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For Frieza, this iron rod is very peculiar. I have never seen it before, and I don’t even know that a weapon can possess such terrifying vigor!

“Really didn’t expect, this guy’s strength is so strong, but…” Frieza’s face began to show a smirk, especially on her cheeks, one after another Terrifying vigor fluctuation!

“Ah!” Frieza suddenly yelled, and then he saw a terrifying force directly rushing up, especially under the interlocking forces of this kind, forming a terrifying wall of air current!

“hmph!” Ash saw a grave expression on his face after seeing the action on the other side, and then he waved the iron rod in his hand and rushed towards the other side!

For Ash, this guy’s strength is not terrifying. What terrifying is that his fighting strength doubles after each Transform. It’s not clear whether this guy can destroy the entire planet before he does it. Drop!

He clearly remembered that after Frieza was driven to a dead end, he would destroy the planet, but he himself could survive too in the sky!

“sou!” Ash pushed up with a stick, and with a powerful effort, an air flow flew out in an instant. After the air flow was formed, he moved towards Frieza’s and took the air flow wall and rushed past!

“bang! bang!”

After the appearance of these two airflow walls, the surrounding forces continued to explode, forming a terrifying best-effort fluctuation, especially under this kind of best-effort fluctuation, the aura next to it became more noisy…


At this time, the energies of the two different Attributes began to collide together. Ash of 2 million battle strength waved the iron rod in his hand directly against Frieza’s gas wall, and then rumbled and made a roar, followed After the transmission of this rumbling sound, the surrounding forces have also continuously changed…


Suddenly, as the surrounding power began to sway, the iron rod directly shattered the air wall, but Frieza standing behind showed a touch of sneaked in the eyes…

“ka!” After the iron rod touched in, a harsh sound erupted directly, and then I saw Frieza’s right hand grabbing the iron rod, and then pushing it with his hand, actually directly pushing Ash’s The body flew out.

“This…what the hell is going on?” After Ash saw this scene, the whole person’s face became a little dignified, and even some couldn’t figure it out. How could such a scene happen suddenly!

All this is too unimaginable…

“creak!” Ash felt a pain in his heart, and then a sound came from his whole body. When Ash looked down, he realized that he was beaten by Frieza at some point. A dazzling fist mark appeared on the chest, which looked particularly powerful!


Suddenly, a terrifying airflow was formed directly around. After this airflow appeared, Ash actually flew out of thin air, and finally flew far away, then stopped…

“What the hell is this?” After Ash stabilized his body in midair, the whole person thought carefully. After all, he had never encountered this situation before!

Never even thought that such a scene would happen.

“creak!” Suddenly, there was a blast of airflow nearby, and immediately after this airflow sensation appeared, the auras next to him kept colliding.

“What?” It wasn’t until this time that Ash discovered how Frieza attacked. He directly combined his own vigor and formed a terrifying force. After this force appeared, he wrapped himself in inside!

With such a package of power, even Ash himself cannot believe all this!

This is incredible!

“Open it to me!” Ash coldly snorted, and soon the surroundings snorted with him all his life, and the iron rod in his hand continued to swell, especially after this swelling, the energy next to him also followed Keep shaking!


Suddenly, after this power swayed, the aura next to it changed continuously, especially after this power moved back and forth, even the aura changed continuously!


Go up with a stick and directly blow the aura away, especially after the power is released, the auras next to it will continue to gather together!

“sou!” Just after Ash was about to rush out of the shackles, Frieza rushed directly in front of Ash, and immediately hit him again!

“pa!” With this fist hitting it out, Ash quickly raised the iron rod in his hand to block it. A muffled sound came out at the next moment, and Ash rushed out again!

“Ten times can’t beat it at all! System, if I upgrade to eleven times Realm King Boxing, how long can I hold on?” Ash stood in place, looking coldly at other side start to talk!

“Half an hour!” The system’s voice came out slowly!

“Hehe, half an hour?” Ash sneered, and then aura whose body all around began to swell wildly, and then a flame rose on Ash’s body!

This arrogance will instantly want to attack out all around on the original basis…

Be aware that with this kind of power constantly superimposed, Ash’s own power has begun to spin frantically…


Suddenly, under the action of this force, the auras next to him have begun to converge, the next moment aura is restrained, and Ash is pressed tightly against his body by a scarlet-red arrogance.

Everything around at this time began to calm down.

“chi chi!” At this time, the power next to it began to gradually shake, especially under the shaking of this power, the aura next to it continued to condense!

“What’s going on?” Feeling Ash aura’s ascent, Frieza’s face sank slightly. Aura suddenly raised Khoury? interesting!

Said lightly, and then Frieza moved towards Ash and gradually approached.

He wants to see how strong this improves Khoury’s strength!

“sou!” I saw his feet slightly lifted, the place where the next moment appeared was in front of Ash, and then a ball of red yellow light appeared in the palm of his palm, and then moved towards Ash directly sprayed on it.

“Hah!” After Ash saw the attack on the other side, his right foot suddenly Stomp Ground, and then a terrifying force appeared around. Under the beating of this force, the red yellow light ball instantly collapsed broken.

“pu!” The fists of both sides intertwined, suddenly bursting out a terrifying power!

“rumble!” Under the influence of this terrifying power, Ash’s own aura climbed again, only to see him shouted, and then a mass of air formed in the palm of his fist! ..

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