223. Chapter 223

Chapter 223

The plastic of summon ceremony was redesigned, and Lin Sheng carefully checked all the materials before it.

The whale lights have been flammable, and the new bottom pot has also begun to roll up.

Floor heat steam continues to float. Cover a small area before Lin Sheng in the white air.

“Let's go…”

Lin Sheng adjusted his state of affairs after it was determined that there were no visuals around it, and it officially began to slow down the opening words.

The start-up weird music festival began to roll around the warehouse from low to high, while also beginning to induce Lin Sheng in the body's large number of Saint Force.


A silk white cigarette flew out of the whale lights, not into the bottom of the pot.


The bulk of the water vaporized and flew the Lin Sheng package in the right direction.

He's slowly closing his eyes, black's vision, and he's slowly emerging a different color, different size.

red, white, grey, blue, four balloons on one side, slowly floating, hanging in front of Lin Sheng.

From the left to the right, red is the smallest, and Hezbollah's summon light team.

white Lin Sheng doesn't know, but the size is just middle, and he doesn't intend to try summon now.

He quickly swept his eyes, and his eyes were positioned on the blue light ball on the right.

blue light football is twice the size of the rest of the globe. There are also some masks of light. There is no soft or mediocritical meaning, but there is a wanton sense of cruelty.

“Just you!”Lin Sheng is almost certain that this blue light ball is the thunder monster he just killed last night.

He's without slightest hesitation, and consciousness is concentrated on blue globe.

The brakes swiftly flew in, and he was completely packed in.

“Wait!”Suddenly Lin Sheng moves his heart and consciousness quickly goes out.

“I was previously conscious to incorporate it in order to reproduce the relevant memories in my mind.

But in this case, summon's monster is an almost independent separatist…It's okay to use it alone, but it's not very convenient for me. ”

Lin Sheng has a little thought, and now let consciousness just touch blue light. Then he closed his eyes and began to remember the most basic of the thunderstorm's physical combat memory.

The rest of the mess, he's all gone away.

Soon, in a few minutes.

Lin Sheng stood opposite the empty ground and suddenly came out with a lot of deep blue lights.

All the lights are brought together quickly to become a landmine monster of the sheep's head. The monster stood in front of Lin Sheng, looking at Lin Sheng.

And then it was amazing that the low head hit himself.

“It's true! It's done! ”The monsters opened their hands, like humans. “Is this the spiritual shift? ”

It moves down the body, feels like it doesn't make any sense.

“Now I, Lin Sheng, or Ray?"It's looking towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng's face is calm and silent, but if anyone looks closely at his hole, it can be seen that his eyes are stagnant at that time, with no shrink at all.

“Is it not a souls replication, but a spiritual transfer?”That's Lin Sheng at this time, and he turned around his body.

Suddenly, he suddenly found out that Saint Force, who had been in the body, disappeared. He's got a low head reacting to Ray in the body.

It is true that the thunderbolt is slowing the flow of a silly white Saint Force.

These Saint Force is combining the electrical blood of the detonator itself and forming some more delicate special matter.

“Not just a spiritual shift, but even Saint Force came together…It seems that Saint Force is a certain existence of the power of the soul, and that statement is based on it. ”

Lin Sheng kept moving, and then he was completely a pure thunderbolt.

The sheep head, two metres tall, surrounded by freshblue archs, is completely like a strong electrical flow with a bioskin.

Lin Sheng, one lift, only three fingers sharp sharp sharp claw, and the surface slipped across a blue light.


From his finger, he flipped out a whip like blue archer, hitting the warehouse outside several meters.

There was a blackening of the earth, and there was a tremendous amount of dust in the vicinity.

“A strong body…It's stronger than I was before. I don't know much…Lin Sheng's heart is sighing.

The thunderbolt was able to fight with the innate talent and instincts, absorbing the sea volume to memory, and almost killed him.

You can imagine its innate talent strength.

Lin Sheng was in charge of this body and brought Saint Force at the same time. With the integration of Saint Force and radar power, the creation of formidable power does not seem to be just one plus one or two.

Lin Sheng looked again for his original flesh.

“If this meat dies suddenly…Can I live in this body forever? ”

And suddenly he came out of this idea.

He's actually been working on his own history, and he's traveling through it.

It now appears that this passage does not seem to be much different from the attachment at that time. The biggest difference, that is, that he was previously attached to the body, and now, it's Ray.

“…If that's true…So what does the body bloodline mean? ”

“No, it's not! Different physical structures, too much difference, my soul can't take full control, and it takes time to adapt.

And I can feel that the very essence of the soul, the source, should still be on the human body… ”

Lin Sheng picked up a pair of claws, and two sharp claw midnight bombed a blue purple thick arc. chi chi's tattoo vibrating in the warehouse.

He was conscious that Spirit Heart, like a tide drain, disappeared quickly following a mysterious channel.

And at the same time, in Lin Sheng's body, a silk Saint Force gradually emerges from weakness and quickly.

Soon Lin Sheng changed his body back to humanity.

He looked at the thunderbolt body not far away. Heart moves.

The thunderbolt body suddenly turned into black smoke, dispersed in the plains.

Unlike other monsters, other monsters, after losing Lin Sheng's control, are free to act in accordance with their original memory.

Cardula, King of Steel, that's all.

But this thunderstorm, because Lin Sheng did not reproduce his original memories, can only stay around, like a body without a soul, waiting for him to be reinstated.

“It's true…It's done! ”Lin Sheng must have a heart. "This thunderbolt body should be used only by me later. And there's no sense of self-consciousness. ”

“This is equivalent to my second body!”

He's conscious of moving back to the thunder in the body again. And then a moment later, he went back to the body.

Lin Sheng has been used to it more than ten times since he came back.

The reaction that happened between the flow of the body and Saint Force when he was transformed into a thunderbolt.

Ray's innate talent is very strong and powerful.

But there is also a challenge, which is that the sensory system is different. Lin Sheng needs to carefully adjust his perception so that the use of thunderbolt bodies will not be affected.

Throughout the day, Lin Sheng was trying to use a thunderbolt body to use Saint Force. A man in the warehouse doesn't forget so.

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