Strongest Saiyan of Konoha Chapter 205

“Yes, Naruto and I told you that in a magical world, as long as you can speak many languages, you are great. There is a super expert named Kaiin who is born mastery in many languages. , It becomes the most expert as soon as it appears.”

“Naruto Big Brother went to the world and became a super expert, because Naruto Big Brother can speak many languages. In addition to the worlds fusion of the world ‘, no one is the opponent of Naruto Big Brother.”

Hinata said to help, hoping that Hiashi Hy_ga can follow to the small world so that the family can be reunited.

“Is there that many magical world?” Hiashi Hy_ga also became interested when he heard this.

“Yes, there is an ice world, and that world is great as long as it counts well. A super expert named’Lonely Ice’ will count as soon as he is born and instantly become a super expert.


When he grows up, he will study various arithmetic in depth, and finally he will be blessed by the world and become the strongest existence of the ice world.”

Hanabi opened her small mouth and kept talking, but her eyes There was confusion. After all, such a nickname was very strange, but she didn’t think too much, but continued to persuade Hiashi Hy_ga.


Hiashi Hy_ga listened to these worlds, although he yearned for it, he still said to shake one’s head.

“Im old, and its time for the fallen leaves to return to their roots, and Hy_ga clan needs my protection, I cant leave.”

“Father, we can move all Hy_ga clan to the small world Yes, Naruto Big Brother has agreed.” Hinata continued to persuade.

“Forget it, many clansman don’t want to leave, I can’t force them.” Hiashi Hy_ga refused again by shaking ones head.


Hanabi started to talk again to persuade him, but it is a pity that Hiashi Hy_ga refuses to leave Konoha alive and well, and he sees the Root idea of Falling Leaves.

Furthermore, Hiashi Hy_ga has always been used in Konoha, as an excuse to guard Hy_ga clan, I heard that both Hinata and Hanabi can’t do anything about it and can only be sighed.

After a long time.

Naruto made a pile of dishes, put it on the table, and invited everyone over for dinner.

Considering that he will be away for a few years, Naruto used to strengthen the ability to strengthen a dish, a red braised pork made with different world ingredients.


With the mysterious light shining, the endless fragrance permeates the room, and then spreads through the window door to the entire Konoha.

Hiashi Hy_ga, who just walked over to prepare to eat, stared at the pot of red braised pork with both eyes, can’t do anything about it, can’t do anything about it, it is so fragrant, and his throat In the constant sensation.

“It’s time to eat, try it soon.” Naruto motioned.


Hiashi Hy_ga couldn’t help it for a long time. He picked up his chopsticks and ate frantically, and then couldn’t stop eating, like a wolf down one’s food Eat endlessly.

The Hinata and Hanabi next to them were not idle either, their small mouths quickly tasted the food, no one stopped talking for a while, it was the sound of eating.


After eating all the food, Hiashi Hy_ga looked at that empty basin with unfulfilled meaning, and put down his chopsticks with unfulfilled meaning.

Seeing the appearance of Hiashi Hy_ga, Naruto said with a slight smile: “Or, you also go to my small world? I have time, and I will give you a taste?”

“Really?” Hiashi Hy_ga’s eyes lit up when he heard this.

“Yes, but I don’t have much time. I can only do it once in a while.” Naruto nods.

“That’s okay, I’ll go back and prepare.” Hiashi Hy_ga hurriedly said.

“Eh? Father, did you agree to go to the small world?”

Hinata and Hanabi were slightly dumbfounded after seeing father’s behavior, and their brains were a bit empty at the same time. They persuaded that before After a long time, Hiashi Hy_ga just refused to leave, and said that he would protect Hy_ga clan.

It’s better now.

Father agreed with Naruto’s words, which is too speechless.

Hanabi couldnt help saying: “Father, didnt you say that you want to protect Hy_ga clan?”

“cough cough, since you can bring Hy_ga clan, its time to bring it. I don’t have to worry about it.” Hiashi Hy_ga said cheeky.


Hanabi didn’t get angry when he heard this. They all said a way before, but father said that some clansman didn’t want to leave. Now I changed my mouth immediately after eating the delicious food, which is really annoying.

The depressed Hanabi gave his father a white look, feeling that his father might sell it for delicious food, and even his daughter might be sold, which is really hopeless.

The Hinata next to her also didn’t react, even if her strength had already equalled Ninja World, she was still stupid.

“Okay, that being the case, then the past few days start to relocate.”

Naruto start to talk to resolve the strange atmosphere at the scene and discuss with Hiashi Hy_ga to relocate Hy_ga clan matters.

Considering that some clansman may be reluctant to leave their hometown and do not want to enter the small world, Hinata thinks; “father, what about clansman who do not want to enter the small world?”

” Don’t worry, Hiashi Hy_ga speaks so well, which clansman dare not listen? If anyone can’t say it, I will find him personally, and even if they do not dare can’t say it.” Hiashi Hy_ga said domineeringly.

