303. Chapter 303 Type 3

Chapter 303 Type 3

Lin Sheng is a bit of a rush. So that's where Demonic Ability Users are.

From school secrets, Lin Sheng went back to the dormitory, and he was thinking about the powerful weapons that the mentor said.

Flight fleet, Demonic Ability artillery, live sniper guns, various chemical, toxin weapons, etc.

The three continents have developed large quantities of formidable power weapons against the dust world. That is one of the key to their ability to confront the world of the deceased in a positive way.

Close the dormitory door.

Lin Sheng, take off your coat and put things down.

Voban Tiira bought him two Heart of the Dead, and two of the miscellaneous things he chose himself, were placed on the dormitory table and calmed down.

“As the mentor said. Heart of the Dead can be used directly by Demonic Ability to guide absorption, thereby increasing its own body. This is a natural inseparable reinforcement drug. ”

Lin Sheng sat on the chair, stretched his hand, lightly pushed on a Heart of the Dead.

He's sad that his body is too weak, almost buried by Saint Force. Just try the effect of these two things.

There is no silence, a green line, coming from the surface of the heart, linking Lin Sheng to the location where Lin Sheng handles contact.

A cool soft and powerful force to slow out of the heart and infiltrate Lin Sheng's hand.

“Enjoy…No, it's not. There's more in here…Yeah? ”

Lin Sheng suddenly stopped, and he seemed to feel that there was a very large, confusing, crazy consciousness in the heart.

“This is…Isn't that the soul of the heart master? ”He suddenly thought of that possibility.

In a real world, it seems that very few people are able to detect their souls with sensitivity.

That's why the people of the Van Jones are brave enough to release their souls and to place Soul Artifact in the most visible position.

And now he feels the residual soul in his heart?

He seems to see that deep green heart, a dark smoke is tightening in the corner, and smoke flies over and over time into a miserable face.

Seems to have noticed his spying.

The smoke slowed up the same part of the head as looking towards Lin Sheng.

Suddenly, a cold flowing into the heart.


Suddenly Lin Sheng's heart stopped.


The smoke spreads out of it, and it starts with a tremendous shock in its deaf ears. After Lin Sheng's hand was blown into him in the body.

the picture of messy and disorderly came into his head.

As if he saw the great giants at the six-Wings limit who could not even get close to it, he was bombed into scum by large quantities of crystal artillery, together with the surrounding military corps.

That kind of depression, anger, fear, mixing together is far more dangerous than Lin Sheng thought.

He couldn't hide, and the other soul was drilling too fast.

Almost a moment ago, the smoke had entered his mind.

In the Greymond space, a giant grey giant standing up in front of Lin Sheng.


He yelled at his low head, and huge hands fell down and grabbed Lin Sheng.

At the same time, there was a massive pressure to kill Lin Sheng and to make him paralyzed and unable to move.

“Destroy! Death! Gray! "

The giants roam, as if they were to exhaust all their power. Big hands grabbed Lin Sheng's head hard.


Strong deadly crises.

The brake, Lin Sheng's soul, exploded a purely white light. rays of light are scattered and translated into countless wires stabbed into void. It looks like it's connected to something.


The extreme red building before.

A bleeding King of Steel suddenly put down the children in his hand. Remote looking towards Miga.

A black emblem with a blackjacket in his face slows up and shines out.


At the top of a motorcycle building.

Cardula's legs are on the edge of the roof, and the whole man is lying on the ground, holding a blue head and looking at it.

Suddenly she rises straight, and her face floats a black emblem and shines white light.


Xilun Temple.

King of Night's single-handedly, sitting in the chair. Seems to be awake by something.

He slows down and opens his eyes.

In purple crystal eyes, a little pure white light slips.

“Did you finally get this step?”


The paint of the black emblem came out of his face, and the emblem was spreading out on the edge of it.

“Take it, my strength.”



Lin Sheng looked at the crowded hands.

Powerful, he opens his mouth, and the silent roaring explodes from his mouth.

The brake, the countless white wire, starts from behind him.

Hey, Chi!

All the wires circled around, burned up in the middle of the sky and wrapped them into a huge torch.


One light sound in.

A little black in the torch.

A Jade Stone is a perfect handhandshake, lightly dressed out of black, penetrated by torches, headed up to the giant hands of a single eye in light.

Everything seems to be completely static at one moment.

Maybe a second, maybe a minute later.

The giant stalemate began to slow down into ashes. Not black, but grey dust.

Dark dust in the sky.

Jade Stone's hand was similarly slowed down, dispersed and translated into countless white light spots.

white flames slowly disappear. Show out Lin Sheng standing inside.


The grey space around him has flourished rapidly and quickly returned to the original school dormitory.

“This…Is that…?Lin Sheng stretched his hand, he was weak, as if he was too shaking.

At that moment, he looked like he touched something.

When deadly threats erupted suddenly, he was almost all the way to help himself.

And eventually he started, and he borrowed all summon's power in very short time.

The existence of the opposite summon, the core of his own soul, is actually the souls of the summon himself.

The temporary recovery of all Soul Force self-defence in the face of threats is a prerequisite for rejection.

Just Lin Sheng didn't think that the moment he recovered it didn't seem just Soul Force. There are also three major leaders who have taken the initiative to convey their own strength.

Three large forces, the weakest Cardula, also have a strong presence over five Wings. Combined with his own nature.

The terrifying shock that erupted instantly, even Lin Sheng himself, did not find out what had happened.

That brake, he seemed to have reached an unprecedented height. A realm he never imagined.

Time, space, everything's quiet. The only one who can operate is himself.

He just stretched his hand out, up a little.

The fingers are not even touched by a single eye giant.

The victory is already known.

The dead giant soul, hidden inside the heart, collapsed instantly. The whole grey space is completely destroyed.


Lin Sheng is breathing. The situation of King of Night has been quickly determined, and they seem to be just weak, without any other anomalies.

Take a break, Lin Sheng, the unintentionally looking for two hearts on the table. Suddenly he pupil suddenly shrink. Follow a scratch in the heart, stretch your hand on the second Heart of the Dead.

It is true that the second Heart of the Dead is empty and that only the most pure soul slows down into his palace along the Green Line.

“Is it just a wave, or even the soul in the second heart?"

He suddenly had some inconceivable dimensions of that state.

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