310. Chapter 310. Evil soul 1

Chapter 310. Evil soul 1

Aboriginal people in the town died beyond curiosity, not only from the Defence Service, but also temporarily from 38821; and from the patrol.

Well, in all around the world, because of the proximity to the University of Benne, the stationery had already operated the barrels around it.

It can be leaked, that is, there are few scourges.

So the old man's body, the patrol's men, are cowardly, and the expression is calm. More emotional and alarming after that.

Because that is a good opportunity for these patrols to earn their jobs.

After the closing, a group of people looked towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng checked and stood up.

“Any eyewitnesses around?”

“No. I've already asked all around the neighborhood. ”One of the guards stood out.

Now that Director Henry is frightened, there must always be someone standing out to stabilize the situation.

These patrols are students, starting out, and, if they really can't, they are also asked to preside over the Directorate with these old experiences.

Lin Sheng looked at this person, and she got a little appreciation in his eyes.

Apparently, each other and he thought about it together. The general command of mentor Bessis, although strong, has too much jurisdiction. The focus is also on God's Secret.

To do so, for the time being, they will have to see their patrols and guards.

The guards have individual handguns with formidable power and G25 semi-automatic pistols.

The former is all right, formidable power is scattered, just in the area.

The latter is different, specifically for this task, with a large formidable power wearing assassin guns in advance. Specially designed to deal with those who are defenceless.

“This officer…”Lin Sheng said hello.

“Call me Dean, I've been in town for more than 10 years, and the chief of the big and small service can come to me."It's out of the young man said resolutely.

“Good.”Lin Sheng's head. "We are not familiar with our lives, and this is not easy to trace, and the case is mainly under the auspices of Officer Dean.

Melissa, Bella. You brought two men together to investigate this with Officer Dean. Careful to ensure the personal safety of the officers. ”

He turned around what he said.

Melissa quickly started, and she and Bella were Demonic Ability Users of this patrol with little operational capability.

Although it's just one Wing, the vast majority of the people who usually work in the field are just one Wing.

One Wing Demonic Ability Users, if confronted with ordinary people, is the presence of a pressure level.

As long as consciousness is concerned, one Wing strong can keep Demonic Ability at any time. Just wear a bulletproof suit. The bullets can't move.

Plus Demonic Ability amplification, one runs fast, strong, five senses sharp.

There is no threat to the bomb dimension, and special weapons, ordinary people meet the hawks and chicks.

“What about you, Captain?”Melissa can't stop asking.

“I split up another team of investigations."Lin Sheng said resolutely.

He's really hoping that this isn't a big deal.

After all, they're here as long as they're on real holidays, they can brush the score. How are you?

Unfortunately, it seems that he's not here at this time.

After the separation of Melissa et al., Lin Sheng sent the remaining crew back to the villa, the name of the United States was to guard the camp.

In fact, it's the guy who put these back legs safely.

After all, it's some big blonde, and it's bad for the professor to hurt where the school is.

After all this, he was alone, walking around town and slowing down.

If the other side dares to kill in a bright light, it will leave a trace of the spider.

Of course, since the killer knew that there was a Bachelor Level here, he dared to enter the offender, the strength would certainly be different. But it won't be a big deal.

That's why Lin Sheng asked Melissa to follow the general investigation at the Defense Service and to be safer. He himself is an independent operation.

He came to paint the scores, not to come and kill people.

As long as these people don't mess with him, he won't be all right to run for something.

It is coincidence that he swallowed a Demonic Spirits last night, and now more sacrifices are needed to induce more Demonic Spirits.

This is where the mountains are deep, and it's time to find some wild food to hunt the sacrifices.



Green woods shake, mountains scream, tattooes anomalies.

In the deep mountains, a sloped lawn suddenly slows down the ground and reveals a hidden half-round entrance.

A couple of faces in green coats, come out of the way, shoot their hands on the ground, press the switch down.

Half the entrance was slowed down. Re-establish the disguise.

“Are you ready?”One person's down to ask.


“I don't like being so sneaky. When can the priest arrive? I can't wait! And every day you see those nephew leather students shaking in town, and your hair tickles! "

A man's throat inspired, and there seems to be some greed swallowing foam.

“Where's Soul Artifact? Did you bring it? ”Somebody shouted.

“There's one here for me, Reverend Jang, there's also there. But she's the big Soul Artifact there. She must wait until she arrives. ”One of the smallest people in the body is silent in answer.

“Soul Artifact is inadequate, and then kill someone else.”

“Feasible. But move fast, hide it. We don't have much time. Van will soon react over there. "


the whole group is shaking, from extreme silence to extreme, swift change, moving towards the town of Matsulin.

“To the villa in town, where the patrol is stationed, to solve the superman first!"

The chiefly short man is loud.


And the rest of them shall be guided.

“Stop it!”Suddenly, it exploded in the ears of several people.

A green light silhouette swiftly ranges from the top trees to the bottom, blocking several people's way forward.

“The patrol can't move! The priest can't, and even now you kill the patrol, our plan will be lost. "

the man is full of green skins, and even faces are packed in green skins, and it doesn't look like humankind.

the whole group is rushing to stop.

“Last time you started your hand on the patrol, Bessis was staring at us. This time, if there's another problem. Do our people want to come in? ”

Green silhouette said coldy.

“What about Soul Artifact?”One low question.

“Don't rush, wait!"Green silhouette's low answer.



Lin Sheng was walking through the mountains.

Since his patrol, he has begun to pay attention to the density and operational trajectories of these cannabis.

And in combination with his habits, he quickly speculated that there must be a permanent nest of wild food near the white silver deposit.

According to the memory of researchers at the Institute he absorbed. There are also some hunters' memories for reference.

Lin Sheng quickly found himself a possible concentration point for a picnic.

The sun is empty, but there is no temperature at this time.

Lin Sheng walked all the way, not long before the deposit circle of 5,100 meters, and moved towards endless black forests.

The pineapple leaves on the ground are mixed and sometimes see toxic insects flying from one knot to another.

“Wild food should be nearby.”Lin Sheng was down and slandered the dirt that doesn't look like anything.

He absorbed too many memories, and he was gradually moving towards knowledge of everything and taking care of all the positions ahead.

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