Strongest Saiyan of Konoha Chapter 206

The colorful radiance shines, and a little elf-like girl slowly appears, condense a small figure in front of Naruto.

Her figure is very dainty and delicate, just as big as Naruto’s palm, she is completely an elf in the palm of her hand, very unfathomable.

I saw this little elf slowly flying in front of Naruto, gazed his eyes sweetly.

“Dont be angry, I dont have an evil intent, but sense you have reached your limit, and its time to become the god of the world.”

The elfs voice is very sweet, like a sweet Like a spring, it sounds like a ding dong in people’s hearts, but Naruto is frowned.

“world Kami? The body of my previous life is saved for this point? System, what is your purpose?” Naruto frowns headed.

“Your strength is only one step away from the god of the world. When you reshape your body, you can completely transform into a god. If you don’t believe you are careful,” the elf flapped his little wings and said.


Naruto is not talking, but quietly closing both eyes, carefully sensing everything, and sensing her own changes.

For so many years, with the promotion of strength, he really hasn’t fully sensed his situation from the inside out. He has been constantly gaining various abilities and constantly absorb soul imprint.

His strength is always crazy becoming-stronger. Now which step Naruto not at all has reached, he has checked in detail, because the opponent is too weak, and even if he wants to, he can destroy Ninja with his fingers. World.

This is also one of the reasons why he plans to leave this world, because he is too strong, so strong to the point of unimaginable.

Under such a strength, a sneeze might ruin Ninja World, and even blow your breath may blow the planet.

Under such terrifying strength, he also has a sense of a huge gap with the ordinary person, and faintly he also found a higher and more unfathomable road.

That is a road of complete transformation. As long as you cross that road, his strength will explode countless times, and his descendants will also have unimaginable terrifying strength.


Even now, he has never touched Hinata. They are still male girlfriends and have not held a wedding. At most, Hinata can give him a few eucalyptus rides.

What he has to wait for is the road to change, so that his descendants can gain tyrannical power.

Originally, he thought that this road would have to wait two years, but didn’t expect has reached its limit now, and even the system couldn’t help but rush out.

“so that’s how it is!”

Naruto slowly opened both eyes, eyes flash a hint of clear comprehension, in the sense just now, he comprehend something, Vaguely guessed what.

“system, I became the god of the world. You have been waiting for it, dont you want to be with me when I transform into the god of the world? The same transformation?”

“Yes It is transformation. When you become the god of the world, you can choose a companion wife. She will belong to you in Eternal Life forever. System wants to transform into a human together with that girl Fusion, equal to two personalities, and will always belong to you. Oh.”

The elf said, with a little hand, Hinata’s photo appeared in front of him, and then he continued: “not equal to me and her Fusion, how about my reward for helping you over the years? “

“Fusion with Hinata?!”

Naruto’s instinctively frowned, Hinata is his reverse scale, how can he allow others to merge with it?

Seeing Narutos reaction, the elf shook his head and said: “Sure enough, you dont want to. That can only be compared with the stunning Great Beauty Monster Fusion. This girl is very different. Maybe it can make you increase. A companion.”

“Demon? How could it be her? Although she has two super abilities, these two abilities are not strong, right?!” Naruto frowned said.

“That’s her too weak, but when you transform into a god of the world, there is a 30% chance that she will be accompanied by her. With my assistance, there should be a 50% chance that she will succeed.”

As the elf said, the little fingertip lit his delicate chin, and his face looked a little serious.

“so that’s how it is, then I will first Fusion body.”

The big dark hand appeared, raised the crystal coffin, and then Naruto’s silhouette shined and appeared again Time has come to a different world, to a certain vast sea.

He also came with Hinata, because he wanted Hinata to witness all this.

“Hinata, do you mind if I have a previous life?” Naruto stood in the sky and Hinata said softly, floating in front of gazed.

“Eh? Previous life? Does Naruto Big Brother have a previous life?” Hinata cute said, she was at a loss for the information and didn’t understand at all.

“Yes, next is my Fusion with my previous life. You will see me after transformation.”

After Naruto said, condense a white shield to protect Hinata In the center, then he stood quietly on the void, and the whole person appeared endless radiance.

That radiance is very dazzling, like a scorching sun that makes people look straight at.

Soon a saliva crystal coffin gleamed slightly in the scorching sun, and then disappeared.


The terrifying brilliance spreads the entire sky, floating in the sky quietly like a majestic day, blooming with colorful brilliance, making the whole world shaking.

A colorful cocoon gradually takes shape in the brilliance, wrapping Naruto inside, completely immersed in it.

But the colorful brilliance has not dissipated, it is still so dazzling.


The silhouette of the demon appeared from the void, her small red mouth evoked a beautiful arc, and then she walked to the side of Hinata with her long and round legs, wearing Go past the shield and walk inside.

“Hinata, what do you want Naruto to look like in the future? Is it the face of this world or the face of the previous life? Or take the advantages of both and decide quickly. Now Naruto is reshaping his body. Your suggestion It will have an impact on him.”

The demon said with a fragrant lips, her big eyes blinking and blinking, appearing bright and intelligent, very attractive, and her curvaceous figure is even more so Full of temptation.

“Eh? Naruto’s face? Previous life in this life?” Hinata is still a little silly, but she instinctively feels that the best of the two is the best, so Hinata hurriedly said.

“Well.. take the advantages of the two.”

“The advantages of both, how about this? This is the most handsome face I have estimated.”

