312. Chapter 312. Evil soul 3

Chapter 312. Evil soul 3

Melissa expressionless.

But she's different.

Don't worry about Melissa. ”With her in the investigation team Bella walked over, whispered.

“There have also been cases of attacks on patrols before, but as long as we stay in this villa, there will be no problem. Here are the mentors who are installed for the defense. Pretty safe. ”

Melissa nodded.

“I'm fine…Thanks, Bella. ”

She always thinks she's special.

From the moment she woke Demonic Ability, she realized that she was different from others.

More than the students around, she prefers to be buried in stimulus, danger, exciting rhythm.

Just like she woke Demonic Ability that time.

She was at a birthday party, when she met the assassination, suddenly waking Demonic Ability.

At that time, the feeling of life and death, the joy of the chimney, made her hardly self-reliant.

Just awake Demonic Ability, she was hit, killing three gunmen.

And she himself attracted attention from the stars. It was then sent to Benne University to learn how to control itself.

“Don't be afraid…”Bella looked at Melissa gloomy and uncertain's face, and thought she was worried, and stretched her hand gently.

“I know…”Melissa pressed his heart down and thirsty. In turn, hold Bella's hand.


Suddenly, the house door opened.

Lin Sheng, with the big silhouette in the windcoat, quickly walks through the door.

“Captain!”A crew waved at him.

Lin Sheng Wen was gentle for everyone, looking at the right to stand up, Melissa.

“How's it going? Are you okay? ”He walked close to hanging off the windcoat and hanging on the shelf, asking.

“No…Everything's okay, nothing happens. ”Melissa shakes his head. “There's no clue.

“Don't rush.”Lin Sheng Wing shot her shoulder. "We're not stars, we just need to gather information, to guarantee town security as much as possible, and other stars will take over. Don't give yourself too much pressure. ”

“Well, I know.”Melissa was infected by Lin Sheng's soft voice and slightly relaxed.

“You look tired, go take a shower and rest."Lin Sheng warned.

Melissa, pick up the coat on the couch and say hello to Bella, upstairs and go back to the bathroom.

Just as she goes up the stairs, she doesn't remember herself again in her mind, and the body that died before her in the day.

A slight flame, looking for inspiration, slowing out of her heart.

Just like she woke Demonic Ability, killing the first killer.

Walk to the stairs and bend, and she couldn't stop looking back at Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng is quietly asking about Bella's daylight, and it's natural and quiet.

Seems to notice her vision, Lin Sheng turned over her face and smiled at her.

Melissa just felt those fresh golden eyes, like a Lizard, deep into her heart. It looks like she's flowing out of her desire and impulse.

But it's weird that she doesn't feel bad.

“golden's eyes…Any kind of golden eyes in the world? ”With that confusion, she went back to smile and went upstairs to take a shower.

Lin Sheng retrieved sight lines and continued to answer Bella's questions regarding Demonic Ability.

He absorbed the memory of a large number of fellows at the Institute, and the knowledge of Demonic Ability was far from being comparable to those of the general trainees who had come to gold, even though they were not at the teacher level.

Whether Bella asked any questions, he had a very easy and concise answer. This has led Bella and a few team members to see his vision, and it has gradually become very convincing.

He responded to the inquiries of the team members, and soon came back to his room.

Just then, what he had in his heart was curious about using innate talent magic to detect evil, and the hidden release of Melissa.

I didn't think I'd get the funny results.

In his memory, there were a lot of people, a lot of experience. People who have a potential for life like Melissa, not a few people in their memories.

From Melissa's eyes, he saw the flame, the desire for oppression and patience.

She was born a wicked man.

But the moral and restraint of society has forced her to tie herself up. Hold on, hold on, hold on.

Lin Sheng felt funny.

Because a potential like Melissa is, in fact, a rare innate talent. If it's a good guide. Her soul will explode in unimaginable energy.

She's a potential genius, just depressed.

In fact, many people in society are such a potential genius. It's just not everyone who's lucky to find out where he's best suited to play innate talent.

The vast majority of people work for their lives in industries where they are not good at them.

When a potential person is led to areas where he is good at himself, he will explode with incredible energy.

“Even if evil people use power on the right path, they can also unleash tremendous energy.”

Lin Sheng, in the room, will get demonic Spirits all cleaned up. A little adapted to the spirits of another growth, and he was planning to exercise demonic Ability.

Suddenly I heard a slight footsteps coming from the outside corridor.

He's moving his head up, wearing his jacket, lightly pulling the door out.

At the end of the corridor with red carpets, the window, is standing on a leprosy girl.

She was wearing a simple goose yellow dress, * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * It's standing under the moonlight of the window.

“Melissa?”Lin Sheng walked out of the shadow, shouting lightly.

The girl in the window is busy, seeing Lin Sheng, squeezing out a bare smile.

“Captain, haven't you slept yet?”

Her Miga speaks with a whisper from the southern countryside.

Melissa himself came out of a big farm home, and it was normal to have such a voice.

Her family was good, but she wouldn't dress up at all, even if she had been in school for two years, she was a rural girl.

“Well, in the exercise of Demonic Ability, when you hear your footsteps, open the door and see."Lin Sheng approached, standing on Melissa's side, and looking also outside for the forest.

“What, a man seems to have a heart?”He said something lightly.

Melissa shakes his head.

“Just…Think about daylight clues. ”She panicked.

Lin Sheng laughed.

“Which clue in the day?”

“That's the footprint we found in the woods."Melissa's heart is on his head. Find a terminology. She didn't think Lin Sheng would ask so much detail.

“Really?”Lin Sheng laughed. No more talking.

Melissa microrelaxed.

“Yes. Just some places don't think. ”

“What were you thinking?”Lin Sheng suddenly asked again.

“Imagine the clue, the pine footprint."

“Well, okay.”Lin Sheng laughed.

Stop it.

“By the way, how did your food work out in the day? Eat this afternoon…What were you thinking? Are you really thinking about a clue? ”He suddenly interrupted and quickly asked the same question.

“I…I was thinking about the clue…Didn't you just tell me? ”Melissa's a little shy.

“You know what? After lying, once a lie is over, the consciousness will be briefly relaxed. Because he thinks he's confused.

At this point, the same question is suddenly asked, and a great deal of people will be ashamed of. Or maybe a shell. "

Lin Sheng laughed at the night sky far away.

Melissa is even more shy, but I don't know what to say.

“Are you worried?”Lin Sheng suddenly said, "Are you worried about what you've been enduring? ”

Melissa just had some pink cheeks, slight white.

She looked at Lin Sheng on the side.

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