Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2697


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The power gained by technology is not the same as Spiritual Qi of life.

Absorb the power of the angry life spirit, once it reaches the plane of lifeless Spiritual Qi, it is difficult to use it again. The power of technology can be used no matter what the situation.

But there is no doubt that it would be easier to absorb the power of the angry life spirit.

The power comes from the Spiritual Qi of life. You don’t even need to deliberately train yourself. The rich Spiritual Qi of life can gradually change your life level and give you strength.

The latter requires a little bit of development to study the rules of the universe. Finally, a way to use this power was developed through the basic rules of the universe. The so-called Universe Rule, the performance of science and technology, is naturally such things as the law of gravitation.

“planet…!” Feeling the changes on the plane, Kageyama and the others were a little unbelievable.

At this time, Ash moved towards Kageyama Shigeo said, “Now I can save him!”

Ash’s words fell, Kageyama was taken aback for a moment, and then he was subconsciously nodded.

Kageyama Shigeo’s words fell, and then a Spiritual Force radiated from his body, and this Spiritual Force fell into the souls of Shinji Ikura in Ash’s hands. Ikura Shinji and their souls were lost by Purify. It turned into smoke and dissipated from Ash’s hands.

“They just disappeared like this?” At this moment, Ikura Shinji and their souls disappeared, and Midoriya Dekaku couldn’t help asking.

The words of Lugu Ikusu fell, and the silver and the others who looked at this scene also showed doubts.

“It’s not that it’s gone, but that it’s reincarnation.” Ash start to talk said.

“Reincarnation?!” They were quite puzzled.

“Yes, reincarnation.” Ash said, his expression with inexplicable depth.

“I promised to help him, and I will help him naturally.” Ash said, “Their souls have already reincarnated in our this World. Maybe sometime in the future, when they are reborn, you can still meet them Not necessarily.”

Ash’s words fell. At this time, Midori Tani couldn’t help but said, “What kind of thing is reincarnation?”

For the current level of technology on the life plane, Lugu Ikuhisa, of course, all know what kind of situation is the birth of life.

The so-called consciousness is nothing more than the cognition of the outside world brought by memory.

If the memory is copied and replaced in another blank body, he will also feel that he is the original person.

And if you copy a person’s memory, and then copy it into the copy person’s body. Every cloner thinks that he is the main body. This kind of thing is not nonsense, but scientists on the life plane have done similar experiments.

Even the artificial light-shaking technology of the life plane itself is a spiritual body created from human memory.

So for things like reincarnation, Lugu Ikuhisa naturally didn’t believe it.

If the term reincarnation is spoken from the mouth of others, they must be a joke.

However, this sentence came from Ash, and they are a little doubtful.

Faced with his question, Ash just said casually, “Reincarnation does exist.”

While saying that, Ash’s words paused for a while, and then he looked at Midoriya Deku start to talk and said, “If one day you lose your memory, are you still you?”

Faced with Ash’s words, Midori Valley was stunned for a while. He was subconscious and nodded, but after nodded, it seemed that he thought of something a year ago, and he some hesitation again.

He was in the virtual world within the realm. After the memory was covered by the artificially made mirror memory, the feeling of that time is really special in retrospect.

But at that time, to some extent, he was no longer him. But another person.

“But at that time, you were indeed still you.” Ash said.

“This is the obstruction of reincarnation. The so-called obstruction of reincarnation means that you have forgotten your previous memories and have new memories. Therefore, Samsara Artist cannot recall the past.”

“But just like artificial shaking, even if the mirror memory is deleted, it will leave indelible traces in their artificial shaking.”

Ash said so, he smiled slightly, “In fact, the technique of artificial shaking light is very similar to reincarnation.”

“It’s just that reincarnation is the rule of Heaven and Earth.” Ash said so, and he extended the hand, pointing to the vast and vast universe on his head.

“Wind, clouds, and water, these things are all rules that can be seen by human naked eye. Gravity, time, cause and effect, these are rules that humans cannot see, but they do exist. So is reincarnation.” Ash said.

“Although the naked eye of people is invisible. But on this planet, the system of reincarnation does exist. But after the human soul dissipates and returns to nothingness, their spirit belongs to between Heaven and Earth.”

“These spirits may be reborn in the form of flowers and trees, or attached to stones, or reborn as insects, of course, they may still be reborn as human beings. This is reincarnation.”

Ash said so, he was slightly paused, “I gave him a little perk when Shinji was reincarnation.”

“What benefits?” Midoriya Ikuhisa couldn’t help but asked them.

“I let him reincarnation with the girls he likes, and gave him the opportunity to open the harem.” Ash said so, with a faint smile on his face.

His words fell, Yin and the girls showed disgusting eyes.

“Sure enough, a man is a man, no matter how great the realm is, the essence will not change.” Yin said silently.

But this time, it was black start to talk and said, “Reincarnation is here, you won’t let them become biological multiple siblings?”

The black words fell, and Midori Ikuhisa’s looked at Ash’s eyes were a little strange.

Faced with the black words, Ash said silently, “Will I make such a low-level mistake?”

Sighed like this, Ash sighed, and then he snapped his fingers, and along with his movements, many images appeared from the void. In the picture, countless scenes are flowing.

“This is?” Midori Ikuhisa and the others were puzzled.

“Future.” Ash said.

Ash’s words fell, and they all lifted their expressions! They already understand what Ash means.

“The above, what you see, are some of the future conditions that I predict.” ..

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