Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2660

Grasping the metal rod, Kennedy Shenping squeezed hard. Along with his movements, dazzling rays of light burst out from the silver metal rod!

The dazzling rays of light illuminated everything in the night, and the true face of the executioner in front of him was also exposed in front of Kennedy Shinpei.

It was a youngster who was also wearing a trench coat but with a Black mask on his face. The dazzling rays of light illuminate his eyes. You can see clearly, his eyes are full of shock!

“Miniature photon bomb!”

The executioner’s pupils shrank violently. His words fell, rays of light burst out, and then the terrifying explosion impact came!


The shocking impact brought by the explosion shocked the earth of the entire city! The terrifying explosion shock enveloped the upper 100 meters range, crushing everything within the upper 100 meters range to pieces.

Miniature photon bomb, which is a terrorist weapon equivalent to the nuclear bomb of the previous era. Unexpectedly, this thing that Kennedy Shenping carried with him! Obviously, he was ready to sacrifice when he was ready to betray the unified organization and steal the evolution reagent and blocking reagent.

Even in his opinion, it would be better to be so clean than to fall into the hands of the unified organization.

The terrifying bomb explodes, tearing everything apart, waiting for the impact of the explosion to dissipate. As the executioner, the youngster got up from the ground, battered and exhausted.

The original windbreaker on his body has been completely scorched, and his body is also covered with pitch-black scorch marks. The scorched skin peeled off his body like molting, revealing new skin. He was painful Weeping, Rage showed incomparable expression in her expression.

After Struggle took a few breaths, his body completely recovered.

This is the terrifying life force of superhuman! Even in such a terrifying explosion can survive.

Of course, even so, he still suffered heavy injury. In order to quickly recover from his injuries, he consumed quite an amazing cell life force. He is now in his weakest moment.

After getting up from the ground, the executioner moved towards the center of the explosion. I saw the center of the explosion, there was nothing, what was left was a huge crater caused by the explosion.

“Hateful scarecrow!” the executioner said angrily. Fortunately, he finally solved the goal successfully.

After confirming the death of Kennedy Shinpei, the executioner immediately left.

The movement caused by the explosion has definitely alarmed other people. I am afraid that the police will come soon. Although the unified agency is under the interstellar government, they are only secret organizations. There are regulations within the unified organization that superhumans are not allowed to use their Psychic in front of the ordinary person to avoid panic.

As for this matter, the biggest probability is that it will be treated as a terrorist activity by the police.

In recent years, due to the rapid progress and development of society and technology, terrorists who are dissatisfied with society often carry out various terrorist attacks.

Because of the increasing number of terrorist incidents today, such things have almost become a normal event in public perception.

Although the interstellar government has tried its best to solve this problem, people’s minds have changed because they are not at all useful. How can society satisfy everyone? There are always people who are dissatisfied with all kinds of things in society and life, and feel resentment qi. ..

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