Next to it.

Hanabi looked at Hiashi Hy_ga speechlessly when he heard this.

After all, the father said so resolutely before, and said that his clansman was unwilling to leave Konoha, but now it’s good, he can solve it with a single word.

Such results make Hanabi even more speechless, feeling that his father is less and less integrated.

Fortunately, everything is going in a good direction.

It’s a good thing for father to enter the small world, Hanabi doesn’t say much anymore, and instead helps father make suggestions.

shortly afterwards.

Three months passed quickly.

Hy_ga clan was completely relocated successfully and all of them entered the small world.

The mission Naruto arranged for them is to develop the small world.

After all, although the small world is very vast, there is nothing, not even farmland. Now with Hy_ga clan, this problem is completely solved.

Develop wasteland farming, raise livestock and fish, plant various Fruit Tree vegetables, build various living facilities, etc.

In short.

Although Hy_ga clan has entered the small world, they have quite a lot of missions. Naturally, Naruto will not let go of free labor opportunities and give them a lot of missions.

When everything was arranged, Naruto took Hinata to build a new home on a large island, a brand new high-tech villa.

With the capsule, it was successfully constructed almost instantaneously, and then Naruto and Hinata moved here, which belonged to them alone.

“Do you like this place?” Naruto pointed to the cottage.

“un un, of course I like it. I feel good in such a cozy place.” Hinata nodded his head.

She doesn’t like a villa that is too big, because it will make her feel empty, and the small villa has a homely atmosphere, so she rarely suggested Naruto to build a small villa.

“Okay, press your head, I will draw a prize for a while. I haven’t had lottery for a long time.”

Naruto leaned on the big sofa and lazily called up the lottery interface , Prepare lottery.

Next to it.

Hinatas well-behaved nodded, sits behind his head, raised his slender and soft hands, and gently touches Narutos head. The soft power is as if he was afraid of hurting Naruto. The small ones are inaccessible.

[Ding! lottery is successful, get 100 altars of Monkey Wine]

[Ding! lottery is successful, get a Pikachu]

[Ding! lottery is successful , Get a digital treasure egg]


“The luck this time is good.”

Naruto looked pumped I was surprised by the large number of prizes I received. The lottery cost 20,000 EXP a while ago and nothing good was drawn. This time I just started lottery and got good things, which is really unexpected.

“Wait, last time it was my own lottery, this time Hinata was helping me with a car, could it be…”

Naruto thought of the door of the past wish, looking for the wishing meteor In the past, at that time Hinata’s luck has always been good, and I can help myself find good things every time.

Later, he became more and more picky about soul skills, so he didn’t ask Hinata to help find them, but now…

looked at the good things he got, Naruto eyes flash a hint of clear, and then once again started lottery.

[Ding! lottery succeeds, get a celestial beast]

[Ding! lottery succeeds, get ten tons of apples]

[Ding! lottery succeeds, Acquiring Kaio-ken]

“Kaio-ken?” Naruto was taken aback, and then a surprise flashed in his eyes.

We must know that Kaio-ken is very unfathomable. It is a style that promotes fighting strength by several times or even 10x in a short time.

Of course.

This is a great burden on the body, but Naruto’s physique has become unimaginable. If he turns on Kaio-ken, the result will be even he can’t estimate.


His own strength after counting 10x has reached the point of unimaginable. As a result, Naruto’s eyes flashed with joy, and then he once again started a lottery.

[Ding! lottery succeeded and obtained superability similar to tornado]

[Ding! lottery succeeded, obtained energy ten tons of chocolate]

… ….

Countless messages flashed by, and Naruto began to lottery. Although rubbish appeared from time to time, he was very surprised that good things were overwhelmed.

After a long lottery, Naruto finally stopped lottery, and his expression became serious.


He got an unimaginable prize, or it was not a prize, but a saliva crystal coffin with a corpse crystal coffin, but…

Naruto took a step forward , Carefully looked at the crystal coffin, the pale silhouette lying quietly in the looked crystal coffin, Naruto’s hands clasped together.

In the crystal coffin is a man, a look pale, handsome, ordinary person without strength.

But such an ordinary person silenced Naruto, completely silent, and could not say a word for a long time.

“Why is this? How could it be? What is going on?”

Naruto’s eyes sparkled with anger, and terrifying killing-intent spread in the villa.

“What’s the matter with Naruto Big Brother?”

Hinata sense came to this terrifying murderous aura and hurriedly grabbed Naruto’s sleeve and looked at him worriedly.

“Its okay, Ill send you to Hanabis villa first. I have something to deal with.”

Naruto waved his hand and instantly a circle of water ripples appeared before Hinata spoke. Hinata shrouded.

In this situation, Hinata looked at Naruto worriedly, then looked at the coffin again, with unsolvable doubts in her eyes.

But the power of space quickly sent Hinata away, leaving Naruto quietly sitting on the sofa in place.

“Come out and tell me the whole story!” Naruto said solemnly.

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