Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2699


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It’s not just the transmission technology of this meta-subspace array. There are also artificial wormholes and jump technology, which have also been developed. It’s just a pity that the outer sector of the life plane is blocked and can’t get out at all.

Using the jump technology to jump, the only probability is that the ship crashes into the Barrier. In contrast, artificial wormhole technology is still used on a small scale.

As the humans on the life plane reach the realm of Eternal Life immortality. The fertility rate of the global population has reached unprecedented levels.

It seems to be imprinted on genes. As the cells of the human body acquire Eternal Life, they seem to lose their ability and enthusiasm for reproduction.

But it doesn’t matter.

Because the natural resources of the life plane are not enough now. The increase in population has no benefit to the plane.

A life plane, evolution has reached this point. Now for them, the biggest expectation is the arrival of the third plane war.

In the third plane war, defeat the enemy. Win the final victory in the war of planes. Let your civilization be liberated!

In everyone’s expectations, the third plane war has really arrived.

With the fluctuation of time and space in the sector, like the previous two plane wars, a huge plane appeared on the opposite side of the life plane.

It’s just different from the previous two.

The enemies of this time, their plane is not a planet. It’s an incomparable gigantic, a huge battleship like a planet! The battleship itself is like a long shotgun barrel. From the surrounding of the battleship, there are a large number of creature tentacle sticking out.

It looks like this battleship is covered with terrifying parasites!

As time and space overlap, from the huge planetary battleship on the opposite side, a large number of bodies are immediately released.

In addition to those organisms, there are also a large number of strange-looking organisms, as well as a combination of organisms and machinery. The sectors moved towards the life plane rushed over.

It’s surprising that the enemy actually launched the attack first.

Not only that, from the huge planetary battleship on the opposite side, there is also one after another huge missile with a fairly high speed, which is directly moved towards the life plane.

Faced with the enemy’s attack, the life plane naturally intercepted it immediately.

One after another volley of beams knocked down all the huge missiles that invaded the life plane. These missiles exploded, causing a shock wave that moved towards all around and spread out.

After intercepting the enemy’s attack, from the various space cities and space bases on the life plane, a large number of airframes were also lifted into the air, but they were formed in groups to meet the enemy.

It’s not the same as the previous all-metal body. The current body of this life plane is all auxiliary body. Similar to the armor Kinoe. apart from this, a huge space battleship ship, also appeared from various space bases.

At the same time from each space base, one after another giant beam cannon strikes, rays of light swept across the dark starry sky. Wherever he went, the enemy’s body was shot down.

However, after the enemy’s body was destroyed, it quickly turned into a large number of cells in space and quickly reunited.

Obviously, the other side seems to be taking the road of mechanical civilization, but in fact, it is more inclined to the miniature cellular civilization. Soon, as the enemy invaded the life plane, Ash’s spirit swept over, and he almost knew what the other side was.

The planetary battleship on the opposite side is called the Zachary sub-battleship. This Zachary sub-battleship is a huge planetary battleship transformed from planets. Similar to the current life plane.

However, although the planet is transformed into the life plane, it still retains the sphere. The latter is to reorganize the entire planet’s natural resources and transform it into such a huge battleship.

And those microbial cells are things called Qijuzi.

Qijuzi has a nuclear cell. As long as the nucleus is not destroyed, its coat will not die. Even if the clothes were wiped out. Their nucleus can also corrode all materials, transforming the eroded material into a coat. It can be said to be very difficult, and it is also a killing move on the other side.

But for this, Ash has contempt besides contempt.

This kind of biological weapon of Qi Juzi is very similar to the microcrystalline creatures encountered in the first plane war of the life plane. Not even as good as microcrystalline organisms. After all, microcrystalline organisms do not have the deadly key of nuclear.

But Qi Juzi’s nuclear is very hard, and even the star destroyer cannot be destroyed by any means.

It’s just that the conventional physical means really cannot deal with them. What about the law of causality? !

In front of the life plane, I hope the Zachary subplane is not Rival at all. The civilization level of the two is too different.

Zachary from the very beginning took a shortcut. Although they succeeded in winning the two plane wars, they also lost the probability of development. And this approach of the life plane is the kingly way of real development.

Qijuzi is certainly terrifying. But now on the life plane, just pull an ordinary person out, all of them are God Level lifeforms.

Their Spiritual Force alone was able to separate Qi Juzi’s coat and nucleus.

After the war on the plane broke out, there were not too many accidents. The life plane quickly repels the attack on the opposite side. However, battleships and fuselages invaded the opposite planes and eventually defeated the Zachary sub-battleship. !

As the Zachary sub-battleship collapsed, in the central control room of the battleship, a black short-haired young Goddess was full of sadness and bitterness, “It’s over…everything is over, a long way…”

Her words fell, and from her mind, the voice of the god belonging to the subplane of Zachary rang out, “Izana, you are really a loser! It took so much of my effort…”

When this voice fell, the Zachary sub-battleship had completely exploded and turned into debris in the universe.

Because of the outbreak of the Plane War, many people’s destiny has been changed. It’s like this for Yizana. Gu Fengchang said the same, as did Xing Baixian.

With the victory of the Third Plane War, everyone in the life plane can feel that their life level seems to have gained some kind of evolution and recognition.

As for Ash, he also got something. What he got was the approval of a one-star universe executive officer.

“One-Star Universe Executive?” Of course, Ash was full of doubts about the unknown title he got.

Faced with Ash’s doubts, system explained, “host, according to the information unlocked by system, the official position of the one-star universe executive officer is equivalent to the official universe ruler recognized by the host..

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