Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 306

306. Chapter 306 Mandate

Chapter 306 Mandate

Everyone comes to gold, and naturally in a team, there's a lot of sense of agreement.

The mission is dangerous, but it is much smaller than other missions.

“Speaking of it, the natural treasure of this town of Songling, and I don't know what's going on, has not been found for so long."Melissa, whisper.

“I heard Uncle say that the life secret of Songlin town seems to be hidden in a mouse in the body.

The mouse is changing, drilling all over the hole, and the mentors are afraid to use a big trick to avoid destroying the baby. "

“No wonder it took so long…”

“Who said no. Think about it, and go to three lasLevel mentors, and it's not going to work, it's still near our school's own terrain. If you change somewhere else, you'd have brought a bunch of people. ”

Listen, members of the team in the car, Lin Sheng, calm down and slightly raise the body Demonic Ability. To 700 degrees.

By numerical value. More than two hundred and two thousand are wings, so he's not looking at seven hundred right now. Just make it easier to do something.

The car is fast, half an hour later, passing through a dense pine. Following the issuance of the laissez-passer, officers took people to the car inspection.

Lin Sheng et al., who have shown their own student certificates, were allowed to pass normally.

There were occasionally armoured vehicles and transporters parked on the road following that road.

And occasionally he saw him in Xiling, Redwing's kind of demonic Ability amplification truck with a white round.

Although it was just like that, Lin Sheng was still awake about Xiling.

After all, it was where he lived for more than a decade.

Melissa is not beautiful, and dresses are more authentic, just like girls in the general countryside.

Sex is also more authentic, with no motive, no whispering with Lin Sheng, and no evaluation of students and mentors in schools is welcome.

Lin Sheng was sitting in the same chat as the other side, walking around the car.

Because there are more checks to be adopted on the road, the whole group was finally in Seoul until the afternoon of the mission.

The so-called town of Songling, just a populated, unusual town, had it not been the mineral hole on the side of the trip that had given birth to a dead treasure. No one's ever heard of this place.

Lin Sheng et al.

That is where the police station is similar. The original police officers here were already occupied by the stars. See Lin Sheng waiting. A busy handover of assignments.

The content is not heavy.

From 8:00 to 10 a.m., patrol once. Between 8:00 and 10:00 p.m., patrol once.

The patrol route was passed by phone to the captain of Lin Sheng.

At the same time, they were given a villa in the 3-Layer building, with more than 10 bedrooms randomly selected.

The food is the exclusive responsibility of the invited person. The laundry or something is also handled, and the conditions are good.

“No other way in this place, it's cheap, if it turns into a city…If you want to get this 3-Layer villa, it'll cost… "A team wandered around in the villa.

“At least I need a year's zero money!"Another man sighs.

“I'm all right, if you're lucky, you can make it a few times. Millions. ”

“You bastards! This villa, I'll have to spend at least three years to buy it! It's funny to pretend in front of the poor like us. ”

“…"Lin Sheng has nothing to say. Listen to this group of people.

It is a special treatment team, all of which have minerals at home.

He turned around in the villa, arranged Melissa's assigned room, and he walked outside the villa.

The main opponent this time is a monster called the wild predator.

This monster is invisible to ordinary people, and only Superman can handle it. It's very weak, and if you can see, it's a normal adult man, and it's easy to kill with a stick.

It's just the only problem with this monster, which is a bunch of crowds, and usually they're all cowardly, but once there's more, they're fat.

This is the case in the town of Pinglin, where the wild food dares to attack people, just because it's a lot more.

The villa is surrounded by shallow woods, with yellow pines everywhere, like a thick blanket.

A single black pine tree here, the trees full of tumors, the paints of the trees have white spots, and sometimes you can see the little ants climb down and climb down.

The wind hua hua is ringing in the woods, and the air is also smelling loose.

Lin Sheng turned over again.

The villa is in the middle of a shallow forest, and there's a road out front, straight to town. The straight line is just a hundred meters away.

The latter is a large number of black loose forests, like the sea, concealing far-reaching prospects, and it can be seen that wooden houses with protected forests are invisible in the woods.

Lin Sheng has been swimming for a long time, looking around the environment, the forest nurse's cabin far away from the black pine forest.

He intends to see if there are any people in that cabin, and perhaps access to the terrain around here.

Just as far away as he can see the rangers in front of the cottage, there are two outside people.

The simplest thing to distinguish between foreigners and local people is to look at dressing.

Aliens are dressed up with a lot of fashion and can be identified in one eye.

Those two were standing alone, and it seemed like they were checking out what was on the ground.

Lin Sheng thought he was a tourist, but he could go closer, and a little bit of Demonic Ability's breath went far.

He looks like he's sinking.

When he hasn't been asked, he sees these two people wandering far towards him, turning around and running.

“Stop it!”Lin Sheng has followed a few steps, a lot of voices, but it's just a false voice.

It's just a job to brush, and there's no need to do so.

He just walked closer, and he saw that the two were in position, lying on a yellow hair like a monkey monster.

This monster's chest has been cracked into a big hole, bleeding and dying long ago.

Look outside, it's a five-hand golden monkey.

“Wild food? This is Benne University, the management area, and there are external Demonic Ability Users. Looks like God's secret treasure's attractive. ”

Lin Sheng checked this monster's body a little bit, and he was lazy. Just the wounds caused by Demonic Ability Users at one Wing level.

One Wing's Demonic Ability is worth between 20 and 200, with a larger range.

Ten of his team, all of whom are one Wing Demonic Ability Users, have no operational capability, but Demonic Ability's defense or something is absolutely limited.

After all, there are minerals at home…

“It's just that I need time to digest Heart of the Dead Dimension, and it looks like it can be completely absorbed only in two weeks.

There is also a new absorption of the soul that has to be transformed into Rock Dragon Bloodline. Crystal Warrior also needs to be carefully constructed and cannot have a shell like this now. "

Lin Sheng is doing a lot of things, sophisticated lazy to handle these little bugs.

As long as he doesn't come to prevent him from brushing his score, it doesn't matter if he opens one eye.



“It's the Demonic Ability student from Benne University. The third wave seems to have to wait for a while at the bottom of this hole. "

Outside the woods, two silhouette in a fancy dress have a low level of communication.

“There's a patrol in there, and we'll try to get in again, and maybe there's some trouble."A man helplessly said.

“Fear of what, a group of ordinary students with no gross experience. I'm really going to die, I'm gonna shoot one.

Even with Demonic Ability, that would be the case without quality. After a while, Reverend Yang Yi arrived, it was easy to grab the baby. "

“Benne University is too close to us, and we have to move fast, otherwise it may be a little slower."

“Just watch when the priest comes. Hopefully, faster, or the savages that the heart teaches will be in trouble. ”

“It doesn't matter, there are a lot of people in town now, and it doesn't matter to a few more denominations. Waiting for Reverend Yang to set up, let's go. ”

The two people quietly went out of the woods and disappeared.

(This chapter is over)

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