Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2664

Rushing out of the ground, the light silver body drew out the lightsaber, and the two light Sword Dance moved, as if it were just instantly, the rays of light flashed, and in that monster mournful scream, it had already been cut open.

But not at all is too useful. After this monster was cut open, its body quickly turned into a large amount of flesh and reunited together. These fleshy pieces gathered together and transformed into that huge monster again.

Not only that, after this monster reappeared, a terrifying Spiritual Force storm erupted from him, “Dare to disobey the gods! You are courting death!”

The cold words fell, instantly, one after another light gun appeared, and all the strikes were on the light silver body.

The terrifying light gun strikes actually penetrated the defensive light net of the light silver body, and nailed the body to the earth!

Struggle, the light silver body nailed to the ground, couldn’t get rid of it.

One move to solve the silver body, this huge monster once again burst out a terrifying roar, “Misty Naruto! Fusion! Fusion with me!”

His words fell, and then the huge monster fell apart. Instantly turned into a sky full of blood mist. The essence of these blood mists are all life cells at the atomic level!

These life cells seem to be hungry beasts, moving towards the foggy sage.

Faced with the blood mist made up of these life cells, Nagasaki’s heart rose with infinite fear. She had a feeling that she might really be swallowed.

But just after this death, from Nagi’s mind, a familiar voice sounded, “What are you afraid of, you are the real queen among superhumans. He is not just a trash that’s all. Relying on swallowing a large number of superhuman lives to get to where it is now.”

As the voice rang in his mind, Naruto in the mist froze for a moment. “You are…!”

In her mind, the look of the youngster holding her father’s book that she met in the hospital garden a long time ago came to mind.

As her words fell, the next moment came out of Narua’s body with amazing rays of light.

With her whole person as the center, the amazing rays of light bloomed into a blood color lotus, the petals opened, and from behind her, two huge blood wings appeared. She looked towards looked towards the blood mist in front, just extend the hand, and then she started to talk and said, “Exit.”

Her words fell, and time seemed to pause. Then these blood mist instantly stopped moving in the air. Next moment, the breeze of the night blows, these blood mist are blown away by the breeze.

Instantly dissipated by the blood mist, an extremely miserable voice sounded in the blood mist, “No…! I am a god…I will not lose…”

But it was of no use. The blood mist dissipated and disappeared completely in the blink of an eye.

At this moment, in Soaring in the sky, Ash, who is looking down at the earth, showed an indifferent, mocking look, “Stupid. Relying on some crystal life technology obtained during the war of planes , Dare to do it. It’s act recklessly.”

The main body of this monster is the Vice-section Head of the 11th branch of the unified organization. He secretly studied the remains of crystal life obtained in the last plane war, and transformed himself into something similar to crystal life. Not only that, most of the superhumans who died in the past two years were killed by him.

He devoured those superhumans for his own ambition and desire. ..

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