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Frieza never thought that Ash’s own battle strength would be so strong, two thousand 2 million battle strength. He was unable to tie that image. As the emperor of the universe, he was the number one in the universe.

How could someone’s strength also reach 20 million breakthroughs?

It made him smell the crisis of meaning.

Especially Ash, who looked aura rising constantly, his brows gradually frowned!

“Boy, give you one last chance, if I acknowledge allegiance, I won’t kill you!” Frieza coldly snorted, looked Ash in front of you!

“Then I will give you one last chance, recognize me as your Lord, and I won’t kill you!” Ash said coldly, and now the Eleven Times Realm King Fist, let his battle strength be advanced by leaps and bounds promotion.

Under this state, his own fighting strength has reached a peak.

Especially when the Nine Profound Scriptures were on the 9th floor, he discovered that this thing is not only 9-Layer, but 11 layers. When the 9-Layer is raised to the tenth floor, it will be even more incredible. As for what it is, Ash himself has no idea!

But the only thing that can be explained is that as long as he reaches the tenth floor, his battle strength will be changed by Heaven and Earth turning upside down!

“Really?” Frieza sneered, and then moved towards Ash and walked over step by step. At this time, the aura on his body became stronger, especially under the effect of this power. The air began to collapse, and even moved towards Frieza kept surging past!

“hehe!” Ash saw Frieza in this scene, followed by a sneeered, and then moved towards Frieza rushed up. At this time, Ash was very fast, especially with a diameter in his hand. With the iron rod reaching three meters, the aura next to it has also begun to swell under the action of the swing of this iron rod…


Ash smashed a stick directly, and under the action of this force, the surrounding auras also kept turning, especially under the action of this turning force, the surrounding effort also continued. The promotion!


Suddenly, the power next to him burst out again with a terrifying power!

“Hah!” Frieza was coldly snorted, and directly thrown out a light wave with his tail. This light wave directly struck Ash’s iron rod, and it was able to shoot the iron rod out.

Immediately after a sigh of body, I came to Ash in front of Ash, looked at Frieza Ash coldly snorted, who was close at hand, picked up his hands slightly, and then released an attack directly…


The fist strengths of the two collided, Ash only felt that a terrifying vigor was continuously released from Frieza, and the waves of attacks made Ash himself unable to bear!

“Why is it so strong?” Ash brow raised, and then his hands continued to condense in the sky, especially under the cohesion of this power, the surrounding vigor became crazy…


Suddenly, in this rumbling sound, Ash’s body flew out!


Frieza followed and another One-Tails beat on Ash’s body that flew upside down, whipping his body directly like a top and continuously spinning on the Ground!


At this time, the energy next to him became tight again. As for Ash, Tackle hit the Ground with a bang, and then his hands were beaten red, and he felt extremely uncomfortable even when he was on the Ground!

“What the hell is going on?” After feeling this kind of energy, Ash’s body became more difficult to support. Even in such a difficult support situation, his own efforts could not be controlled!

“peng!” While Ash was still hesitating, Frieza punched again.

“pu!” Ash hit by this fist directly Spit Up a mouthful of blood, and the whole person flew upside down in midair, and I couldn’t react for a long time…

“This kind of power is simply too strong, even with the support of South Heaven Gate, but I will still be shaken within-the-body!” Ash standing on Ground looked up towards Frieza, looking in his eyes Fully show grave expression.

After all, under the influence of this kind of power, he himself doesn’t need to be so anxious to confront him!

But now, this guy is attracted!

Son Goku can’t die yet!

How about taking him away?

No way! Can’t escape! ’

Ash again and again shaking ones head, here I can’t run with Frieza, where can I escape?


Once again, Frieza punched Ash and flew out again, but at this time, the aura on Ash began to shrink, and then the red arrogance emerging from her body disappeared instantly!


The power also drops directly at this time!

“2 million?” Frieza saw Ash after being beaten by himself. He was a little unbelievable. Is this guy already at his limit?

It seems that Ash has only 2 million battle strength. This is also his basic battle strength. Today’s basic battle strength makes him unable to continue to withstand the backlash brought by the eleven times realm king boxing!

“Whhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” At this time, Ash kept panting, especially the guy who looked about to rush towards him, Ash’s eyes began to show grave expression!

“It must be raised to the tenth floor! Must!” After thinking of this, Ash began to keep running the Nine Profound Scriptures in deep in one’s heart. Now the Nine Profound Scriptures are his life-saving things!

“bang!” Suddenly, the power next to him began to explode. As this power broke out, Ash’s own body also continued to change, especially under this power change, the aura next to him They all shook with it!

“rumble!” When Frieza moved towards Ash again and rushed past, the surrounding power suddenly rose, and then Ash was directly wrapped in a white glow!

He couldn’t get close to this white glow at all. Although he couldn’t cause harm to him, the inability to get close made him a little puzzled. What is going on?

This guy obviously has an arrow at the end of its flight, how could this happen?

“Ah!” At this time, Ash suddenly shouted, and then a terrifying aura began to appear, continuously released from his body. After the release of this aura, Ash’s own strength also climbed. Battle strength rises naturally!

“En? Has it grown?” After seeing this, Frieza’s eyes began to show bursts of grave expressions, and the efforts surrounding him continued to improve!

“5,000,000? 10,000,000? What speed is this?” Seeing Ash in the white glow frantically increasing his fighting strength, Frieza was a little confused!

You must know that the previous Ash was able to display a fighting strength of 2 million 2 million only by relying on 2 million battle strength. If she continues to improve, how should I respond? ..