in the follow-up. These two are not so easy to reach. Naruto commented lightly.


After he said this sentence.

The golden lightning all over Hinata is even stronger, and the whole person goes from super plug two to super plug three, and even a faint red light appears around the body, which seems to be about to reach the stage of super plug god.

Fortunately, at this level, Hinata is not continuing to become-stronger, but has stabilized in the super three stage.

Seeing that Naruto has not reached the super goddess, Naruto’s heart is so relaxed that he will not be surprised by his little Hinata.

“Naruto Big Brother, I feel become-stronger a lot.” Hinata shone with golden light all over her body, and fell into Naruto’s arms.

“Well, my little Hinata has become more and more stronger.” Naruto rubbed Hinata’s long hair and said warmly.

“Naruto Big Brother, I want to become stronger and protect you forever.” Hinata said with his head held high, with firmness in his beautiful eyes.

“So good.”

“Brother-in-law, brother-in-law, give me this kind of bloodline ball too, I want to be stronger too.” Hanabi came over and looked pitifully. Naruto.

Although her current strength is out of the ordinary, compared with Hinata, it is a heaven and an underground, so she definitely wants to be stronger.

“The female Saiyan bloodline ball is gone. I can only give you a Kami’s Servant Fusion. Do you want it?” Naruto waved his hand, and the ninth god Attendant appeared in the shadow.

“I want, I want it.” Hanabi said in surprise.

“Okay, Fusion.”

“Yes, Master!” Kami’s Servant bowed deeply to Naruto, then turned into a shadow and merged into Hanabi within-the -body.

The aura of the split second Hanabi soared, the black hair instantly turned into white hair, and the whole person floated, heading towards the stage of Hanabi.

Naruto did not wait for the final transformation of Hanabi, but looked towards Hinata and said: “Hinata, I should go, obediently wait for me to come back.”

“Well, must come back early Oh.” Hinata hugged Naruto reluctantly.

“Don’t worry.”

The gate of wish is condensed above the two people. Numerous starlights form meteor showers, which fall quickly, making them beautiful and spectacular.

Narutos within-the-body slowly drifted out of a pitch-black Black Hole, which was Narutos soul, also in the form of Black Hole, and then passed directly to the door of wish, disappeared.

On the spot, Naruto’s body was soft enough to be in Hinata’s arms, and she was cautious and solemn on the bed, covered with quilt.

“Go back soon.” Hinata took Naruto’s hand and said softly.


“Older sister, I have become really strong, and super strong.”

Hanabi has been strengthened and looked at her white hands with unimaginable surprises in her big eyes.

“Well, your brother-in-law is so kind to you, must protect him with me.”

“Don’t worry about older sister, if anyone dares to bully brother-in-law, I will blow someone up. “Hanabi said with his head held high.

“Well, let’s wash the clothes. Wash your brother-in-law’s clothes.”


Hanabi was taken aback, with big eyes After blinking twice, he lowered his head helplessly: “Okay, no matter how strong it is, you can’t escape the destiny of washing clothes.”

Hanabi reluctantly picked up Naruto’s clothes and went to wash them. The white hair behind him looks very elegant, aloof and remote like Otsutsuki Kaguya.

And Hanabi, who is aloof and remote, washes Naruto’s clothes, busy like a little maid.

If you let others know that such a tyrannical Hanabi is doing laundry for Naruto, you might be eye-catching one by one.

Unfortunately, this scene is not seen by others.

Because Hinata and Hanabi are located on the ocean island, no one else can find them.

Of course.

What if you find it? Not to mention the hidden eight Kami’s Servant, Hinata and Hanabi alone have become terrifying existences.

Moreover, at the entrance of the Island villa, there is always that valiant and formidable-looking silhouette standing.

Aalto Liya, the king of antenna hair, is also called King Knight. He has a heroic spirit with golden hair and pretty Dame. Naruto is her master. Every time Naruto soul promotion will strengthen her strength.

For a long time, King Knight no longer knows how much his strength has reached, but the strengthened Ky_bi can be easily defeated by King Knight. This is her promotion.


Under the warm sun and in the gradual sea breeze, King Knight stood quietly at the door of the villa holding the Knight sword, gazed the vast sea, not moving for a long time.

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