The little demon’s hand is in the sky, and the illusory shadow of the elf suddenly flashes behind it, and then in the sky a youngster’s face appears.

This youngster is very handsome, much like Naruto and Qin Xuans previous life, but I dont know how, its more like Namikaze Minato.

“No, it looks too Namikaze Minato.” Yaoyao wrinkled his frowned head, and quickly changed a picture to show Hinata.

“How about Naruto’s appearance in the future? Must be cautious, because after this remodeling, even the soul has been remodeled and cannot be changed again.”

” Change?”

Hinata instinctively clenched her hands when she heard this. She felt that this matter was very important to Naruto. She couldn’t think of any looks suitable for Naruto, so she said stupidly: “Then…the more The handsomer the better.”

“The handsomer the better?”

Yoyao frowned when she heard this, and it was right to think about it carefully. After all, she designed the look for Naruto. , Not necessarily recognized by Naruto, so she looked towards that colorful light cocoon.

“Qin Xuan, have you heard? Hinata’s suggestion is that the more handsome the better.”


The colorful brilliance seems to be The response was mediocre, and it flashed several times, and then returned to calm.

Seeing this response, Yaoyao nodded said: “He agreed, it is still your suggestion that he values most, Hinata, you really are his treasure.”

“Yes. .. Really?!”

Hinata heard this a little bit sorry, after all, no one had ever said such a thing before, which made her both happy and shy.

“Of course, he travels through the different world every day and meets countless super beauties. Many beauties are coveting him, but he is always your girlfriend. From this we can see how important you are.”


The demon leans slightly and looks at Hinata with a charming smile. The whole person exudes a mature, elegant and intellectual charm. The curvy body in this brief moment is even more revealing.

“Well…do many beauties like him?” Hinata listened and noticed something was wrong, and her heart suddenly tightened.

“Yes, many beauties, although those beauties are a bit worse than me, they still cant be underestimated. There is a saying, men chase women in the mountains, women chase the men in the yarn, so you must be careful Oh.”

The monster demon carries a faintly discernable smile, which means to start to talk.

“Then…then what should I do?”

Hinata panicked instantly. Although she knew that Naruto valued herself very much, she couldn’t always rely on Naruto’s value, right? She was also worried at this moment.

“I have a way.” The demon reached Hinata’s ear, exhaling like a orchid.

“What…what can I do?” Hinata was not used to being so close to others, and he stuttered.

“What do you think of my charm?” The demon’s beautiful face is filled with a smile that is extremely beautiful, so that the smile of bringing calamity to the country and the people makes countless Shinobu look at him.

So Hinata speak frankly: “You have a great charm.”

“Then if we two unite together, we will protect him from others. What do you think of a woman getting a chance to approach him?” Yao Yao said with a slight smile faintly discernable.

“Huh? This.. OK.”

Hinata felt that there seemed to be something wrong, but it made sense, so he nodded a little.

“Well, wait. After he has rebuilt his body for a while, 10% of advanced become world gods. This is a very big transformation. You will do this later…”


The demon was attached to Hinata’s little ear and said something softly.

“un un, I understood.” Hinata nods.

“Remember to take my hand tight. This is the only chance to be accompanied by him. Must keep it up to help him succeed. The three of us will be together forever.” Yao Yao red lips lightly said .

“Well, I can definitely help Naruto.” Hinata firmly nods.

“What a good boy, he is over.”


The extreme colorful brilliance shines again, and soon the colorful cocoon disappeared, leaving only the place. The next quietly floating silhouette, a handsome to the extreme silhouette.

dashing eyebrows star eyes, handsome like a jade tree, have a dignified appearance, handsome and handsome, look better than Panan, these words to describe handsome men cant describe Narutos face at this moment.

The extremely handsome face, even after seeing such a super Great Beauty as Yaoyao, he felt a breath of Naruto’s face.

“Good…so handsome.” Hinata said stupidly.

“I originally wanted to help him design his appearance, didn’t expect him to look more handsome after his own reconstruction, so handsome.” Yao Yao blinked bright and intelligent big eyes and said , The expression of interest cannot be concealed at all.

“Come on, I’m going to start advanced.”

In the sky, Naruto beckoned to Hinata. The voice was full of magnetism and rhythm, which made people listen. I feel comfortable in my heart.


Hinata drifted towards Naruto.

The monster next to Surprisedly said: “Advanced so soon? I thought I would have to wait a few months, didn’t expect…”

The monster was not saying Go down, but fly quickly to Naruto.

The colorful brilliance shines again, and then it covers up this piece of world, and this piece of world is filled with more and more terrifying pressure.

world god!

This is an unimaginable rank, which represents Undying and Inextinguishable, represents eternity, represents destruction, and represents creation.

The world divine ability can destroy a world with a wave of your hand, and you can also create a little creation world from the bud. This is the world god, the world god who controls countless universes.

Even the weakest world god can master the five universes, because this is a rule, it is a very high level God position, and the descendants of the world god are also a god at last.

And today.

Naruto began to transform, transforming towards the ultimate world god.

Time passed slowly, and soon sixteen years passed.

In the past sixteen years, Ninja World has happened very meddlesome, but Naruto’s back hand arrangements are in place, so it has not caused a big wave.

The entire Ninja World is still proceeding in an orderly manner, but Ninjutsu is gradually being replaced by technology and is beginning to develop in the direction of technology, which makes many old ninjas feel helpless.

However, this is the general trend. The development of Ninjutsu technology has formed a scale, and it is rapidly deepening into various channels of human to show their value.

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