Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2588


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“Our sacrifice is to allow more people to live!” Yeren’s words fell, and the gazes of everyone’s Saint Seiya candidates showed unprecedented brilliance.

Yes, they are saints. The Saint Seiya of Ariana who fought to protect the earth. Their battle is precisely because they want to protect those weak people from those evil beings, guard this earthly realm, and those ordinary but happy lives.

It is because of these sacrifices. If they don’t fight or sacrifice, wouldn’t it be that more weak people will die because of these ordinary persons? !

These words of Yeren seem to have unprecedented power, perfused into everyone’s heart. By Yeren’s side, Ye looked at the Senior Brother who was half a head shorter than himself, and there was an indescribable feeling in his heart.

And Regulus, he looked at Yaren, and his expression was also a little sluggish, but the ones who followed him were ashamed and admired.

He is the son of Yili Yas. It is for this reason that he is ashamed. He may have some innate talents in training, but in fact, until now, he is actually a little confused about why he fights and the faith of the saint.

He wants to be a saint. Only because his father is a saint. And it is a hero who is admired and admired by everyone. He is the son of a hero. Therefore, we must inherit the role of a hero and work hard with my father as an example.

But he himself, he not at all intuitively understands what Goddess is a Saint Seiya and why he wants to guard the earth. Up to this moment, he suddenly understood something.

With the smooth completion of various operations, under the leadership of the Golden Saints, the Saints who participated in the operations have returned to Sacred Domain one after another. Although damage is unavoidable, basically all missions are completed smoothly.

Among them, the most thrilling, apart from this Sacred Domain guardian battle itself, is naturally Ash who attacked the beast fighter Legion.

But Ash, they are alarming but not dangerous. In the end, the three people of Ash, Sasha and Carludia were unscathed. Instead, it was Carludia, so he was reborn. Completely got rid of the original shackles, and from now on can give full play to his strength.

It can be said that because of the opportunity this time, his fighting strength has almost all won the probability of Sacred Domain’s strongest golden saint in one fell swoop.

After returning to Sacred Domain from South America, Ash three people can also feel the sad atmosphere that pervades Sacred Domain when they come back.

Because after solving Vesta, Ash and the others did not immediately return to Sacred Domain. Afterwards, at the invitation of Carl Bella, he took a swig, and then helped Carl Bella to integrate Legion, the beast fighter, which delayed some time.

So when Ash three people returned to Sacred Domain, Sacred Domain was already holding the funeral and memorial ceremony for the saints and alternates of the saints and the guards of Sacred Domain.

The death of Rugnis, Ash naturally felt it. Unfortunately, at that time, he was also unable to clone.

What Saiqi wants is to have the Saints solve all the enemies in one fell swoop at the same time, so that Legion of the underworld has no room for intervention.

After the Legion of the Underworld reacts, it is ready to take advantage of your base camp is empty and without defensive power, to take down your base camp in one go.

Both are the time difference between playing the other side. Unfortunately, in the end, the underworld was a little bit close. This time the Sacred Domain guarding battle is considered a victory for Sacred Domain. The Charon army paid a heavy price.

But again, Sacred Domain suffered heavy losses. Even judging from the loss of fighting strength, it is worse than the underworld.

First of all, Christo’s departure. Kresto left the ground, which meant that Sacred Domain lost a Trump Card at once. More importantly, as soon as Kresto left, the place to guard the Ice Continent was vacant.

At this time, someone must take over Cresto to guard the ice continent. Otherwise, if something goes wrong in the Ice Continent and Sea King Poseidon gets rid of the trap, Sacred Domain will immediately have another powerful enemy equal to the underworld.

In addition to Crestor, the Pisces golden saint Rugnis died in battle, there were also many silver saints and Ao bronze saints, as well as many alternate saints and Sacred Domain guards. In addition to battle attrition, there is also a battle strength loss. That is Japafika.

During the Sacred Domain guard battle, she killed more than twenty ghost fighters by the strength of oneself. Among them are five battle strength comparable with the Heaven-class magic star of the Golden Saint. And it was Imprison who got their souls and magic stars!

In terms of record alone, she can be said to have made a great contribution. Compared to simply killing the Underworld Warrior, Imprison killed the Demon Star, which is true, and brought the underworld a loss of battle strength.

However, she herself does not think she has any credit at all. On the contrary, the death of Master Rugnis, coupled with the fact that she killed her companions in the battle, seemed to cause her mental problems.

In short, she had a nervous breakdown. She lost the Willpower to fight. Although Sage, who is the Pope, and Yili Yas, who returned to Sacred Domain, both checked her condition, in the end, they were only able to shake ones head.

Spiritual things are inherently the most complicated things. After Japafika’s mental breakdown, even for them, there was no way for a while.

After the funeral was held, Sasha, who was Ariana, blessed and prayed the saints who died, and the saints who died were all buried.

It stands to reason, with Goddess’ blessings and prayers. Those who died, even if their souls fell into the underworld, they should be treated kindly. In fact, this is not the case.

The dead souls of the saints who are the deadly enemies of the underworld, after falling into the underworld, except for a few others who were taken away by other gods. Or those who betrayed and took refuge in the underworld, the rest basically had only one ending. That is being exiled from the underworld into the infinite hell.

That is the most terrifying one among the many hells in the underworld. According to legend, those who are exiled to Hell are the great sinners who committed the greatest and most unforgivable crimes during their lifetime.

Often only those who kill their fathers and mothers, kill people like scything flax, rape and pillage and other heinous sins, as well as those who offend the gods, will be exiled to the hell after death. In Infernal Hell, suffer the most painful torture that has no time limit and can never be released.

Then until one day, under unbearable circumstances, in the hell of nowhere, annihilation will be restored. This is the final outcome of the Saint Seiya. ..

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