Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2663


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The unified agency is indeed not a government organization. Just a civil organization. As a civil organization, they do not have police functions.

Their existence is not even known to the public. Only high-level government officials know their existence.

In folk, the existence of superhuman beings is just a folklore. Among the people and the Internet, many people are rumoring that there are Psychic people now. But the government has never confirmed.

However, in the face of Misaki Kirihara’s words, the executioners of these integrated organizations didn’t even care about it. Those super mechanical soldiers also moved towards the hospital at an alarming speed and rushed past.

These huge monsters are very fast, as if only in a very short time. They have rushed to the vicinity of the hospital at a speed that is several times the speed of sound.

At this moment, Nai Misaki in Soaring in the sky uses his Spiritual Force moved towards Misaki Kirihara and says, “Elder sister Misaki!”

Missaki Kirihara, Naru Misaki really knew each other. When she met Misaki Kirihara, it was when her father Seiichi Kirima died at home two years ago.

At that time, Seiichi Kiri suddenly died at home. After Wujian Nai called an emergency call, her father was immediately taken to the hospital. Then Narua in the mist never saw father again. When she saw father again, it was just a box of ashes handed to her by the police.

Not only that, in those days, police often searched for things in her house.

At that time, Misaki Kirihara gave the ashes of father’s remains to Nagami. Since then, Misaki Kirihara often comes to see Nagi in the mist. The two of them became good friends.

“Nai!” Faced with Ragi’s cry, Misaki Kirihara was of course aware of her existence.

She didn’t expect that Seiichi Kiri was a superhuman, and Nagami, who was his daughter, was Awakening as a superhuman.

In fact, Misaki Kirihara, who was inspected by the Criminal Police Special Operations Division, knew the truth about what happened back then. Nagami’s father was executed by the executioner of the unified organization.

At that time, she also asked people to verify the reasons for Kiri’s execution. During her investigation, Seiichi Kiri did not commit any crime at all, and was killed by the unified organization without authorization. It can be said that Misaki Kirihara’s indiscriminate killing of the innocent by the unified organization is very Rage.

But she couldn’t tell the truth of the matter to Nagami, so she felt guilty for this poor girl for a long time.

“Nai! Be careful!” Misaki Kirihara said loudly.

When Misaki Kirihara’s words fell, at this time, the super mechanical soldiers and executioners had once again moved towards Nai Misaki to attack.

Faced with their attack, Naruto Mist shouted, and the blood red single-piece light wing behind her waved, like a completely huge fist, all the enemies that rushed up were flew out.

Even the huge superhuman machines rushed up, and were blocked by her light wings, then picked them up and smashed into the earth.

A terrifying force burst out. After this super mechanical soldier was smashed into the Ground, the ground broke apart.

The executioners and super mechanical soldiers who were beaten up hit the buildings and crashed one after another. For a while, Growl continued and caused many casualties on the spot.

In Soaring in the sky, inside the silver body exuding silver rays of light, Misaki Kirihara saw this scene, and her expression was quite angry.

“Warning failed! Misaki Kirihara, code name GZX860034, now execute Ground terrorist expulsion operation!”

She said that, in the silver body, a large amount of light powder Spit Up came, and then one after another beam cannon burst out from around the body, and then moved towards the earth, hiding the sky and covering the earth Normal Hit it!

A large number of rays of light penetrated, killing the executioners and superhuman robots on the ground on the spot!

These beams are all equipped with automatic tracking function. Once the target is locked when shooting, it is basically difficult to avoid!

As if it was just a split second thing, the beam cannons shot from the light silver body from the sky had already killed all these executioners and super mechanical soldiers.

This is normal.

No matter how strong the executioner and the superhuman are, they are just flesh and blood that’s all. The light silver body is a mobile weapon!

To kill all these executioners, Misaki Kirihara coldly said in the cockpit, “This is your own courting death.”

The beam cannons fired by the silver body are all photon weapons. A terrifying weapon that can smash all atoms. Even though these executioners have a recovery ability beyond ordinary people’s imagination, can they still survive under the beam cannon? !

It’s almost act recklessly.

As a large number of executioners were dispatched, and those super-powered machines moved in the city, causing a lot of damage and casualties in the city, a large number of sirens have sounded in the city, and a large number of police and ambulances have all Already dispatched.

At this time, Misaki Kirihara looked towards the city center. She wants to know what the hell is happening in the unified organization and where they have the courage to be so impudent.

However, when Misaki Kirihara was thinking like this, suddenly, an alarm message appeared on the screen of the Kogure body!

Alert! The high-energy response appears!

As soon as this message appeared, the earth under the hospital cracked and a huge hole with a diameter of several hundred meters appeared!

The giant cave appeared instantly. The buildings on Ground collapsed and all fell into the giant cave. From the giant cave, an incomparable gigantic tentacle instantly soared into the sky, actually bringing the light and silver body and light in the sky. All the floating cannons around the silver body were caught!

Not only that, the moment tentacle grabbed the silver body, dragged it from the bloody tentacle, dragging the silver body down.

“Miss Misaki!” said the light silver machine that was dragged into the big hole, looking subconsciously.

However, at the next moment, with this big hole as the center, the earth broke closer, and from the earth, an incomparable gigantic silhouette appeared.

It is a terrifying monster like an octopus.

It emerged from the earth, as if it was 100 meters high. It just appeared on Ground, its body was bloody, and there were tentacle everywhere. At the same time, on its body, it emits a horrible Psywave movement.

It is a super human being above the Normal, and I don’t know how many times the Spiritual Force fluctuates.

Compared with this monster, even Nagi, who has the qualifications of the superhuman king, seems to have been suppressed by it.

“Finally appeared.” At this moment, above Soaring in the sky, Ash’s silhouette stands in the night sky. He looks down at the earth with a touch of sneaked on his face. ..

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