Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2727


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Heaven Overturning Seal was Crush Grip with no difficulty, just like an ant in Crush Grip, Ash’s face changed when he saw it. He couldn’t think of Frieza, or Frieza without Transform, who has such a powerful battle strength!

This also isn’t this too ridiculous?

After the shocked Ash saw this scene, he stepped back again and again. After all, this guy is not easy to deal with!

“Interesting, the kid will give you another chance, begging me for mercy, and following me I will spare you!” Frieza sneered, but he seems to be able to guess this guy’s plan from his appearance!

At least now it can be seen that he didn’t really want to accept Ash at all. It was all because of the other side’s battle strength, so he was curious that’s all.

“hmph!” Ash coldly snorted, not at all, and the other side said more, but moved towards him step by step walked over. For Ash, although this guy can’t beat it, it doesn’t mean he will be afraid!

At least he has aura released by South Heaven Gate on his body. Under the blessing of this aura, he will not be killed.

“hehe!” Looking Ash walked towards himself with such a stubborn moved towards, Frieza’s face appeared with a grin, and then said: “Boy, since this is not an exaggeration, then don’t blame me for being impolite! “

When the voice fell, Frieza moved towards Ash walked over again. His speed was very slow. To be precise, he was so slow that you could clearly see every step he took, but when his foot fell, you Can’t see clearly…

Or you can’t predict where his silhouette will appear after this underfoot goes…

Ash felt a shock on his face after feeling such a shock, and then underfoot moved towards the other side and rushed up!

“ah ha ha ha!” Frieza saw Ash rushing over, opened his mouth laughed heartily, and then moved towards Ash and slapped it out. For him, this slap was just a light blow!

Very ordinary, very ordinary!

At least it looks ordinary now!

The palm of “sou!” instantly fell on Ash’s body. Under the action of this power, Ash’s own strength was continuously released…


Suddenly, the surrounding power burst out, and an unprecedented force was released to directly open the strength in Frieza’s hand!

Especially under the action of this kind of power, the surrounding energy is constantly released.


Another shock wave came from here. This was another attack from Frieza. Under the action of this attack, the power in Ash’s hand instantly shook, and then the whole body was directly hit.

After being hit, Ash flew out directly, and finally stopped after knocking down the trees behind him with a ka-cha.

“pu zi!” After falling, Ash directly Spit Up a mouthful of blood, and only felt that the energy within-the-body began to surge outwards, especially under this kind of effort, the vigor next to him was also Everyone started to condense…

“This kind of power seems to… it seems to dissolve my within-the-body’s undigested efforts?” Ash muttered to himself. It’s not a heavy injury, it’s more like getting through some of your within-the-body problems!

In other words, my strength has improved!

After feeling this, Ash’s face began to show a constant smile, and then stood up and looked towards Frieza. At this time, Ash suddenly released ten times the Realm King Fist. This is the effect of this fist strength. Down, the surrounding power began to burst out!

At this time, a scarlet-red arrogance rose instantly from Ash’s body. This arrogance was about six meters high. After the arrogance rose, even the surrounding power was constantly shaking…

“En?” After seeing this situation, Frieza gradually showed a look of surprise on his face, and then laughed: “It’s really interesting, how much does this split second anger increase? But you really think that Can you beat me like this?”

Frieza sneered, then moved towards Ash and rushed over!

Ash saw Frieza rushing towards him, coldly snorted, and then moved towards him and rushed up, at the same time his right fist was lowered, and then an attack went straight up…

After this attack is formed, the power next to it is like a terrifying energy wall. This energy wall forms one after another terrifying power to instantly block the other side outside!

As for Frieza, seeing a wall hitting him directly, there was a hint of doubt on his face. It seemed that he didn’t expect this thing to type out what is the use!

But he didn’t mind, instead he reached out his hand again and moved towards the wall and grabbed it!


A terrifying aura wave was formed directly after one claw grabbed it. As this wave of aura was formed, Ash’s own face also became difficult to look…

Because he clearly felt that the wall of powerful force he released broke directly, and then he punched in again!

“hmph!” After seeing this scene, Ash was coldly snorted, and then moved towards other side to catch up. At this time, Ash was very fast, even before the fist on the other side had fallen, he was already One punch fell up!


At this time, the two people met for the first time. This kind of super-powerful collision directly sent a fierce echo in the air. As this echo continued to form, the strength of the people around changed It’s more unacceptable!

Especially after this power continues to form, the aura next to it also begins to condense!

“Hah!” Frieza shouted, and then a cloud of energy appeared on his arm, and then after this energy appeared, it impacted on Ash again. Ash felt the power, but he sneered!


Then, a vortex appeared in South Heaven Gate, and then directly swallowed all the energy of Frieza!

After seeing this scene, Ash’s face began to show excitement.

Originally, he was afraid of Frieza’s movement, or he might not be able to handle this guy himself!

But now, since South Heaven Gate can swallow this guy’s power, it proves that this guy can swallow it even after Transform, so firstly, you don’t need to be afraid of him!

“sou! !”

“What’s the matter?” After Frieza felt that his power was swallowed directly by people, the whole person was a little confused, and he didn’t even react to what was going on!

Why does this happen!

“Then you take my fist too!” Ash coldly snorted, and then hit it directly with a punch. The speed and power of this fist are the Peak of Ash today! ..

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