Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2730

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Ash hit Frieza directly with a punch in the face, throwing his body out like this.

After Frieza’s body rolled more than ten times in a row, he stopped in place, and at this time, Ash shook the iron rod in his hand moved towards him again!

At this time, Ash’s speed is very fast, especially under the effect of the Eleven Times Realm King Boxing, his strength has been improved by advanced by leaps and bounds, so his strength has also been improved to a certain extent!


At this moment, Ash went up and hit Frieza’s body directly, and the powerful force hit him directly and rolled on the Ground continuously, and the whole body seemed to be out of control Normal!

“hateful! hateful!” Frieza was coldly snorted, and immediately after the strength of the body surface began to change, within a few seconds, the surrounding strength began to condense, and then the appearance also changed!


Third-Form’s Frieza is the ugliest. In this form, his own fighting strength can’t even reach his own expansion period. In other words, his own body surface strength can’t be perfectly controlled!

The power is too great, reaching 3.5 million battle strength directly!

The battle strength of more than three million is not imaginable by an ordinary person at all. Even if Ash saw this strength, the whole person was a little dumbfounded. How could this guy’s strength be so strong?

“hahaha!” Frieza laughed heartily: “Boy, do you think you are already invincible with your strength? It’s ridiculous!”

Frieza sneered, and then moved towards Ash rushed up, only to see him hit Ash with a punch, smashing all the iron rods in his hand and flying away!

After all, under the action of this kind of force, Ash can’t resist at all with the current battle strength, and even keeps going backwards. Finally, with a ka-cha, he rubbed the Ground and rolled…

“hateful!” Ash looked in midair on Frieza on Ground, his face became extremely embarrassed, because he himself never thought that all this would become so difficult, so terrifying!

“sou! ”Ash looked Frieza rushed again, without any hesitation, he jumped away and then avoided!

“bang!” Frieza stepped on the Ground where Ash stayed before, and a terrifying aura wave broke out directly, especially after this wave of aura wave formed this meeting, the surrounding forces also continued appear!

After all, under this kind of power, Ash can’t resist!


“System, is there any way to kill him now?” Ash looked other side, feeling a little unacceptable. After all, this guy’s strength is too strong. With a 3.5 million battle strength, how could he be able to fight?

“The Nine Profound Truths are raised to the 7th floor, otherwise they can only be passively abused!”

In other words, Frieza can’t kill Ash. In this case, Ash can only be beaten passively!

“No! This iron rod must have other functions! A powerful force, there must be a way!” Ash coldly looked at the iron rod in his hand. After pondered, he started to talk: “Is there any stick method? ?”

“Is there anyone that can improve battle strength!” System directly rejected it.

After all, there are some stick methods, but basically it is useless here!

“So…” Ash brow raised: “I will use its own power! Give me big!”

Ash loudly shouts, immediately after the iron rod in his hand grows big, it becomes the normal thickness of the leg, I saw both of his hands holding the iron rod directly moved towards other side and smashed it!

“hu hu!” The iron rod has been whistled past in midair, and even in this case, it has released one after another terrifying aura fluctuation, especially under this aura fluctuation, the surrounding forces are also Keep moving!

“hmph!” Frieza is coldly snorted, and then a simple ordinary punch hits Ash’s iron rod, and a powerful force directly appears in midair with a shock wave. This shock wave actually counter-shocked Frieza himself and retreated in a row. After more than ten steps, Ash looked surprised at the end, because he didn’t expect Ash’s power to be so strong!

“What the hell is going on?” Ash next to him felt the power, and the whole person was a little surprised, because he himself didn’t expect this stick, the power could actually repel Frieza!

“If this is the case, then continue!” Ash coldly snorted, and then continued moving towards other side to catch up, and he wanted to Assist Frieza with the iron rod in his hand!

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Ash passed through the teleport and came directly to Frieza’s side, then waved the iron rod in his hand, and gave Frieza’s body directly to Repel in a row!

Know that under the influence of this kind of power, no one can do it!

“bang!” Frieza’s body Tackle was on Ground, directly forming a huge crater, I saw Frieza in the crater constantly climbed up from Ground, then looked up towards Ash, he himself did not t expect, the power of this weapon is so strong, and Ash can teleport, in this state, I can’t fight him at all!

However, at this time, Ash was assisting with the convenience of teleport. Before he could react, he had been constantly shooting, punching and punching, just like that!


Suddenly, the surrounding power began to appear constantly, especially after this power appeared, the aura next to it also followed the condense!

“peng peng peng!”

Punch after punch, the power of these fist strengths is unbelievable.

“pa pa pa!” When countless fist strengths came over on the other side, Ash waved the iron rod in his hand and repeatedly hit back. After the last stop, Ash smashed it again!


At this moment, Frieza was directly hit, and the powerful force lifted him directly away. Finally, Tackle was on the mountains not far away, and a terrifying rumbling sound broke out!

Under the action of this rumbling sound, Ash rushed up again, and the iron rod in his hand hits directly…


Just when the iron rod was about to fall, Frieza shouted directly, and then he saw the silver light on him shooting around, and then a more exaggerated form appeared, especially in this form. The aura on the body, all functions are restrained!

Standing there is like an ordinary person, unpredictable!

“This…is this the Complete Body?” After seeing this scene, Ash couldn’t hold his face!

Before, when he was Third-Form, Ash had to be defeated on the 7th floor!

Now that you directly Complete Body, how do you fight? ..

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