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“Yes!” At this time the system’s voice came out again: “Your body has been changed into a Saiyan physique through mission before, and it is a superior physique. There is a great chance of becoming a Mega Saiyan! “

“Once you become a Mega Saiyan, then your own battle strength will be completely improved!”

I heard the voice of system, Ash is relaxed now, if there is an opportunity to enter the ranks of Mega Saiyans, then I am truly powerful, but before that, I still need to overcome this difficulty!

“It doesn’t matter! First follow up to raise the level of the Nine Profound Scriptures, and only in this way can you become stronger!”

“Hah!” Ash shouted, and then the whole person’s body began to shake in midair, and then the surrounding power also shook!

The Nine Profound Truth on the 8th floor!


“oh?” After seeing Ash’s changes, Frieza’s face showed a burst of doubt. Obviously, he didn’t expect Ash to increase battle strength!

“It seems to have improved a lot!” Frieza smiled, and then moved towards Ash walked over step by step: “Let me see how much your battle strength has improved!’

“peng!” When Frieza’s voice fell, Ash moved towards the other side and rushed up!

“bang! bang!”

The two hand to hand combat each other. At this time, Ash, who was promoted to 8-Layer, actually suppressed a little bit and beat Frieza back again and again.

In this case, Frieza’s complexion slightly changed, and the whole person is a little unnatural!

“Why did this guy’s strength suddenly improve so much? It looks like there are at least ten million!” Feeling the anger released from Ash, Frieza brow raised, and then moved towards Ash rushed over!

At this time, Frieza’s speed also increased instantly, and at the same time, his strength also increased!

Be aware that he just used Khoury’s power that’s all. Now he can suppress Ash with 20%!

“Hah!” Frieza was coldly snorted, and then she saw Frieza’s body appear next to Ash, and then the simple ordinary punch moved towards other side rushed up, under the influence of this force, beside All of the auras are constantly changing, especially after this power change, the auras next to them are also constantly shaking!

Especially under the shaking of this kind of power, the surrounding energy is also turning wildly!

“rumble!” Ash suddenly rushed to Frieza, then punched him!

At this time, Frieza moved towards Ash again and rushed away. In this state, his entire fighting strength has also been raised to the top, especially in this case, hand to hand combat. It seems to have both equally excellent!

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The powers of the two began to collide wildly, especially under the combination of this kind of power, the surrounding energy is constantly beating crazy…

“rumble!” Suddenly, the surrounding power appeared again, especially when this kind of power appeared, the surrounding effort also kept shaking!

Even Frieza has seen the iron rod behind him fly out of thin air, and then moved towards himself, rushing over!

“Hah!” Ash shouted, directly controlling the iron rod in his hand moved towards other side and rushing towards the past. You must know that under the action of this force, the surrounding Qi Jin has been controlled by Ash, thus Even if it is used to control the iron rod with no difficulty, it is with no difficulty!

“sou!” After the iron rod was under control, he flew directly over. The huge iron rod, like a terrifying lightning in midair, swung it directly.

“peng!” split second, the terrifying iron rod directly hit Frieza’s body, and a terrifying roar broke out. After this rumbling sound appeared, Frieza’s body flew upside down After going out, Ash held the iron rod in both hands and moved towards him again!

At this moment, Ash’s speed is several times faster than before. Even before Frieza can stabilize his body, the iron rod he swings has fallen down and formed one in the surrounding air. After another terrifying ripple!

“rumble!” Suddenly, after the ripples formed, the strength of Ash’s body surface also appeared, and Frieza was hit by Ash’s stick and fell into the ground again, smashing the entire Ground. Out a huge pit.

Be aware that under the action of this kind of force, the surrounding aura has even erupted with a terrifying roar, especially after this vigorous roar, Frieza was lying on the ground with heavy injuries, especially The aura on the face has also become disordered…

“Whhhhhhhh…” At this time, Frieza seemed to be suddenly injured by a heavy injury. The aura of the whole person could not be stabilized. I saw him standing in the huge pit, looking up in midair, holding his hands for up to three times. With a huge iron rod more than ten meters in diameter and three meters in diameter, the anger between his brows became more and more serious.

“hateful, hateful!” Frieza shouted twice, and then the arrogance on his body began to swell, and with it the aura on his body, especially under the effect of this aura , The power next to it also follows the constant condense!

“Ah!” The white arrogance swelled instantly, rising to more than ten meters, the whole person seemed to be wrapped in this terrifying arrogance, especially under this kind of power, it made the whole person’s aura somewhat unacceptable , Can’t even act!

“Give me go to hell!” Frieza yelled, and then rushed up from the pit, and then controlled the iron rod in Ash’s hand with one hand, and saw him push it suddenly. It was directly pushed out, and under the influence of this force, a terrifying energy fluctuation broke out!

“rumble!” After this energy fluctuation appeared, the aura next to him also followed the condense. After all, under the continuous action of this power, even Ash who owns the South Heaven Gate cannot bear it at this moment. Such terrifying battle strength!

This fist, this breath has reached 15,000,000!

Let Ash have no control at all!

“peng!” Then, Ash follow closely from behind and flew out!



After Ash flew out, Frieza punched again and smashed Ash into Ground, but when Ash fell on Ground, she didn’t think of forming a terrifying air current as before and plunged Ground into a deep pit. Instead, when he was about to touch Ground, he stopped directly, and then he saw the aura on his body began to expand!

“9th floor!” Ash was coldly snorted, and then the aura on his body swelled again, and the battle strength on his body also increased. The basic battle strength increased to 2 million, and his arrogance began to rise wildly. .

Two thousand 2 million battle strength, let Ash stand in front of Frieza again.

Frieza was a little shocked when he saw this scene. ..