309. Chapter 309 Experiment 3

Chapter 309 Experiment 3

In a sudden shock, the vortex broke, Red Pine Wood vanished, and a red light shaped out of the French ceremony center and hit Lin Sheng directly.

The air sends a strange laugh, and countless theft of private language is spreading back to Lin Sheng's ear.

“amoendika!”Lin Sheng suddenly said another key word again.


the face of red light is almost as wide as Lin Sheng, almost one hand. But this moment has completely stopped.

It's blurred. It's twisted, smiling, staring at Lin Sheng. The mouth whispers, as if it was out of the ears that people couldn't hear.

Lin Sheng used the same low tongue, Demonic Spirits, and quick bargaining with each other.

Time passes a second.

A gradual red light is starting to be intolerable.

He was constantly close to Lin Sheng's face and seemed to want to intimidate him.

Lin Sheng doesn't act like a solid iron. It's still in your mouth.

But gradually, the red light is becoming increasingly intolerable over time. He started to make sound like roars and screams.

Lin Sheng remains inactive.

Slowly, red light finally completely exploded.

He seems to be conditional on not having a conversation, and the time is running out of joy, and the sophistication goes towards Lin Sheng's face.

He wants this human being to pay the price, regardless of whether or not the deal has been reached, he must first meet his needs.

But when he poked in front of Lin Sheng.

A little white light shines up.

Almost just for a moment, Lin Sheng's entire man burned up completely and turned into a white torch of human beings.

The fierce Saint Force flame releases every inch of his skin, every part of it, from the vast concentration of Saint Force.

Demonic Spirits screamed and returned to the law.


Lin Sheng suddenly grabbed his shoulder. Smile all the way outside.


The spiritual bombardment was scattered.

white Sacred Fire and Red Demonic Spirits collided with each other, offset and extinguished.

Soon the whole ceremony, the blood corpse in the pit, all the material on the spot, and so on, as many as possible into black ashes, with the wind dispersing.

I don't know how long it has been.

Everything's getting calm.

The beans' rains slowed down from the night sky, rarely evacuated. Even on a continuous basis.

Under the coordinates, Lin Sheng slowed out and walked straight to the back door of the villa.

In his hand, he does not know when a fred half-transparency jewellery is being pinned.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…


Melissa hit a bubble, a bottle of carbonate acid on the table.

The patrols are conducting routine patrols.

Captain Lin Sheng was smiling, and he was talking to two of the team members about playing cards last night.

They sat in the only pancake shop in town to rest.

This store called Black Bear Pancake is the only food shop they have a little recognition of. So all of you come here often to dinner.

The shop is open, white bricks on the ground, and walls and ceilings are intolerable dark yellow.

Apart from being too good, it's the style of the forest house, the bars, the shapes on the wall, the chairs of the bar, and the wooden style. Even a cup of wood.

Melissa wants a Sydney sausage pancake, and he goes back to his seat with a plate and drinks gorge oneself with carbonate acid.

Eat on one side, she's hiding the eye light, and she keeps hitting Captain Lin Sheng in that direction.

I don't know how much she concealed that, from last night, the good leader seemed to have changed some famous things.

Melissa can't tell exactly where this change is. But she's sure what happened to Captain Lin Sheng.

For this captain, a number of girls in the patrol have had a good sense of it during this period.

High, English, temperature, to be generous. You like listening, you're kind enough to take care of people.

It is also a very high producer of Spirit Heart Castle Manor, whose future is bright.

To date, two girls have expressed their admiration for Captain Lin Sheng in the dark.

Although very hideous, Melissa, as a girl, had already seen it.

“hehe, a bunch of loving monkeys! Unbelievable! "She's having a cold smile. Put the glass on the table.

She's Melissa, not with these people!

Suddenly she saw Lin Sheng look up and look at her.

Melissaton moves stopped, smiles on her face blink into soft shy, she's low, cheeks slightly red. Turn up again, Lin Sheng has recovered the sight.

A golden wave blossom, twisted with a demon, a butt sitting next to Lin Sheng, whispering to cover Melissa's sight.

“…"Melissa's got a glass of hands slight tight. She's pretty face a cold, teeth saws, usually cut off.

“hehe…Big ass, monkey! "

Oh, yeah.

Suddenly, the shop door was pushed out.

A team member of the squad rushed in, with white hair.

“Captain! Something's wrong. Let's see! ”

He ran to Lin Sheng's table and said he was in a hurry.

Lin Sheng nodded, show Melissa and stand up quickly and walk out of the door.

Melissa, come on, come on out with the rest of the team.

Place of incident, near the end of the woods in town.

An old fogey who came up early in the morning and was found dead silently in a specialized parking space on the normally Ribble.

The corpse is dry, as if all blood was swallowed, with no drop left.

Lin Sheng arrived, and there were a few people around the town.

The guards have also arrived, and cameras are being photographed.

This town is the only patrol with Lin Sheng.

So when the guards saw Lin Sheng come here, they were very close.

“Come and see. What the hell is going on? Old Jack will practice here every morning, more than 10 years, never interrupt! "

The chief of the defense, Henry, is a tall, big black man with wide arms, but his face is bad now. Because the dead old man doesn't look like he was killed.

“Old Jack's a good man. It's never gonna be a vengeance! Absolutely! ”He kept stressing.

Lin Sheng comforted him, separated the town and walked down the body.

His finger points at the head of the body, a slight demonic Ability slows infiltration and starts swiftly moving in the body within the body, in accordance with the standard method of searching on teaching materials.

“I need your help, Melissa.”He looked behind his face.

Melissa, get on the front and get down and get down with Lin Sheng.

“I need a frozen effect. Please freeze his head. ”Lin Sheng down.

Melissa came out of Crystal Cane, and the Demonic Ability exercise, which was taught, could trigger low temperature effects.

And it worked very quickly.

With more than a hundred Demonic Ability values, it's not hard to freeze the body's head quickly.

“Understand.”She quickly behaved.

Lin Sheng checks other places.

He had only made new progress last night, and he did not wish to see variables at that time.

At the bottom of the white silver deposit, the chiefs have been in there for so long, although there are occasional news, in a short time it seems impossible to catch that cunning depletion.

That is why this patrol mission can all be repeated and redundant.

He's just going to need a lot of experimental time, and if he goes back to the city, he doesn't have such good conditions to continue testing.

The wild food here, each head, exceeds the total adult human blood gas. It's pretty good for summon Demonic Spirits.

And by trying to seduce Demonic Spirits last night. Lin Sheng has been able to purify Demonic Spirits with Saint Force for the first time through energy convergence and to integrate itself into a part of his soul.

It might be a new avenue for him to get his soul!

So this is very appropriate for him to carry out an expanded experiment. He doesn't want anyone to bother himself.

(This chapter is over)

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