308. Chapter 308 Experiment 2

Chapter 308 Experiment 2

“The symbol of the Heart…"Lin Sheng's right up.

In a lot of memories he absorbed, and in Spirit Heart Castle Manor's introduction to the cult, this so-called half-hearted introduction was made.

Not because they're strong enough, but because this church is brutal. On many occasions, extremely bloody cases have been created.

“Heart teaching? Don't you? ”Melissa scared a jump.

“It should be right, this symbol can't be seen ten times. It won't be wrong. ”Lin Sheng is a good spot.

“But God's secret is here, and it's normal to attract these terrifying elements.”He didn't remove this hidden symbol.

“Go ahead.”Keep moving, Lin Sheng has again seen symbols of several heartfelt teachings, and he has met several more wild predators, all resolved.

Well, there's nothing to do with follow-up.

Returning to the Defense Service, Lin Sheng has carefully communicated what happened today to the reporters present here.

Then he won't take care of it.



Deep night.

Lin Sheng stood by the graves of the bodies and looked down in the head.

Messy and disorderly put a number of wild bodies in the pit.

“Captain, these bodies…What did you find? ”One side, Melissa, talk down.

“No…"Lin Sheng shake his head.

“Nothing wrong. You go to bed first. I'll last look around. ”He stood in front of the earth pit, whispering.

Melissa and another crew deserve to speak and make sure there's no problem, so they turn around and leave.

The weather is dark out there, and occasionally the thunderbolt rolls out, but the cold shed in the body is filled with fresh blood and a dead silence.

Lin Sheng stood by himself in front of the earth pit and looked at the lights in the villa behind him slowly extinguished.

Until all the lights were completely bleak, there was only natural moonlight around them.

He lightly hit a ring.

A black smoke floats, and the soldier of the Ground Prison came before him with the Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony plastic paper that he used, and the material backpack.

Lin Sheng doesn't move, takes the ceremony plastic paper over and starts on the ground quickly.

And then took the backpack and took control of the guards of the ground to the perimeter.

“These blood meat, almost enough…”

He has been studying Demonic Spirits for a long time, and he has doubts about initiating the ceremony law study before drawing on the memory of a large number of researchers at the Institute. Don't try to change it.

He feared that a problem had arisen, triggering chaos between the ceremony Frente.

But after the true absorption of the Institute's memory, in particular after the project study of energy convergence points.

He remembered a ceremony that he had used earlier – Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony.

No Demonic Ability, no Saint Force, no bloodline.

At that time, he had nothing, but one hot blood, and the hard life struck in his common identity.

Reckless, young, fearless.

It was good that it was good luck. No big mistake.

Now remember, Lin Sheng again read Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony, on the basis that he could read most Demonic Spirits.

He probably understood the fundamental principle of this ceremony.

Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony, a pure, even activated power, is based on a special Frente against Demonic Spirits.

The chairman of the ceremony, the low threshold, is simply impossible to imagine. Almost as long as a person, as long as there are sacrifices, knows the opening words, anyone can start such a plot.

“Now it seems…Good luck then. Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony has a high success rate, but more dangerous. "

Lin Sheng quickly resettled the basic elements of Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony.

the key point of the ceremony formula lies in elements, tattoos, languages, three parts.

He is now aware of the elements and the tattoos, as well as of the language. It is easy to change this base approach.

So, following the posting of the French ceremony, Lin Sheng looked at Demonic Spirits on the ceremony plastic paper, thinking, taking out the pencil, and modifying it in detail.

‘Three adults have full blood, deer blood, a standard bottle, Red Pine Wood, a standard Units. silver powder nine standard Units – Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony. "

This is the original version of the ceremony request.

Lin Sheng changed the key words of Demonic Spirits. The applicant's claim has been reduced, the number of sacrifices has increased and the types have been vague.

Thus, the attraction of Demonic Spirits will increase significantly.

Low demands, high sacrifices, such silly ceremony, once opened, must be the same as bees.

Lin Sheng, on the one hand, has been modified to redefine the objective of checking the experiment again.

Soon, under the lights of the cell phone, the ceremony content was modified.

Definitely after that. He stood up, silhouette was under the dark moon, and the more he was dragged on.

The wind hua hua is ringing, all around the leaves.

The coordinates are located right behind the villa.

Lin Sheng is in there, and there's nothing out there.

“Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony would have needed adult human blood fluids, but I would have changed it to a monster like a picnic, maybe Demonic Spirits would have preferred it?"

Lin Sheng laughed, stood up, pulled the ceremony material out of the bag one after another, and then put one after another on the right track and on the key.

Put it all behind you. Determining all around the guards' alert. Definitely after that.

He stood in the chair, low head, slight lips, and made a slight, barely the blurred voice he could hear.

the ceremony formula is now very skilled in his use, and it's already known that the size of the voice is really irrelevant.

The key is three major concerns, elements, tattoos, languages. Not at all.

Night winds, blacksmithing in the middle of the Black Songlin.

Lin Sheng's activist voice was completely repressed by magazine. But even so, the ceremony formula has been slowed down.

Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony was supposed to be a living sacrifice, but Lin Sheng changed his language.

He puts these wild meat here, and what Demonic Spirits wants is a little bit of what he needs to do, and he can take it away.

Such a good thing, no difficulty, equivalent to a white delivery. Demonic Spirits naturally doesn't care much about being alive.

Soon, a little bit of blood color shows up.

On the original plastic paper, it slowly turns around.

In the middle of plastic paper, a vacuum began to happen.

It's like some kind of thick red oil resin that's spinning around, floating a clear line. At the center of plastic paper, a blood color turbine size in the face basin slowed down.

Lin Sheng continued to sing the opening words, the color remained unchanged, stretched his hand in the bowl, slowed down the weight of blood and fell into the blood color vortex.


A blurred and clear vibration slowed out of the blood color turbine.

The turbine surface starts to rise, highlighting, flowing up a blurred face.

The face is getting clearer, the higher the arch. Seems like trying to get out of the curve of French-ceremony.

Lin Sheng doesn't change his face, put down the bowl, pick up Red Pine Wood, and lose it to that man's face.

If everything goes well, this Red Pine Wood will fall completely into the vortex and disappear, and he will receive the mysterious knowledge and capacity of Demonic Spirits.

That's the standard process for ceremony.

But after receiving the research project of the Institute, Lin Sheng will naturally not be so simple as to duplicate Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony.

Just one moment Red Pine Wood is about to fall into the vortex.

“disaka!”He suddenly whispered out a clear Demonic Spirits word.


Red Pine Wood fell into the vortex and suddenly triggered a dramatic explosion at the mental level.

(This chapter is over)

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