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The basic battle strength is 200,000, and now with the ten times the realm king punch, Ash can easily hit a punch of 2 million battle strength!


The terrifying fist strength was released instantly, hit Frieza’s body directly, and then sunk…

“This…how is this possible?” Frieza showed a look of shock on his face, and then he felt a terrifying force and began to move towards his body surging in!

Under the surging of this kind of power, the auras next to it also kept converging, and then destroyed the within-the-body body!

“Ah!” Then Frieza flew out, and the whole person was in a high Rage. He never thought that Ash would have such terrifying fighting strength!

Neither did I think that Ash’s punch could actually beat himself into a serious injury!


At this time, Ash, looked at Frieza, who was punched by him. Without a word, he chased him up again. For Ash, this guy himself must kill him within a certain period of time!

He even killed him before he had time. Only in this way can I complete the mission at the least cost!


Frieza’s body flew far away, and finally after collapsing a mountain top, it stopped. At this time, Frieza looked in front of him, and Ash’s body also moved instantly!

Ash owns Teleport, so when he Tackle mountain top, Ash already appeared next to him, raised his hand, and fell with a punch…


After this fist fell, there was another terrifying vigor, a punch of 2 million battle strength, even if Frieza took it, it was very hard, so after feeling Ash’s attack, his whole face changed It becomes hard to look…


A mouthful of blood was sprayed out, and then I looked at Ash in front of me. Why is this guy so strong?

2 million battle strength?

I only have 1,000,000 battle strength that’s all in my first form. Can this guy be so strong?

But it doesn’t matter, no matter how strong this guy is, he is not as powerful as his own Transform!

After thinking about this, Frieza kicked Ash away with a single kick, and then flew to a place 100 meters away from Ash, then looked Ash loudly said: “At this time you don’t blame me! Just don’t blame me for being impolite!”

When the voice fell, Frieza’s body began to rise in a terrifying aura!

After Ash felt this aura, the complexion of the whole person was slightly changed, and then he looked up and moved towards other side to look: “This guy wants Transform? Can’t let him succeed!”

When the voice fell, he moved towards Frieza and rushed over!

After this guy’s second form, his battle strength has doubled, and he is not his Rival at all!

“hahaha!” Just as Ash Teleport moved towards other side, Frieza suddenly laughed heartily, and then a terrifying gas mask began to appear!

This gas mask keeps Ash out, even if Ash wants to rush over, it will be useless!

“rumble!” Suddenly, Ash punched the gas mask, and the gas mask cracked a thread!

“En?” When Ash saw this, there was a hint of joy on his face. This guy’s gas mask didn’t seem to be that strong, so continue!

After thinking about this, Ash slammed another punch!


After this fist fell, the surrounding force resembled a terrifying aura Normal, which directly bounced Ash’s arms away, and then I saw Frieza’s appearance changed!

“hahaha! Kid’s life!” The voice fell, and he moved towards Ash again and rushed up. At this time, he became very terrifying. To be precise, he had already exploded just by saying this sentence. There is a terrifying power, especially under the action of this power, the surrounding power is also continuously released!

Especially under the action of this kind of power, even the vigor next to it is constantly shaking!


Ash was hit and flew, and his whole body began to move and rub on Ground!

2 million battle strength, after being beaten and flying by this guy?

Ash was heartbroken and grabbed the Black iron rod directly, then pointed it at Frieza and smashed it up!

“rumble!” After the iron rod fell, a rays of light that seemed to be teaching the world appeared directly, and then moved towards Frieza rushed up. After this terrifying force of charge ahead, all the surrounding power was also Following the constant explosion…

“What?” After Frieza saw the power of this stick, the whole person was shocked, because he had never thought that there would be such a scene, and Ash would be able to assist an iron rod to burst out such terrifying the power of!


Frieza stretched out his hands to stop him, and immediately saw a terrifying force begin to burst out of aura, especially under the action of this aura, the surrounding power also continued to follow. Is changing!


Soon, under this change of power, the Qi Jin next to it shattered directly, especially after this power shattered, Frieza’s body was directly hit by Ash into the ground, and his entire body was buried inside. !

“hateful! hateful!” Frieza on Ground began to unleash one after another terrifying vigor, and smashed to Ground!

You know, Frieza himself didn’t expect him to be driven into the ground by Ash just now in Transform Second-Stage. What a shame? For him, this has never appeared before!

So this is his shame!

He has to Retaliate!

After Rage, he stood up directly and looked towards Ash. For him, this kind of power collision can make him bigger and more angry!


After the last Pound Ground with both hands, the whole body jumped out from the ground with a scream, Rage’s Frieza’s forehead veins burst directly, and the Ash in front of him looked even more angry!

You need to know that his own power is going to become stronger, but now such a scene has happened, how does it make him not angry?

“rumble!” Suddenly, Ash waved the iron rod in his hand again, and then moved towards him and smashed the past, the iron rod that was seen smashed over, Frieza’s aura also continued to gather, especially Under the cohesion of this kind of power, the aura next to it is also constantly changing!


Soon, under this kind of power transformation, the aura next to it also kept changing!

“hmph!” This time Frieza became smart. He saw Ash wave the iron rod again. He was not firmly resisted at all, but instantly avoided, and then moved towards Ash approached!

He already knows that Ash is not very powerful. What is really powerful is the mysterious iron rod in his hand! ..

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