311. Chapter 311. Evil soul 2

Chapter 311. Evil soul 2

Thousands of skills, countless experience, are hidden in countless memories.

Lin Sheng needs to absorb only, and in a given environment these experiences will become his most valuable asset.

Most of the skills and experience in memory are incomplete.


Suddenly, one screams from Lin Sheng's face.

He took a slight stop, the first twist, the scratch was wiped out, without any damage.

“Who is it?”Lin Sheng looked towards the sharp direction. golden in the eye.

In the deep depth of Miles, there was only one third of the ordinary people of golden shadow, and densely packed was rushing towards him.

In a strange scream, golden shadow, the adult was standing up to four arms of monkeys, and that was the wild food he was looking for.

This tall wild predator seems to be different.

It's got white stuff like a bamboo cream in its hand, and it's looking at Lin Sheng.


It's another scratch.

Lin Sheng's face is not moving, and the green crystal is floating. Actual obstruction.

A little pieces of Mars out of here. Stick the ground.

Lin Sheng went forward.

a The path of wild predators screams at him and tries to tear him with sharp claw and teeth.

Unfortunately, the demonic Ability crystal was directly blocked by the surrounding Demonic Sheng, which was not close to Lin Sheng.

Demonic Ability is a typical characteristic of Demonic Ability corrosion, with each head and Demonic Ability crystal directly approaching the wild predators, who are beginning to rise rapidly to freshly green.

Normally, Demonic Ability corrosion should not be so strong.

But Lin Sheng is different.

His demonic Ability's basic character, the strongest of which is corrosion.

That means that he was born a long way from corrosion.

corrosion is the right method of fighting, and it should be to pull the distance, keep all kinds of Demonic Ability wires out, or a refined Demonic Ability powder, far from surrounding rivals, corrosion competitors.

Unfortunately, Lin Sheng completely departed from the corrosion system.

He came together, and within a meter of space, a lot of green crystals went crazy, and the green light came out and disappeared.

Each of the wild predators that attacked him, during the moment sharp claw was shot by crystal, would be fined to the polar Demonic Ability powder, drilled into the respiratory, and further accelerated the corrosion progress.

Less than a few seconds.

Lin Sheng, slow down and walk to the top of that man's picnic.

all around is a dozen wild predators that are frightened and unable to escape.

They've been infected with a black green, a typical sign of Demonic Ability corrosion.

“Since I tested my Demonic Ability nature, I've been using him for the first time to fight, just to see how it works."

Lin Sheng stretched out his hand and touched on the stagnant wild head.

The wild head is shaking, and it's not moving. It's got a flashlight hand in the eyes of the flesh shaking. A pair of yellow eyes, full of strong fears.

More than thirty picnics, with only 10 seconds, fall down. Although not dead, it's not far from dead.


Soon, the first thing that corrosion started was a picnic, climbing up.

It's full of muscle distortions, it's filled with countless little bags, its arms grow, its stomach grows, and its legs get rough.

From the last four limbs to the legs.

“This is the result of natural corrosion…”Lin Sheng looked towards this wild predator who stood up.

Demonic Ability's corrosion, is a spiritual contamination.

Unlike Demonic Ability, the subject is similar, but the details are different. After all, the evil soul of every human being is different.

Side of Evil's soul is different, and the pollution power is naturally different.

And this corrosion, the mutant monster, cannot be artificially controlled.

So Lin Sheng is probably counting on demonic Ability's surviving wild food.

A total of five wild predators survived corrosion, turned into Demonic Ability monster and re-established.

“If you don't use it for me, die.”

He tried to communicate with these monsters spiritual force, but he had nothing to gain. Sophistication picks up your hands and releases a path from Demonic Ability.

Yo, Chi!

Four wild foods were instantly beaten through their forehead and died.

There's only one mutant wild food left behind, hiding from the wire and stabbing. But that's all.

More than ten wires of follow-up, easy to fly, have been stabbed into screening.

“Check the perimeters, make sure there's no one in the area of 2,100 meters."Lin Sheng, read it all the way.

a The path of black smoke floats towards all around and starts to conduct a round patrol within 2,100 meters.

Another black cigarette builds up and becomes a soldier in the cellar. Under Lin Sheng's arrangement, all bodies began to be moved together.

Lin Sheng's sophisticated blood water is spreading on the ground a simple Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony.

At this level, when the elements are known and Demonic Spirits are spoken, it will be easy to draw out the key prints that belong to his own Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony.

Less than five minutes, a complete large Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony chart was completed under Lin Sheng's hand.

The soldiers then brought the material and the conditioners required for ceremony.

In order to prevent insufficient material, Lin Sheng sent Adolf with a large amount of ceremony material before coming here.

While he came here to carry out his mandate, he also brought more than a dozen materials required for various ceremony.

Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony belt is small.

After all, he didn't expect to use so many Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony.

Soon, everything is ready, Lin Sheng begins to install a summon Demonic Spirits.

Rather than summon, it's better to seduce fresh wild bodies.

In order to prevent summon from coming out of too strong Demonic Spirits, Lin Sheng chose to use three corpses once.

Soon, a path of weakness of red light continues to float. There is only a vibration and explosion at the spiritual level, which cannot be spread out.

A head of Demonic Spirits was unknown, so the naive and greedy stretched his claws out of the ceremony chart and wanted to devour Lin Sheng in the body's blood.

Then again, it fell under the fire of Saint Force and burned into a freight crystal.

Looking at Lin Sheng, there were more than ten fresh red crystal pearls in his hand.

And the body just remained full of dead bodies, and then it was completely gone.

Lin Sheng was satisfied to put the crystal jewellery up, and looked towards the weasel leader who had been intimidated.

“Next…Try the souls. ”

Look at this wild predator, and he's got a smile on his face.

This is the key reason why the Institute was extinguished.

They have touched upon the fundamental interests of the cult, such as the Church of Man, fundamental technology.



Time shakes, it gets to the night.

One day after a futile investigation, Melissa was full of acid, sitting in the wooden chair of the villa lobby and brushing news with his cell phone.

Not just her, but a few of the team members who went to the entire patrol to investigate were as tired as they were.

They followed the guards' police everywhere, but they just found information of a slight suspicion and were immediately disrupted by other information.

The killer seems to be hidden in the town's people and hidden in the deep mountains.

One day of labor, back to the villa, while seeing the rest of the crew playing video games with haha, drinking drinks and playing cards.

It seems that the day's murder did not affect them at all.

Melissa has a heart that doesn't say anything about it.

“Where's Captain?”

She looked for a couple who was bored on the couch far away, crying.

“The captain's out yet to come back. Don't worry about Melissa, Captain. It's Spirit Heart Castle Manor's genius. It's gonna be okay.

But I'm not saying you, Melissa. You just walk away, you don't have to make yourself so tired. ”The crew was hooking up Haha Road.

“Yes, we called the school. As long as it goes to the newspaper, the rest of it will be none of us. The only thing that needs to be noted is to guarantee yourself safety. ”

Another team also followed up on persuasion.

“Yeah, we're done, Starman. All those guys are done?"Someone said with a smile.

(This chapter is over)

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