Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 307

307. Chapter 307 Experiment 1

Chapter 307 Experiment 1

The White Silver Mines Cave exploratory team is still down there and has not returned, only by means of communications equipment, to communicate to Benne University personnel on the ground.

General command is a mentor from the school, Bessis, a tough fighter who withdrew from Moon Pool.

In addition to Lin Sheng, there are two student team patrols in the vicinity. However, the three teams have different levels of responsibility and distance, and there is no convergence.

Lin Sheng didn't take the initiative, and Coach Bessis would do whatever he planned. Silver gold deposit, he's a little curious, but he doesn't have to be clear.

He goes out and patrols two circles every day with the crew. Then come back and do what they want.

Life is all the same.

After so calm for a few days, the patrol was for the first time confronted with wild food.

chi Chi Chi!

In successive voices, the blanket tsunami was broken. Green wire flies out and blinks back.

Melissa, take your hand back, and look at Lin Sheng.

In the front of the patrol, three golden monkeys are lying in the same four arms of wild predators.

There was also a man who was attacked who was paralysed in the ground and was afraid to hold his head with his hand.

“Nice reaction.”Lin Sheng said he'd appreciate it.

“Hey, Captain, when did you show up?”Melissa doesn't hide his curiosity about Lin Sheng.

She was actually upset that Lin Sheng was able to hold it on her head.

She's not a newborn, but she's got some famous little genius in two miles. demonic Ability is manipulated, both close and distant, through a number of tasks.

Even though it's all a gold mission, isn't it a mission?

In any event, the experienced woman felt that Lin Sheng had to show up and feel comfortable.

Lin Sheng sees this girl's mind. But his attention is not on such a small matter.

In the course of remembering, he had been bored in the days and was also continuing the research of the Institute.

One of these projects has given Lin Sheng great interest.

Before being destroyed by the Church of Van Jon, the Institute, while focusing on the souls of the main attack, has in fact launched a project called "Energy Cohesion Point".

The so-called energy convergence point is that, according to their theory, parts of the natural world are characterized by the same type of energy as proteins.

When these energies are in a given environment, they will have a temporary reversibility.

The combination of energy in this state of affairs, with different energies, will result in some degree of integration.

In the case of this phenomenon, the Institute has studied the use of a certain parameters of the soul to adjust the methods of control of integration.

That's a five-percent shock model. Although far from complete, Lin Sheng still sees the potential of this model.

Unlike others.

He absorbed too many memories. And therein is the knowledge of the soul in the Temple.

He himself, or even could say, is a typical case of integrating countless souls.

Although the Institute has 5 per cent of its products, it is far less aware of the spiritual dimension than Lin Sheng. But they have been able to study this level on the basis of the knowledge system in the field of living alone.

He therefore intends to accept the study now.

If successful, he might be able to address the critical shortcomings of the lack of access to the soul.

Lin Sheng walked to three wild bodies and fell down the head of the corpse.

“Move me to the old place, I'm going to study it, pick up some material.”

The two militias that follow in town look at me and I see you, and nobody dares to move.

“Old rules, according to moving things, one hundred a man."Lin Sheng calmly said.

“Good Lord!”The two militias were active immediately. The body was packed up with plastic bulbs in the past and then wrapped together and ran in the direction of the team's residence.

One body is only thirty kilos, very light, and two people carry three bodies, and they can earn a thousand bucks fairly easy.

This is a very costly sale for the indigenous population of the town of Songling.

“Captain, what do you want these bodies to do? What's the point of bringing this stuff? ”

A team member whispered.

“Nothing, recently doing a living autopsy, though corpse, but I'd like to see how the bodies of these monsters are built."

Lin Sheng laughed, “Just a little personal."

“Well…Okay. ”The crew looked at Lin Sheng's smile and felt a little hair.

However, it was thought that the captain would take care of the team members for the last few days, leaving this little thing aside.

Captain Lin Sheng is not just innate talent, but there is no discrimination against these golden scum students.

This has led to a high level of evaluation, and after all, no one knows that this captain is a genius from Spirit Heart Castle Manor's top 3rd Level factory.

“Keep going.”

Lin Sheng, take the team, keep moving along the street.

It takes more than half an hour to walk from town to the other side, circle around. It's a slow model.

But Lin Sheng's all right, slowly.

The top of the sun is almost winter and the weather is so hot.

After a while, we went through a retail supermarket, Lin Sheng let a trainee in and get some ice water out.

“Stop it!”

Suddenly, a team member came up with a big drink.

Lin Sheng looked up and walked closer.

Suddenly, a Demonic Ability wire became green phantom and suddenly hit his ear.

The other side didn't intend to kill him, just to target his ears. Even if it was shot, it was the ear that was bleeding.

“courting death!”Melissa on the other side reacted instantly, lifted right hand and blew up a crumbling mine.

blue is cold lightning, flies out and falls into the alley on the right.


The garbage barrel at the alley exploded, and a lot of garbage fragments blew out of dust.

A group of two generations, suspected of wandering back away, dared not to be near.

Lin Sheng, inspired by Demonic Ability, turned into countless very delicate particles, flying out, shaping air flow and blowing dust out.

There's no one in the alley anymore. It's just a piece of blood left on the ground.

“Run fast."Melissa coldly snorted, “Captain, are you all right?”She was on the face looking towards Lin Sheng.

“Nothing, thanks to your timely response. This time you saved me. ”Lin Sheng is grateful.

“Don't say that, even if I don't do it, the captain himself can handle it lightly.”Melissa's humble in his mouth, but the chest's a bit more confident.

“It's all right, it looks like this town is getting more trouble, so it's not our problem after two weeks.”Lin Sheng whispers.

“Go on, go on.”

He took the lead and went forward.

Behind the crowd, the crew faces each other.

“Are you still going?”

A man has some hesitation.

The first time they were attacked, they saw that instant raid, and don't say they didn't even react to the captain.

It's not going to run if it's changed to themselves.

“Isn't there an early measure at home? Fear of hair! Come on! ”

“Now go back to school and lose it! Let's go! ”

A couple of teeth bite, come on in.

Melissa was without slightest hesitation, close to Lin Sheng.

after the attack, the whole group was a little nervous, with the ice water that was bought in its hand, sometimes drinking a summer.

Through the main streets of town, through a savings facility.

Lin Sheng suddenly foot stopped. Stop before a wall.

On the grey wall on the side of the Savings, I don't know what children painted a few little flowers with black pens.

The picture is rough, but there are six petals per piece.

(This chapter is over)

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