Strongest Universal Trainer Chapter 2947


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“The financial stocks in this red bead contain such terrifying power attacks. If I can fully control it, my strength will be improved again!” A touch of joy appeared on Ash’s face, and the whole person couldn’t help but follow. Jumping!

“This feeling is really obsessive…who?” As Ash felt the sense of power that the red bead gave him, he suddenly felt a low voice coming from a distance. After this low voice appeared, he slowly looked over!

At this time, he clearly saw that a silhouette appeared in the distance. This silhouette was Ao-colored, and even his face was Ao-colored, similar in appearance to Piccolo has several points of, but he himself The strength is not so strong, on the contrary, there is such a huge strength!


Suddenly, after the appearance of this force, the surrounding strength fluctuations are also directly displayed at this time, and even after which kinds of strength fluctuations begin to beat, the surrounding physical strength shocks will also be affected. This time is condensed directly!

“oh la la!”

With the emergence of this power system, the impact of all of them has gradually formed at this time!

“This guy Interesting!” After Ash felt the aura fluctuation on the other side, underfoot moved towards other side walked over step by step. At least after Ash felt the aura impact, his silhouette began to approach step by step. The other side, after all, in Ash, it seems that this guy’s strength should be very strong, at least so much better than himself!


Just after this split second, the surrounding powers fluctuated and jumped, everyone’s strength also began to reveal a touch of power that is difficult to show!


Soon, a power was formed directly at this time, and even after other people felt the impact of Ash’s power, the energy systems next to them would continue to burst out!

No one can imagine that Ash’s strength will release such an imperceptible impact of aura in this brief moment!

No one even noticed that after the formation of this force shock, the various forces next to it have also been continuously condensed!

“oh la la!”

Following the impact of Ash’s power during the meeting, the various energy systems next to it have also expanded directly!


There is a force that appears directly at this time, especially after this force appears, the other people next to it also feel the impact of this force!

Especially after this wave of power strikes, the energy impact next to it will also erupt!

“You are not allowed to do anything here, the kid keeps things behind, leave quickly!” After the voice fell, I saw the silhouette not far away and moved in front of Ash!

At this moment, after Ash saw the other side, his face changed a bit. This guy’s power seemed a little weird!

Exactly what is weird, he is a bit unsure, but this kind of aura impact on the power gives him a kind of hard to describe power!

“oh la la!”

Soon, with the emergence of this power system, the surrounding strength fluctuations also swelled out in this split second!

Especially after the emergence of this power system, the energy system of Ash next to it is also directly presented at this time!


With the emergence of this power, the surrounding physical strength also burst out. It can be said that no other people have ever felt the growth trend of this power!

And no one feels how powerful these kinds of power burst out after this kind of power expansion!

“oh la la!”

With the formation of Ash’s aura impact, another wave of power around it also continued to erupt!

“This…this power?” After that person should feel the aura on Ash, the whole person’s eyes also began to show an unprecedented aura fluctuation, even after this kind of fluctuation appeared, the next This kind of strength has also begun to emerge continuously!

At this moment, no one believes that after the appearance of this power, which kinds of physical strength impacts are also present at this time, and no one believes that this terrifying power will form so unbearable Power shock!


With the appearance of this power shock, the surrounding power fluctuations also began to condense. An imperceptible power shock, even without thinking, after the formation of this power shock, the surrounding other people’s These kinds of strengths will also be directly presented at this time!

“In that case, then don’t blame me for being impolite!” After that silhouette looked Ash did not move at all, a terrifying air current burst out in his eyes, especially in this air current impact After the emergence, the various power systems next to them have continued to grow up!

Even after other people start to condense these kinds of power fluctuations, the surrounding power will continue to condense!


Suddenly, after the emergence of this power system, the energy impact next to it also started to burst out continuously at this time!

Even after the appearance of these power systems for other people, the impact of the surrounding other people’s strength will also be formed!

“hehe !” Ash looked directly moved towards the attack power he condensed, and an unprecedented aura impact erupted directly in his eyes, especially after this impact began to emerge, which kinds of power really condensed Out!

“Let me see how strong you are!” As Ash’s voice fell, everyone saw the aura on Ash’s body directly condense an unprecedented power fluctuation, especially after this power fluctuation appeared , These power systems next to them will also continue to form!


Soon, another power system was directly condensed at this time. After other people felt this power, the impact of the power next to them would also continue to form!

“This…” After seeing such a powerful impact, an unprecedented cohesive color appeared on the face of that silhouette, because he had never thought that everything in front of him would be so powerful and even more powerful. didn’t expect, after the impact of this force, all kinds of force fluctuations also appeared directly at this time!


Suddenly, after the aura burst, the surrounding energy bodies also burst directly in the sky. After they felt the burst of these types of forces, they really felt it. Ash is powerful! ..