Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2700


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The system’s words fell, Ash immediately asked, “A formal cosmic rule, is there an informal cosmic rule?”

“According to the information unlocked by the system, all those who have universe level power but are not recognized are called irregular universe rules. Although they have power or are recognized by the universe Willpower, they are still irregular .” system explained.

“Who does this cosmic executive approve? What is on a one-star executive officer? Does this one-star cosmic executive have any authority?” Ash asked.

However, at this time, facing Ash’s problem, system just replied, “Sorry, host. Even I can’t answer this question for you. Because there is no relevant information and information in the system for the time being.”

As for the system’s words, Ash finally had nodded and chose to give up.

With the victory of the life plane, Ash can feel that the life plane has been sent back to the original time and space.

When Ash selected the life plane to participate in the plane war, the life plane seemed to remain in the original time and space, but it was actually dragged away from the original time and space.

As the life plane returns to its original time and space, the barrier of space outside the plane also disappears. That is a cage that isolates the life plane.

As the feeling of time and space fluctuations disappeared, by comparing with the time of the universe, Ash immediately realized that although the war on the plane of life has been going on for so many years, for the original universe, time is just It was only three seconds.

In different time and space, the flow of time is fundamentally different.

For the existence beyond the Universe level, changing things like Time Flow Speed ​​is simply too simple.

It is no longer possible to think with normal thinking, but omnipotent. That kind of state, even Ash can’t imagine.

Perhaps he may exist by his side, but anyone can see him, or understand him.

Or, the First Universe itself is part of him. It is impossible to understand until such a realm.

For the life plane, in three seconds, many things have changed.

The life plane has evolved from a low-level civilization plane whose original civilization level was less than Level 1 into the current Advanced civilization.

Not to mention the use of the energy of the entire planet, even the use of the energy of the entire star system. As far as the life plane is concerned, these are just small things.

After the end of the plane war, the life plane can be said to be completely liberated. From then on, there is no need to worry anymore, the plane will usher in a crisis of destruction due to plane wars.

If it is an ordinary disaster, it would be even more impossible.

A High Plane is basically difficult to face extinction. Especially him, such a newly advanced higher civilization is just in the initial stage of development.

As the Fortune Plane merges into the First Universe as a higher civilization, the Fortune Plane will inevitably usher in an era of further development and expansion.

More importantly, there is Ash on the life plane.

In this first universe, the god of destruction, the highest ruler, exists as their protector.

After the outer space of the Fate Plane was no longer obstructed by Barrier, many people on the Fate Plane were driving a battleship, or were alone, leaving the Fate Plane to explore the unknown starry sky outside.

The emergence of an advanced civilization will have a considerable impact on a universe.

Just like those explorers who have left the plane of life, some of them may have the same idea of ​​creating a world when they encounter a barren planet.

Because of these ideas, they transformed the barren planet, and then created new life on the planet.

If this happens then, this planet will naturally become a new life planet.

Of course, whether this life planet can continue or not is not certain. It’s just that the life planet, that’s how it comes.

In the universe, there are many lower civilization planes, all created by higher civilization planes.

Apart from this, there are also life planes created by various accidents and accidents, such as pocket stars.

The universe itself is giving birth to many magical lives and miracles all the time. Everyone has unlimited probability.

After the war on the plane is over, Ash not at all immediately returns to Pocket Star. But still stayed a period of time on the plane of life. In the life plane, Ash also accepted the two daughters of Yukonoha and Mirialia.

He did not immediately return to the life plane, but also to accompany them for two more a period of time.

The two of them, like the other people in the life plane, have also become advanced lifeforms, possessing eternal lifespans that are not old bastard.

Furthermore, Yu Konoha Yue Jian, now he is still an important management position in the life plane.

To some extent, it is equivalent to the role of Goddess King Normal, a god within the realm. Her ability, although not the strongest among the life planes. But as long as Ash exists, no one dares to violate her orders.

And Miriamia, she is not at all holding an official position. After the first plane war, she immediately joined the army. Become a botanist. Participate in research on plants. For her hobby, Ash also expressed support.

After the war on the plane was over, Mirialia did move on to the idea of ​​creating a planet of life in the universe.

There are a lot of life and civilization in this first universe, but even so, in fact, there are more of them, those barren stars and dead stars. 99% of the stars are actually barren and dead planets, with no life on them.

And Miriamia’s idea is to transform these planets into one after another life planet. It can be said that this will be an extremely troublesome thing. But for Miriaria, she has the patience to do so.

She is already a god. With her Undying and Inextinguishable life, apart from such things, it seems that there is really nothing meaningful enough to do.

As for moving forward, improve your life level. This is not what she wants to do.

In her opinion, the unknown road ahead is too long. She is not at all with such courage and persistence. Compared with such persistence, she hopes that she can bring more vitality to this universe.

This game of plane warfare really touched her a lot.

After staying on the life plane for two months, Ash has returned to Pocket Star. ..

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