Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2661


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After the executioner left, in a corner of a toilet in the hospital, a battered and exhausted silhouette was sitting on the toilet with painful gasp for breath.

His chest was penetrated by each and everyone’s deep blood hole, blood constantly pouring out of it, he was covering his chest with his hand, but the blood pouring out could not be stopped at all.

This person is surprisingly Kennedy Shinpei who should have died in the explosion! He not at all died, and he didn’t know what means he used to escape the explosion.

“Fortunately this guy is stupid enough…” Kennedy Shinpei said with a bitter smile.

However, the injuries he has now are really difficult to resolve. The other side pierced his body with no normal attack. The sharp claw on the other side has terrifying toxins on it.

Now the toxins remaining on the wound are continuously destroying his wound, making it impossible to heal!

Otherwise, with his superhuman recovery ability, even if the limbs are cut off, as long as they are not completely crushed, then connect them, and they will quickly recover.

Where will it be like now, the blood can’t stop it. But this won’t cost his life. He only needs enough time to recover from such an injury.

But the key to the problem lies behind. Although he has escaped this time, I am afraid that he suspended his death and the unified organization may not have discovered it.

Once the unified organization realizes that he is not dead, at that time, I am afraid that even if he wants to live anymore, it is basically impossible.

With such thoughts. Kennedy Shinpei smiled wryly, and put down his suitcase. When he put down the suitcase in his hand, the suitcase fell to the ground, the suitcase opened, and the two medicines in it rolled onto the ground.

Looked at the two reagents that rolled out of the suitcase, Kennedy’s face suddenly changed!

Although it is in the dark environment, he can see clearly as a superhuman, two reagents on the ground. The empty one is red! In the needle tube, most of the medicine has been injected, only a little bit is left in it.

And that blue reagent, not at all was used. The reagents inside are full!

At this moment, Kennedy Shinpei’s face was hard to see the extreme on the spot. He obviously remembered clearly that he used up the blue reagent, why is it this way now!

“Oops!” Kennedy Shinpei’s face deathly pale.

The red reagent is used for the ordinary person class, which is the evolution reagent of the ordinary person class Awakening probability. This evolution reagent itself has a very high risk.

And this evolution reagent is for impossible ordinary persons. It has never been used on a superhuman who already has probability or is Awakening.

If the superhuman beings who have already possessed the probability or the Awakening use such a reagent, what will happen? I am afraid that even the scientific research personnel of the institution that developed the reagent will not be able to know.

But at this moment, Kennedy Shinpei couldn’t help but appear in his mind. What he had seen before was the scene of the experiment body that was melted and died into sludge because of the injection of the evolution reagent, the evolution failed.

At this moment, Kennedy Shenping sits in the bathroom blankly.

At this moment, in the ward in the mist. The silhouette Levitate of the Haze Nagi injected with evolution reagent is on the hospital bed.

A faint red rays of light radiated from her body. In addition to the mist, there was a person in the room. This person is really Ash.

Before Kennedy Shinpei hadn’t noticed it, it was Ash who adjusted the blocking reagent in his hand. And not only the evolution reagent that Kennedy Shinpei injected into Nagasaki, Ash also injected the latest evolution reagent developed by the headquarters of the unified organization.

And he is using his Spiritual Force to guide Narua’s probability Awakening.

In the body of Mist Nagisa, there was already probability. If evolution reagent were used again, the only result was that her body collapsed and died.

But because of Ash’s Help. Under the guidance of Ash’s Spiritual Force, the probability of Naruto in the mist is merging in alarming but not dangerous.

When these probabilities are completely integrated, she will become one of the most powerful superhumans ever!

Red rays of light are continuously emitted from Nagami’s body. Soon, the rays of light in blood red became more and more dazzling. The dazzling rays of light penetrated the windows of the hospital and even illuminated the night sky outside.

As for the ward, the whole ward was completely flooded with dazzling red rays of light. Naru in the mist seems to have turned into a blood red sun.

Then abruptly, centered on Narua in the fog, in a large area, many superhumans can feel that there is an amazing compatriot Awakening!

It is above the superhuman being, equivalent to the existence of the superhuman king is Awakening!

At the moment of the potential Awakening hidden in Nagi’s body, her consciousness also regained consciousness. She opened her eyes.

With the surging rays of light of blood red, indescribable power filled her body. She can feel that her own idea move is enough to destroy a world.

Not only that, as long as she wants to, she also seems to be able to understand all the mysteries and knowledge in this world.

This is a very strange feeling, as if he himself has become an omnipotent, all-knowing God.

Then her thoughts fluctuated, and Levitate’s silhouette in the air flew out from the hospital window and flew outside.

Her silhouette Levitate is in the night sky. Behind her body is a huge wing that emits red rays of light.

“What’s wrong with me?”

Nagas in the mist floated in midair and said blankly.

As her words fell, indescribable power surged from her body, he couldn’t help raising his head, and moved towards Soaring in the sky bursting out a roar!


Along with her voice, the amazing spiritual Confusion exudes, covering the whole between Heaven and Earth. That is the power above all existence, she seems to have really become a god.

At the moment of Awakening in the fog, those Adjudicators who were ordered to hunt down Kennedy Shinpei appeared around the hospital.

They stared at the silhouette in the sky. They can feel the terrifying coercion emanating from Nagi’s body.

Just peeping at Narua from the dark brings them an unimaginable and unspeakable oppression.

They can feel that it is an existence above them.

It’s not just these executioners. With the Awakening in the mist, many superhuman beings who were alarmed in the dark are moved towards here. I want to see what happened here. ..

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