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Complete Body’s Frieza, he simply didn’t think about it before. To be precise, he didn’t expect to be in contact with it so soon. The rumors of Frieza’s Earl Dervish battle strength of Complete Body have reached 3,000,000, which is even more exaggerated. The thing is, only 50% of the battle strength has been used to reach 50,000,000 battle strength!

This is what Ash learned before.

According to the current situation, after this guy Complete Body, his own battle strength has already surpassed 3,000,000. What is this guy going to do?

Looked at Frieza with a petite body, Ash’s expression became serious!

However, at this time, Frieza moved towards Ash and walked over step by step, showing an unremitting smile on his face!

“No one has ever forced me to this state, and no one has seen me in this form. You are the first!” Frieza sneered, and the power around the body began to explode!

Countless terrifying efforts are like condense one after another terrifying energy vigor. These energies are so strong that they form one after another energy hurricane that keeps blowing all around!


With the formation of the energy hurricane, the surrounding forces are constantly changing. Even Ash, who is not far away, can’t maintain his stability at all!

You must know that at this time, Ash has performed eleven times the Realm King Fist, and his own battle strength is at most two hundred and 200,000 battle strength. With the iron rod in his hand, it can only be equivalent to about 3,000,000 battle strength. !

But the current Frieza has already exceeded 3,000,000, but with the energy hurricane it has already exceeded 3,000,000, so Ash only feels an irresistible feeling!

“What kind of power is this?” Ash gloomy complexion, underfoot was blown back by the hurricane energy!

“system, check this guy’s battle strength!” Ash asked quickly!

“The battle strength is 6,000,000. It is initially estimated that Frieza only took out the Khoury battle strength at this time!” System’s voice came out: “The top priority is to find a way to escape!”

“Fuck!” After Ash heard this, the whole person was dumbfounded, 6,000,000 battle strength, just Khoury, fuck is really 60 Million battle strength, how can I fight this?

60 Million battle strength is fully open, don’t you want to be killed in seconds?

Is it just running away?

Can you escape?

Of course not. Even if you want to escape, you have to escape!

Looked around, after Ash pondered, he threw the Golden Cudgel in his hand directly into the sky, and then controlled his mind to directly enlarge the Golden Cudgel. The pavement was three meters in diameter…

Then he hides behind Golden Cudgel, avoiding the attack from the other side!

“Oh haha!” Ash looked avoiding, Frieza laughed heartily up: “You thought you would be done by hiding behind? It’s ridiculous!”

At this moment, Frieza’s voice fell, and his body rushed to Golden Cudgel’s side, and then he saw a ball of power light slowly emerging from his palm. After the ball of light appeared, the surrounding His strength instantly expanded, and immediately after a loud explosion sound, the surrounding power burst out!

After this kind of power erupted, the Golden Cudgel shook slightly because of the terrifying power exploded!

It’s just the slight shaking that directly bounced Ash’s body out!

At this time, after Ash felt such power, the aura of the whole person began to gather together.

“This…this guy is too terrifying!” Ash muttered to himself. For him, he never thought that Frieza’s battle strength would be so terrifying, but at present, he can’t handle the other side at all. What should I do in this case?

“South Heaven Gate! The South Heaven Gate can absorb his battle strength!” After thinking of this, Ash quickly condensed the aura released by the within-the-body South Heaven Gate into his hands, and then talked about in the sky Absorb those energy hurricanes!

“What? It’s not possible?” Ash did the same. After doing this, he was surprised to find that he couldn’t do it at all!

“How should this be good?” Ash brows tightly frowns: “It seems that the registration of the Nine Profound Truths can only be upgraded as soon as possible. If it is upgraded to 8-Layer, which is the last level, then your own battle strength It will be doubled and the basic battle strength will reach 2 million. At that time, it should be able to carry a period of time!!!”

“By the way, if the Nine Profound Scriptures are raised to the 9th floor, how much basic battle strength can be achieved?” Ash asked again!

“The basic battle strength will be between 2 million and 3,000,000, depending on your strength and talent!” System’s voice appeared again.

Ash heard the voice of system, heart sank, if it is really what system said, then even if he really trains the Nine Profound Truth to the last level and displays the powerful Realm King Fist, it still doesn’t help!

After all, under the influence of this kind of power, I cannot reach 60 Million at all. Once Frieza increases the battle strength to 60 Million, what should I do?

“rumble!” At this moment, Frieza, who was next to him, made a direct shot. Ash quickly raised his fists and struck a Heaven Overturning Seal!

“ka!” After the Heaven Overturning Seal was shot out, Frieza hardly hesitated, waved gently, and the attack was directly destroyed, and then the surrounding power began to move towards him. !

“Hateful!” After seeing this scene, Ash quickly turned around and escaped. For him, he can only do this in this case. Otherwise, what will happen in the future?


Ash still underestimate Frieza. At this time, Frieza is not only powerful, but also extremely powerful even in terms of speed. Before he could react, he had already caught up and punched directly. On Ash’s body!


At this moment, Ash really felt the power of Frieza. After this fist came down, he directly hit him moved towards and rolled continuously, and Tackle hit the Ground, directly hitting a huge pit more than three meters deep!

“Ah!” Frieza shouted again, and then his whole body moved towards him and rushed up, as if he was about to knock Ash to the ground with a punch!


Suddenly, a punch was smashed up, and under the action of this fist, the power next to him was also condensed. Ash didn’t even have time to stand up from the pothole and was hit again with a punch!

“pu zi!” Ash couldn’t resist directly Spit Up a mouthful of blood, and then stood up swayingly. Fortunately, there was the defense of South Heaven Gate. Otherwise, he would really be beaten to death by that punch!

Especially Ash at this time, when he felt the impact from the other side again, underfoot suddenly moved, and then his whole body began to jump!

“No way…my body seems…it seems to have changed!” ..