Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2696


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He subconsciously followed the traction of Ash, struggling hard, letting his spirit escape.

However, at this time, Ikura Shinji’s soul can see clearly, in his underfoot, his feet are held by countless hands.

These hands grabbed his feet and pulled them tightly. He couldn’t escape from this fusion Spiritual Body.

At this moment, countless souls are gathered together, and all the souls are gathered together, as if they gathered into a huge pyramid composed of souls. And at the top of the pyramid is him!

These endless souls are clutching one by one, clinging to each other tightly, and their expressions are horrified, Spite, that is completely resentful spirits.

Who class completion plan! It’s just refining everyone’s souls together in such a vicious way that’s all!

At this moment, Chunin, Shinji’s heart, kept on thinking about it.

Spite! Rage! An indescribable mood rose from his heart.

That is his hatred for the god who controls everything behind the EVA plane. apart from this, and hatred for his father.

His soul yelled, but tears fell in his soul. With the tears falling, Ikura Shinji’s soul finally broke free from the restraints.

In order to break free, he even tore his soul.

What a pain it is. But he wailed and wept bitterly, but still did it.

As his soul rips apart, his whole soul floats up like a duckweed that has lost its root.

Then it belonged to the invisible law of the universe, and his soul seemed to be destroyed like this, but at this time, Ash extend the hand, Ikari Shinji’s soul was affected by the pulling force, and finally fell into Ash’s palm in.

He fell into Ash’s palm, ignoring the pain of his soul, but still kneeling on the ground, moved towards Ash, crawling, and he begged Ash.

“Great God, please help me…”

“My merciful Lord! Save Mariah Young Lady and Li and others…”

Faced with Shinji’s prayer, Ash just started to talk and said, “Don’t worry, what I said will definitely be done.”

In Unit No. 1, as Ikura Shinji’s soul escaped, and after losing the soul of the subject, the whole mental aggregation of Unit No. 1 collapsed on the spot!

Instant Jin, among the souls of the first machine, the soul of a path of wailing, was rejected when the Soul Body collapsed, turning into white smoke and dissipating.

After these white smoke dissipated, they eventually turned into a faint trace spirit, which was absorbed by the planet Willpower of the life-threatening plane.

Their spirit, after collapse or liberation, becomes part of the plane of life.

The pyramid collapsed, getting faster and faster, and the soul emanating from the Spiritual Body of the first machine collapsed at the same speed. A large number of souls dissipated as fly ash.

When these fly ash dissipated, Ash seemed to be just beckoning casually, drawing a path of special Remnant Soul among countless souls, and finally falling into his hands as well.

Among these souls, there are mouthless girls with white hair, arrogant and pampered girls with red hair, and young girls with black long hair. Of course there are some youngsters about the same age as Ikura Shinji.

These people are all people whom Ikura Shinji cherishes or cares about. Now Ash pulled their souls out.

Except for these people, the remaining souls of the Spiritual Body are integrated, and in the end everything is like Avalanche, disappeared without a trace. Their spiritual consciousness dissipated and turned into pure spiritual Confusion, absorbed by the life plane.

Assimilated so much spiritual Confusion, the Willpower of this life plane has gained a huge accumulation.

Afterwards, on the planet, a scene that seemed to make it difficult to be confident appeared.

The entire plane is expanding! The earth is moving slowly with a very gentle force. Not only that, from the earth, there are a lot of higher life Spiritual Qi exuding. The section of the plane is more solid.

The life plane has evolved! After absorbing so much spirit from the EVA plane, the Willpower evolution of the life plane made the entire plane fundamentally evolve.

“Plane evolution, this kind of thing can only be seen once in hundreds of millions of years.” Standing in space, Ash looked the evolution of the life plane and couldn’t help saying.

Planar evolution, which is much rarer than civilization evolution.

A civilization may be born or rise from a certain planet. But after its rise, this civilization will inevitably spread in the universe. Therefore, although civilization will evolve, their mother plane will evolve very much because of this.

Planar evolution, that is a very rare thing. Unless someone deliberately did it, otherwise, wanting a plane to evolve is basically something that endless years may not be able to do.

The current life plane has evolved from the previous low life plane to a middle life plane.

After evolution to a medium life plane, the Spiritual Qi of life dispersed in the life plane alone is enough to evolve all life on the entire planet.

Originally, on the plane of life, except for human beings, other beings had no wisdom.

But with the evolution of the plane, a large amount of Spiritual Qi permeated. Some originally low life, like lions, Old Hu, cats, dogs and even plants, may evolve into wisdom!

Even they can develop their own training method by absorbing life Spiritual Qi!

Yes, it is now possible to train on the plane of life. This is qualitative progress and change.

From the level of plane, Pocket Star actually belongs to Middle Plane. But in the Middle Plane, very close to the High Plane.

It’s just the Spiritual Qi of Pocket Star, not suitable for humans that’s all. Therefore, the human beings of Pocket Star, not at all have developed any training method, but the Spiritual Qi of Pocket Star’s life has bred a little Pokemon!

Just like any little Pokemon, you can use power such as fire, water, lightning, and magnetism. And the well-known figures in the little Pokemon, like the Champion-level little Pokemon, and even the Divine Beast-level little Pokemon, have even more power.

The nature of these powers is based on planes.

Unlike the previous life plane. Although it also has technological civilization. But it’s just the power of machinery.

It is not the power obtained from the plane, but the power that humans research and develop technology. The power of technology, in essence, is the power of Universe Rule itself. ..

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