Struggle in Valoran Chapter 934


“Sorry, Your Highness Jarvan IV, your journey ends here.”

It is not people who are not familiar with Jarvan who stand in front of him. On the contrary, these people are some of the people he knows very well. These people have served him since childhood, and serve him as Glory, and are his servants. But now, they stood in front of them with knives and guns in hand, and aimed their crossbows at their master.

“You’d better catch it immediately, otherwise we don’t mind giving you some hardship.”

It was his former attendant who was talking. This man with a mustache had a serious face. Jarvan clearly remembered the panic when the other party broke a vase in front of him. At that time, he was very rude to him, if not Father reprimanded himself, and the man was driven out of the court by himself.

But then this man behaved very humble and serious. He always thought that he had become worthy of his duties and identity, but now it seems that he did not regard that as a lesson. It’s a shame.

“You despicable people! Have you forgotten the grace that my father gave you?!”

Jarvan drew out his sword, and the Light Shield family has never had anyone who would arrest him without resistance, so even if he died, he would not let these people threaten his father with himself. But didn’t expect, his words made the man sneer.


He shook the head with disdain.

“I’ve been studying through childhood, learning when others are playing, learning when others are happy, learning when others do more meaningful things, what to learn? Learn how to serve people like you! Just because my family has served the Imperial Family for generations, I was destined to be your servant when I was born.”

The smile on the man’s face became distorted.

“My efforts, my struggles, the goal of my life are to live for you, Your Highness, because only in this way can my father think that I am worthy of my origin and everything I have acquired. I suffer After more than ten years of practice, the posture held for several hours a day is to ensure that you can easily take the cup from my hand to quench your thirst after you are tired. After more than ten years of practice, it is just to guess you. When do you want to eat something.”

His voice became more and more excited, so excited that Jarvan felt uneasy.

“I used to feel Glory for this too, look, my family came for the king, and the king’s Glory has our share, but I can’t figure it out, why did you run into it? As a result, I can justly accuse me of the fruits of my ten-year life, and want to drive me out of the court. You obviously will not, and you have no effort, just a stubborn child, but from the very beginning It determines everything in my future life and my destiny.”

He also drew out his sword, but laughed and inserted the sword back into the scabbard.

“This is really unfair, isn’t it?”

With a wave of their hands, the envoys around the man brought out bows and crossbows. These dangerous weapons were aimed at their former master, the future king. But after Jarvan heard what he said, the fear in his heart disappeared. He looked at each other contemptuously, his eyes full of Lux of Demacia.

“This is destiny and responsibility! You have failed your family’s Glory and responsibility! I don’t think I can decide who’s destiny! But Simeon! No matter what you do, people like you will not succeed! In your heart There is no glory and responsibility, no overall awareness and overall view! You are just a despicable, lazy villain that’s all! You just blame the entire Demacia for your own mistakes!”

He sternly accused the shameless villain in front of him. In the perfect country of Demacia, everyone should perform their own duties. If anyone is dissatisfied with his position and responsibilities, he will cause trouble, then this World will be messed up into a terrifying look! Such people undoubtedly do not possess the spirit of Demacia, nor do they have any Glory and responsibility at all!

They do not belong to justice!

Even if justice will be suppressed temporarily, it will win in the end!

But what makes Jarvan have one’s hair stand on end is that these people do not fluctuate in his questioning, as if he is a Shaco. This feeling makes him very uncomfortable and has more The bad feeling. Although the man had a rather distorted angry expression on his face, the woman beside him, one of his maid, pulled the other person to calm him down.

“That’s why I think the question you want to ask is for nothing. For such a person, what can you ask? He is born with everything we have, and he doesn’t look back at the thoughts of those who do not have these. Yes, do you think he can understand the thoughts of those of us who have nothing? Enough, catch him, and give it to the bastard minister.”

Jarvan like falling in a ice hole, this means that these people are not ministers, but another group of people. Demacia is more than one force that wants to harm his father!

This discovery filled his heart with anxiety, but the people who surrounded him seemed to lose their last patience and made an attacking posture one after another. He didn’t want to catch it with his hands, so he urged the horse, moved towards those people rushed over.

Then, he felt a pain in his shoulder, and a crossbow arrow plunged into his shoulder, shooting the young Jarvan IV from the horse back to the ground. He tried to stand up, but saw the man rushing to him like Xuan Feng, picking up the sword in his hand, and then looking at the wound on his body, his smile still bright.

“Look, you will bleed too, and blood is not golden, is it?”

Jarvan looked at this man bitterly, trying to remember his face. But at the next moment, he saw a delicate but powerful fist, which gradually plunged his world into darkness.

“I said, don’t talk nonsense, he will always be impossible to stand with us without an owner. He is born noble, how could he understand our difficulties, maybe it’s not easy for him to understand us when he grows up, but Take a closer look at his age. His current age is just a child who feels that everything should meet his wishes.”

The woman shook the head. She has not received any punishment. She has been the maid of the Wang Family for generations. She can even foresee that she can definitely become a court maid in the future, but she does not want her daughter to experience this too. In everything, her daughter should have the right to freely choose her own future, not like her, who was born to serve others.

Although he is a so-called nobleman, and he doesn’t need to worry about food and clothes, he is cautiously living for others. Maybe her daughter hates her when the time comes and thinks she would do something extra, but she just wants to give her offspring one more way, not the way she is now. Although it seems that there are many choices, there is always only one choice.

