304. Chapter 304 Mandate

Chapter 304 Mandate

That extreme terrifying form. Lin Sheng has only maintained a short number of messages and has declared his efforts to do so.

Not just spiritual energy, but all physical energy is empty.

Saint Force, Demonic Ability, including Rock Dragon Bloodline forces in the body, is completely depleted.

Well, after Rock Dragon Bloodline has been upgraded, all around mysterious energy can be absorbed in itself. Not a one-time supply.

But even so, Lin Sheng took two days to recover.

In two days, he still stayed in his dreams near that giant hawk.

He tried to fight King of Steel and King of Night with explosives and liquid nitrogen before.

Unfortunately, all of these plans are null and void.

Not a sufficient number, but rather a backdrop for formidable power.

Lin Sheng sneaked into the collection of large quantities of explosive ordnance, accumulating a lot of accumulations around the head of the eagle, surrounded by a circle.

The number was twice as much as that against King of Night.

As a result of the explosion, there was nothing wrong with the Eagle's head, and there was only a little damage to the surrounding rock walls.

It's completely different from what he imagined.

Lin Sheng didn't try anything during this time.

He broke out of Saint Force, it didn't work.

Saint Force, in conjunction with Demonic Ability, promoted the attack with Rock Dragon Bloodline forces. It doesn't work.

The explosives are useless now.

Lin Sheng is probably aware of his own ceiling now. Unless he reaches the same pattern as he was before, there's a possibility that a little could hurt the eagle. Otherwise, other means are meaningless.

He was clearly able to distinguish that, at that time, when the giant soul was crushed, the state of affairs that had erupted itself had completely exceeded what he could imagine.

After that, he and the three presidents also passed through, with varying degrees of damage and more than a month of rest to recover.

It is clear that that type of shape is not readily available.

Lin Sheng spent three days in the dormitory while absorbing the disservice in the Heart of the Dead before melting.

That absorbed the gravity of his skin, muscles and internal filth in a quietly breeding way.

This reinforcement is all-round. And it seems to be aggressive, with a slightly weak body, even if it is not strengthened, it is likely to be injured.

It is no wonder Voban Tiira is taking him personally to purchase, and it is estimated that there is a possibility that the beard should look at Lin Sheng's eligibility to eat Heart of the Dead.

There has been no progress in the dream, and in that mysterious ceremony formula, the third integration technique has remained unabated.

Lin Sheng Sophisticated as a learning place.

Anyway, he's too cheaper than other students. There's no way to learn Demonic Ability in other dreams.

Time goes, it's two more days.

Soon, Spirit Heart Castle Manor passed the message that Voban Tiira gave him a special assignment of learning, and finally came.



Benne University School Service.

Lin Sheng opens the door, and there's a lot of people sitting in the wide lobby.

One Deputy Rector, three professors, four mentors, six assistants.

And the twelve people who came to participate in the assignment.

Lin Sheng is one of the twelve.

“This way.”Voban Tiira is recruiting Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng, follow the past and stand behind him. At the same time, the situation of others has been measured.

The vice-president is a mature woman with a quiet temperature.

She's wearing a red glass, and the color of the face is sitting in the main seat.

The remaining three professors, four mentors, are all present in front of the seats with their own identity card. It also identifies where their representatives are represented.

As Voban Tiira had before it was Spirit Heart Castle Manor's sign.

Lin Sheng looked at the right side, and it was Thousand Snakes's brand.

On the left, it's a dry old man, with Silent Volcano's brand.

He recalled that the two workshops were his first choice and saw the same third Grade as Spirit Heart Castle Manor. It's all the top factories.

Lin Sheng has scanned the others.

The rest of the mentors are in front of the plates, some Pamissa Family, and Secondary Crystal Cane's two factories.

Others don't remember their names. But there is no doubt that it is not a poor factory.

Soon outside the door, after a couple of participants.

The vice-president pushed the glasses.

“Everyone's here. Then get started. ”

She knocked on the table lightly.

The whole room sends out a gold iron echo. Her fingers are like metals, hard. Knock the sound on the metal table.

“There are three special quotas allocated this year, which are needed.”She looked at the three positive professors of Voban Tiira.

“Go, stand ahead.”Voban Tiira, push Lin Sheng lightly.

Lin Sheng Dongton, together with two other students, stood in the middle of the hall.

Lin Sheng saw the sign before the vice-president:Suna.

He quickly remembered the information he saw before.

Benne University Six Wings, one of the most powerful, Suna. At the same time, it is the strongest of the existing ones, other than the chief of the school.

He looked at the other two.

Like him, the special quota candidates who were withdrawn were men and women, respectively.

The man standing next to Lin Sheng, wearing a box glass, the temperature, looks more like a high school teacher than a student.

And the other woman, she was cold, and he had a brown short blade on his back. Looks like a hunter who hunts in the deep mountains every year.

“This year is three of you, Finny, Yilind, Lin Sheng. The three of you, the third Grade, have the right to have three priority options for special assignments. "

Deputy Principal Suna indifferently said. Give me a finger.

Lin Sheng was slowing up a lengthy, fresh green screen in front of the three.

A set of special mission headings is listed on the screen, as in the computer version.

Lin Sheng soon saw what hanging fugitives and investigating homicide cases. Investigate mysterious towns, track terrifying monsters, etc.

However, he has not succeeded in arriving at the easiest patrol mission, in accordance with his prior consultations with the mentor.

‘The town of Songling is now the secret of life, and the investigation team has reached the bottom of the deposit and suddenly there have been variations in the outside town. There are repeated monsters who steal human blood.

Content of the mission:Guarantee of security within a thousand metres close to the Galaxy Cave. Guarantee the basic security of the population in the town of Songling and the normal functioning of the town.

Mission incentive:20 degrees, 2,100,000 Miga dollars.In the mission, everything belongs to the participants themselves.

Mission time:two weeks. ’

Lin Sheng notes that, in addition to this, there are two other tasks that are easy to see, and it is clear that these three are specifically prepared for them.

This mission is relaxed, and the key is time.

It's too short…Two weeks to brush 20 degrees, good luck is equivalent to one vacation, nothing happens, and 20 scores come back to account.

As for the level of risk, it was also dangerous, but it was much easier than other missions. Even if the task of the school is relaxed, it must be tested and dangerous.

After all, the genius will not be torn, and eventually it will only be a thermal flower that cannot be frustrated.

This patrol mission at Lin Sheng point was identified in the framework of the dialogues that came out.

Choose over.

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