Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2734


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10,000,000, a tenfold increase, isn’t it 100 million battle strength?

The current self is only 60 Million that’s all at most. With such a high fighting strength, how could one have been able to fight?

The more I think about it, Frieza’s heart becomes more violent, and then he moved towards Ash and rushes up. For him, this kid must be killed today, otherwise it will be difficult to dispel his hatred!

Even if you let him continue to grow in the future, would it be worth it? How can I stop him?

“sou!” At this time, Frieza’s strength climbed again, with 40 million battle strength, and a purple arrogance emerged from all over her body. In this state, Frieza’s fighting strength was almost invincible!

“sou!” Next moment, Frieza rushed directly to Ash’s side, and moved towards the white air glow with a fist. Under the action of this white air glow, the surrounding power changed Get more violent!


The collision of the two powers instantly burst out horrible sounds, and they kept moving towards all directions and dashing over.

Be aware that under the influence of this kind of force, it has never appeared before. In other words, the two sides have hand to hand combat before, and the battle strength is only 20 million!

But now, Frieza’s own battle strength has reached 40 million, and with 40 million battle strength to attack the white glow of Ash’s body surface, the terror force that erupts at the same time can be seen by everyone…


Suddenly, under the influence of the surrounding forces, the surrounding auras also swayed constantly!

“Ah!” At this time, Ash in the white glow couldn’t help but shouted, and then the white glow on his body began to crack, followed by a rumble burst directly…

After the explosion of this power, the aura next to her also continued to change.

“peng!” At this moment, Frieza’s body was directly shook back by the rebounding force of the force, and finally there was a rumble of Tackle not far away, even shaking the entire Ground…

“What the hell is this guy? How could such a terrifying counter shock suddenly appear?” Ash felt the power around him, and there was a grave expression on his face!

After all, in this situation, anyone will be shocked. An expert with a battle strength of 40 million is now shocked by a white glow. The key is that there are only 15 million people in that white glow Battle strength, how did this surprise him?

“15,000,000?” After feeling his own power, Ash suddenly opened his eyes. At this time, Ash is not only his eyes, but also the aura on his body and his hands are covered with a layer of light purple rays of light. As the rays of light continued to emerge, even the surrounding forces appeared.

“But 15,000,000 is enough. If you can directly cast ten times the Realm King Fist, then it will be easy to kill him!” After thinking about this, Ash began to look at Frieza not far away!

“Boy, no matter how strong you are, I will kill you today!” Frieza was coldly snorted, and then rushed towards Ash, his speed is extremely fast, but at this time Ash suddenly condense on him red arrogance, followed by 2nd.

When the 2nd arrogance increased, Ash’s battle strength slammed up, 4500 million battle strength, and the terrifying aura was revealed all over!

“Sure enough, this kind of power cannot be firmly resisted. The ten times impossible just said twice the Realm King Fist already makes me feel tired!” At this time, Ash has begun to become dignified, especially After the constant combination of this power, it is even more unacceptable!

What the hell is this?

Ash brows tightly frowns.

“sou!” Just when Ash was puzzled, Frieza’s punch was already hit. At this time, Ash slammed out his right palm and grabbed the other side!

Under the action of this kind of power, Ash’s own best effort has begun to output wildly, and after this continuous output, he directly pushed Frieza’s body out!

“What?” After more than ten steps in a row, Frieza was shocked: “My 40 million battle strength was so easily repeled by him? What is the situation with this guy?”

“I don’t believe it!” Then Frieza rushed up again, this time his speed was faster than before, 40 million battle strength increased to the extreme, the speed of the whole person also soared to the extreme!


A punch came up, Ash blocked with both hands, but at this time, after Ash blocked this fist, his body could no longer resist such power, so he took a half step back!

“Not bad!” At this time, he has almost controlled the strength of his body, Ash complied so lightly, and then moved towards other side walked over…

“underestimate me?” When Frieza saw Ash walking towards him step by step, a grave expression began to appear on his face. After all, for Frieza, his whole aura It is hard to refuse, and now with this situation, it is even more difficult to understand!

“bang!” Just after Ash walked a few steps, Frieza rushed up again, but this time Ash’s control of power was several times better than before, so firstly, when he rushed to Ash , The collision of power made Ash wave his hand easily, grab him in one hand, and kick him up!

Kick directly on Frieza’s abdomen, and then see his body fly upside down!


At this time, before Frieza had time to stabilize his body, he was chased by Ash again, and then kicked his body, and the whole body fell to the ground like this crazy!

At this time, after seeing Ash, Frieza showed a grave expression on his face: “Boy, this is you better than me. My strongest battle strength is the first time I have displayed it, but you are the only one to see I am the one who wields the strongest battle! Be content!”

The voice fell, and a terrifying air current began to spin frantically, causing Ash to tremble constantly!

“This power is so strong?” Ash frowns head, looking towards other side, the power of this guy under the name has begun to increase, even stronger than I thought!

“Ah!” Frieza shouted, followed by a purple glow soaring into the sky, and then everyone saw a terrifying air current start to attack, especially under the effect of this air current The strength is also continuously condensed!


What followed was one after another terrifying power fluctuation!

“Is this 60 Million battle strength?” Ash frowns muttered to himself. ..