Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 305

305. Chapter 305 Mandate

Chapter 305 Mandate

Voban Tiira smiled at his head. For the purposes of this series of sub-tasks, he has spoken to a number of older friends and sold people's feelings.

This patrol mission is not a single one, but a series.

As long as Lin Sheng performs well, the follow-on patrol mission can also be properly managed. If you would, then it would be more than 20 degrees in the zone.

A hundred degrees can be brushed.

That is the benefit of this special mission.

After the three were selected, they returned to their respective professors, followed by the remaining students.

The process is the same as before.

Soon as the mission was completed, Deputy Rector Suna announced the adjournment of the meeting.

Voban Tiira and the people were cold and Lin Sheng was introduced to an old professor who met.

He walked out with Lin Sheng and walked outside the school.

“Did you see those two?”Voban Tiira smiled and asked.

“What's the matter? Teacher? "Lin Sheng knew he had something to say. It's funny to catch up.

“Fanny and Yilind, the best disciple in those two factories. No one. Since they were pushed out to enjoy this treatment, that would certainly be the most deliberate. "

Voban Tiira explained.

“But to say, I'm actually carrying it in the Beyond Garden, but it's still blue mine film Isabel Cardo, the fish Carlis.

Besides, the president of the Evil Society, that little guy named Gale, is fine. Then they took over the first three of the two models. "

“Well…I didn't even see the rank… "Lin Sheng, honestly, "I've been working on other things lately, mentor, and you know I'm not interested in these things, so…"

“Also, what's on the list of incentives is nothing, mainly famous, and then has the opportunity to enter Moon Pool.

But with your qualities, Moon Pool is stable even if it's not on the line. It's okay. ”

Voban Tiira thought Lin Sheng would have been awake at first, reaching more than 500 strong innate talent, and it would have been hard to laugh at himself.

“But…Heard that in schools, if some organizations were joined in advance, they would be given preference in choosing a factory? Teacher, is this true? "Lin Sheng spoke to you.

“There are factories like this. It's equal to the early selection. But it's actually a small force of elite disciple in the factory. "

Voban Tiira has nothing to do with it.

“Don't be involved in these, it doesn't make sense. Wait for Moon Pool to get back to the operator's pulse. I'm still relieved of you. ”

“Speaking of, elder sister of Melissa, isn't it a Isabel Cardo?”Lin Sheng remembers Melissa as well as Cardo.

Honestly, Spirit Heart Castle Manor, who remembers his full name, only one Melissa…

“Well, it's her. Isabel was at the Crystal Cane factory, a nice little guy, with strong strength. However, there is some stalemate in the organization of several students. It's just a little trick. "

Voban Tiira said with a smile.

“All right. Not to say that, actually, the most powerful students can enter our eyes, and there's only one, Carlis.

She is our student president of Benne University today, who will certainly be the strongest to stay in school after graduation. You'll have a chance to contact her later, you can have a good relationship with her. ”

“Understand.”Lin Sheng's head. "So, what exactly is Carlis Senior Sister's power… ”

“I don't know. It was shown at the top of the three Wings, and the value was $9,000. But that's the part she wants to see.

Lin Sheng, remember, in the face of anything, you have to keep your bottom card. "

Voban Tiira guides.

“This will enable the enemy to misestimate your strength and thereby turn away with caution and make your flag win.”

“disciple understands!”

Lin Sheng's head.

From school, Voban Tiira gave Lin Sheng a mission phone to report to the designated location, returning to Spirit Heart Castle Manor and continuing pharmaceutical surveillance.

It was said that a new set of pharmaceutical formulas at the factory had been staffed by a major adviser, and the guests of the order sent representatives to meet with Spirit Heart Castle Manor.

So professor is a busy time to bring Lin Sheng to the task.

That's the treatment of the elite genius.

Not only do you need to work hard day for a factory, but you can also enjoy all kinds of cultivation that mentors have spared no effort.

It is important to know that general trainees have completed some of the more dangerous tasks, at a maximum of 10:00 degrees.

And these more than 10 missions are generally held in the hands of various student organizations. It won't take less than a month.

Student organizations also use various avenues to bring down their mandates. The members assigned to them will then be completed.

This is also key to the difficult performance of many students who do not join student organizations.

But a genius like Lin Sheng is different.

Those who enjoyed the same talent as he had in the first two students who were close to the same period were Finnish and Yilind.

Lin Sheng is not sure what the qualifications of those two people are, and now Demonic Ability's worth.

But as a real power far outweighs the old oils at the student level, he was determined to develop slowly.

After absorbing Heart of the Dead's disservice, his body appears to be in a slow phase of variation.

Previously, because of the upsurge in Saint Force, he was afraid not to exercise demonic Ability overly, but to study only on a departmental basis.

A little bit more Demonic Ability, all in the back of Crystal Warrior.

So in the days leading up to the start, Lin Sheng felt his Crystal Warrior was becoming clearer and clearer.

But now his demonic Ability layer is weak, and even one Wing is not there, just the basic trainee level. that's the total amount of Demonic Ability, who bullies other students.

Just look strong, but not really.

Pack up something, Lin Sheng, light up, take a bank card and a part of the cash, and put some material on the ceremony formula.

He sat on the bus distributed by the school, heading straight to Songling Town.




The trumpet in the big bus sounds loud.

There was a stop in front of the car, and the little flag seemed to have to be checked. The driver stopped. Unpatient, pick up a black little Ben and wave.

There's a change in the face of the outside check. Let's go now.

A total of 10 students went to Songlin Town. All sitting in this car.

“It is said that the two recipients have been supported before, and we are third waves.

People are enough. It's just that the mentors in the mine have never come out, and we have to keep patrolling around. Just a little trouble. ”

It's a blonde girl named Melissa and one of the peers sitting next to Lin Sheng's window.

Of the ten, except Lin Sheng, she has the highest value. More than a hundred degrees.

Of course it's worth this thing, and it won't be allowed to hide much. But a hundred values can also be counted as a Wing Ripper.

Much better than the other scores of birds.

If Lin Sheng is not there, it is estimated that this girl is the leader of the team. Of course, now he's here. The captain's place naturally is him.

“I wish the deposit would be a little longer, or where could we brush the assignment?"Lin Sheng smiled and said.

“Professor Lin Sheng, don't be heard by the mentors, or they won't forgive you."Melissa said with a smile.

The rest of the members will also smile very closely.

Which is not a good second generation of background relationships that can be crowded into this task. For the first time, a lot of rich families were severely cut off by the school service.

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