Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2698


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“But because the future is changing anytime and anywhere, it may not necessarily be what will happen in the future.” Ash said. “But the general situation does not have too many errors.”

When Ash’s words fell, Midoriya Isuhisa and the others could see clearly, and the picture in front of them finally stopped moving quickly, but frozen.

It was in a building in the sky. A youngster with short black hair is sitting on the sofa holding a book. And in front of youngster, there are five girls with very similar appearances sitting around him.

The appearances of these five girls seem to be exactly the same, except that the clothes they wear, the color of their hair, and their expressions are different.

As the screen freezes, Ash snaps his fingers again.

As Ash’s movements fell, the freeze frame moved.

“Futarou-san! What should I do for this question?” asked a faint pink long hair girl holding her book moved towards youngster. Wearing a music headset around the girl’s neck.

“Mikau, let me see.” The youngster nodded who was called Fuutarou.

So, in the picture, the youngster looked up at the notebook in the girl’s hand, and then gave her a serious guide.

When the youngster explained to the girl, it was clearly seen from the screen, and the girl’s face was flushed. It seems very shy.

“This is Shinji Ikura?!” Shigeo Kageyama pointed to the youngster on the screen in surprise.

“Yes.” Ash nodded.

“In the future, Shinji Ikura will reincarnation into this youngster called Uesugi Fuutaro. And his favorite Ayanami will reincarnation into Mikaku Nakano. And Asuka will reincarnation into Nakano Nakano, as for Katsuragi Mariah, will Will reincarnation and become Nakano Yotsuba…” Ash said.

“The five of them are quintuplet sisters, and Uesugi Fuutarou of Shinji’s reincarnation and them are not brother sisters. Apart from this, I will regard the other ones that Shinji cares about as his relatives. Friend, reincarnation is by his side.”

Ash said so, he hehe smiled, “How about it? Do you think I’m very kind?”

Faced with Ash’s words, Midori Ikuhisa and the others were nodded, but they were shaking one’s head.

“I just feel a little sad, his destiny is just a fake, manipulated destiny…” Yin started to talk like this.

Her words fell, Ash just said, “Whose destiny is not a controlled destiny in this world? It is not simply something that can be done to control your own destiny.”

“I am a lucky person.” Ash said. “And you are also lucky people. Planar wars may indeed be very cruel things for you. But it is an opportunity for you to master your destiny.”

So, Ash’s words are slightly paused, “Such an opportunity may not happen once in hundreds of millions of years.”

Ash’s words fell, and Midori Izuhisa, they both showed a contemplative look.

Then Ash waved his hand, and all these images in front of him were disappeared.


The war on the second plane was won. All these life planes have evolved into Middle Plane. For Ash, this time is a big win.

More importantly, all the original buildings and defense facilities and equipment were destroyed and consumed.

If this happens then, there is no need to re-use the extra time, energy and natural resources.

In fact, at this point, Ash has also discovered a limitation of plane warfare. That is, the natural resources of each plane are not enough to continue to develop!

These planes in the plane war are all restricted. It seems that the life plane is still in the original galaxy. But in fact, from the life position facing outward, after reaching a certain distance, it will hit the invisible barrier.

In this invisible Barrier, the life plane cannot contact outer space! In other words, even if the technology of the life plane has reached this point, it is still impossible to go to other planets for interstellar colonization and expansion!

They cannot obtain natural resources from other planets, they can only obtain natural resources from their own planet. The natural resources of a planet are very limited.

This point, the more advanced the level of technology, the more obvious.

With the victory of the second plane war, the technological level of the life plane has once again improved, but the natural resources on the plane are no longer enough. The lack of natural resources undoubtedly means that the speed of technological development has decreased.

At the same time, it also means that Ash’s thinking about the development of life plane technology needs to be changed.

And vaguely, Ash has a guess. The war on the plane is about to end.

As the technological level of the life plane develops to the present level, subject to the limitation of natural resources, given them ten years, their steps will slow down a lot. Even the farther back, the slower, until it stops.

And that will be the limit of plane warfare.

In the dark, Ash also feels the same. The next plane war is probably the time for plane war battle.

I don’t know what kind of Rival we will face in the next plane war.


Ten years have passed in a flash.

After another ten years of development, the technological advancement of the life plane has reached an unimaginable point compared to 30 years ago.

Now the civilization level of the life plane has reached the level of Advanced civilization.

Because of the victory of the second plane war, I got the probability from the existence above the Universe level. The human beings on the life plane have once again obtained evolution.

Their fleshy body has all entered the Eternal Life immortal life state within the realm. And their spirits have been sublimated into higher lifeforms. In the words of the lower civilization, it is God.

Yes, the entire civilization of the current life plane can be classified into the God Level queue.

The entire planet has been transformed. Become a huge planetary fortress. In the Hideki layer of the planetary fortress, huge floating buildings hover around. Energy towers stand on the earth.

In space, there are space cities. These space cities are built with the planet main body as the core, moved towards the outside.

The level evolution of human life on the life plane has reached such a point that breathing is no longer needed for them. Their bodies are no longer old bastard.

In the planets, there are various meta-subspace arrays. Through the space array, the human fleshy body can be disbanded, turned into particles, and transmitted to the other side of the space array, and then the human fleshy body can be reassembled and loaded with spirit. Achieve ultra-long distance transmission. ..

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