Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2785


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For Buu, he is not afraid of the palm-leaf fan at this time, and he even expects Ash to continue to use this stuff. This thing seems to be helpful for his strength!


At this moment, a terrifying aura wave was directly released in the airflow next to him. After this aura wave appeared, Ash really used the palm-leaf fan again.

Under the urging of this fan, a terrifying air flow directly moved towards Buu and rushed up. As for Buu feeling this aura, the whole person’s face seemed to be covered by the terrifying air flow. Distorted by blowing directly!

“Haha good!”

At this time, Buu shouted again. It seems that he has been completely relieved at this time. At least for now, it seems that the actions in this situation can no longer grow, let alone form the current violent arrogance. !


Following the sprint of a wind blades, Buu’s has begun to allow him to continue hammering. It seems that these wind blades have no effect at all for him, and they can’t even hurt himself Normal!

However, in this case, the surrounding power began to become crazy again, especially under the influence of this power, it became more irritable!


After this terrifying air current appeared again, the surrounding power also continued to attack, especially under the impact of this force, that violent energy appeared directly at this time!

Especially after the emergence of this power, that violent power instantly turned into one after another terrifying light spot. After this light spot appeared constantly, Buu saw how Ash’s attack was. Kind of!

It turned out that he didn’t use an attack on this level at all, but after the attack on the other side gradually formed, that terrifying air current also emerged!


Suddenly, after this kind of air flow emerged, those wind blades seemed to have received some kind of power transmission, followed by an intensified sprint!

After sprinting, this kind of wind blade cuts all the fat parts of Buu directly open!


Following the crazy actions of these things, the terrifying power is constantly condensing!


After this air current appeared, the terrifying aura also appeared constantly, especially after the emergence of this power, the terrifying aura also appeared!


After the appearance of this airflow, a substantial energy appeared in the strength next to it. After the emergence of this substantial energy, the aura next to it was constantly changing!

“En?” At this moment, Vegeta, who was not far away, saw the aura fluctuations here, and his entire face was surprised!

After all, he didn’t expect at this time. Ash actually possesses such terrifying power. After an attack, he directly released such an exaggerated attack!

Especially under this kind of attack, such a terrifying vortex can be formed, especially under this kind of Uzumaki, such an exaggerated explosion power can be formed!


At this moment, Son Goku not far away moved towards Buu walked over step by step. At this time, he seemed to have seen Buu’s strength, but he still went, obviously he had his own heart. Countermeasures!


At this moment, you can clearly see Son Goku’s silhouette as fast as a bolt of lightning Normal directly impacting Buu’s body, and then a fist print hit it!

The powerful fist strength instantly strikes Buu’s body, instantly forming a circular shock wave moved towards all directions strikes out. At this time, Vegeta’s face was revealed after seeing such a scene. Look of shock, especially in this aura, he even feels that Son Goku’s strength has also improved!

The strength of this guy has improved so much?

How can the power of this fist be so strong?

After being shocked, Son Goku next to him has already fought against the other side again, and Ash took advantage of this opportunity to jump out quickly and began to regain the energy lost in his within-the-body!

The power of these guys is a bit powerful, and it even makes people feel a little unbelievable. Obviously their power is strong enough, but the other side still has such a terrifying air current fluctuation!

Even under this kind of air flow fluctuation, that terrifying vigor is formed instantly!

“haha!” Buu laughed heartily again. It seems that when Son Goku can do it with himself, his face is full of rampant colors. After all, in Buu’s view, he has been firstly for so long, but he hasn’t Any opponent, now that he can see these two people, his face will naturally show joy!

After all, invincibility is too long and it’s too boring!


Bou looked at Son Goku in front of him, turned his body directly, and then moved towards Son Goku and hit him with a punch. Son Goku punched himself, so he must return!


Suddenly, under the action of this kind of force, the surrounding auras are also constantly released. Especially under the release of this kind of force, the kind of terrifying airflow is even unbelievable. Don’t talk about all of this!


Suddenly, under the continuous action of this force, the air currents next to it are constantly changing. After all, under the action of this force, even Son Goku himself cannot bear this terrifying The aura!


Suddenly, after this terrifying airflow appeared, Ash next to him also began to show a cold expression, especially after this expression appeared, his whole aura also began to emerge at this time !



When Son Goku rushed up, Ash also rushed up with his fist, especially under the action of this crazy force, the surrounding force is like a terrifying cyclone Normal, directly releasing one after another The power of terrifying!

“pu! ”

Buu didn’t hold back, he directly Spit Up a mouthful of blood, even when looking towards Ash, his face showed bursts of unbelievable expression, because he never expected that after the two before him joined forces , Can you hurt yourself?

This is something that I couldn’t even think of before!

“creak!” Just when Buu was shocked, Ash and Son Goku joined forces again and moved towards other side rushed up!

I saw that the arrogance on the two of them directly shot up to more than three feet high, and the aura on their bodies was also normal, and then they waved their fists and moved towards Buu smashed up! ..