“Don’t expose us, disguise Jarvan IV as if he was thrown away by a frightened horse, and our business will be done. We must leave Demacia immediately.”

She then issued the order, and they, who have been in the court all their lives, understand that no matter what their determination, or how quickly Li Ke will solve Demacia’s army. But once the behavior of these people is discovered, then neither the old king nor the chief minister will let them go.

As for the family?

Their family is about to leave now, Demacia’s sewers are quite complicated, but for those of them who serve great characters all the year round, it is not difficult to know this. Speaking of which is also ridiculous. If it wasn’t for their family to be too decayed, they couldn’t get the positions they were in before.

“Then we will go to Vi next?”

The man took back his sword a bit boringly. He originally wanted to ask if he was really good, why would he be caught by them so simply. But it is clear that their leader does not want to do this, but to carry out all their activities according to the plan.

“Yes, go to Vi. Where are the most advanced ideas and systems that can show the value of each of us, and unlike the Noxus people, they only know how to kill and plunder.”

Li Ke thinks that Vi’s thoughts have gone astray. In the eyes of these Demacia people, it is the guiding light of this World. This ironic feeling makes Li Ke not know what to say, so he speeds up this paragraph. Plot. Time came to the trembling Xin Zhao riding here on a horse, only to find a fragment of Jarvan’s clothes in the end.

After that, he rode into a magical light curtain and appeared in front of him.

“This is indeed the handwriting of those things in the sky.”

Seeing Xin Zhao whose breathing became steady because of his Heal, Li Ke slightly sighed, thinking with his head that Jarvan had been sent to the court minister by those who wanted to surrender to him. And it’s amazing that those people are the nobles that I saw before and Mai Yisha took the group to Vi relatives.

Obviously, they succeeded in achieving their goal, not to mention, but also concealed from everyone, just and honourable left Demacia and went to Vi.

“This is really a wonderful situation.”

Li Ke patted, who couldn’t help but admired those people’s scripts. This kind of operation is really amazing. No one would think that a person who is full of Demacia medals and walks on the road swayingly will be The person who kidnapped Jarvan IV. And the most interesting thing is that the performance of those who sigh is not fake. Those who walk outside really think that they are just trying to steal their relatives and escape.

There are false in the truth, and the truth in the false. It is worthy of being a man who is doing things in the court action and playing with people’s hearts. If they are not disgusted, they can become prosecutors in the future.

“Why, what makes you so amazed?”

Mai Yisha came over curiously. She didn’t have the ability of Li Ke to see news from any thing in the long river of time. In fact, this kind of outrageous ability was rare even for gods.

“Human wisdom.”

Li Ke sighed, and then looked towards Demacia’s direction, because Jarvan IV is now in Demacia, and there seems to be two people he is familiar with.

Karina and Lux.

In his sight, Karina and Lux ​​were sitting idly with Jarvan in a church. The woman Karina looked indifferent, even in the mood to eat an apple, while the kidnapped Jarvan was stinking. With a face, it was obvious that Karina and Lux, who had come in from behind, knew what had happened.

As for Lux?

She sat next to Jarvan with an aggrieved look, trying to comfort Jarvan IV, but she didn’t know how to comfort him. She had never experienced anything like this, so she didn’t know how to do it.

“It looks like I completely destroyed their marriage?”

He has seen Lux personal comics, and understands the Demacia tradition, he touched his chin, although Lux and Silas in the comics seem unclear, Lux’s identity and experience are basically doomed Then she will become the queen of Jarvan IV. This is not only a family reason. If Jarvan IV wants to improve the situation of the domestic magic Ap Carry, then the best way is to marry a strong, trustworthy, and sympathetic to the magic Ap Carry, but he has no rights. Magic Ap Carry.

Powerful. When Lux was five years old, her magic power easily surpassed the sum of an Ap Carry Legion of Noxus by several times. The daughter of fist is not a blow.

Trust, Lux is a girl who was born as a crown defender and grew up. She is also very beautiful and has a very good personality. Jarvan is not disgusted with her, even just a word from Garen and decides that Lux is him. The queen is now.

There is no right. Although Lux is a crown defender, her big brother is the next patriarch. If she becomes a queen, she seems to have great rights, but her education and identity are destined for her impossible in many things Work on the top: Garen has become Corps Head, and she is still at home. Learning what a girl needs to learn is a proof.

She was born to marry. The important thing is not her, but her future child of Jarvan, as well as the friendship between the crown defender and the light shield.

So in the original timeline, what Silas and what Ezreal looks handsome and promising, but for the future and change of Demacia, Lux will inevitably marry Jarvan IV. This is a destined thing, and if Silas can really build an Ap Carry empire, it is not impossible to marry Lux as a compromise to appease the old world.

But it is a pity that Silas at that time was full of hatred. He didn’t want everything in the old world. He didn’t want to build an equal country, but wanted to build a world where the enslaved ordinary person, Ap Carry supreme. So he couldn’t marry his light in his entire life, so he could only choose to forgive Jarvan, and then watch his light marry the man he hates most.

As for Ezreal?

If there is nothing unexpected…

Li Ke glanced at Maisha next to him.

He will be played to death by Zoe.

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