313. Chapter 313 Candle 1

Chapter 313 Candle 1

“Did I say yes?”Lin Sheng doesn't think so, seems to have seen Melissa's nerves completely.

“In fact, every human being has an unknown secret. The difference is whether you care about secret exposure. ”

Lin Sheng confessed.

“Melissa. You…Is it wrong to think of your own repression, this desire? "

He paused, change one word.

“Or, is this desire not socially acceptable to you?”

Melissa bites his lips and doesn't say anything.

Silence for a while, she's down.

Lin Sheng hasn't spoken any more.

Just stay with her for a while, and then stretch your hand and shoot her shoulder.

“Take a break.”

He turned moved towards his own room.

Close the door and pass Melissa's footsteps back to the room.

Lin Sheng stood behind the door and showed a smile on his face.

In his view, Melissa has a strong plastic and innate talent.

This girl who entered the Demonic Ability world is still in an infinite phase in itself, and world values are not even perfect.

Just take a little guidance, fill it in, and come out like that.

The only key is how to convince her that she doesn't have to care about others' visions.

“Interesting kid.”Lin Sheng didn't pay much attention.

If Melissa understood what he meant, then naturally he'd come and start the right innate talent path.

If not, there are too many geniuses in the world, not just her Melissa alone.

After packing up, Lin Sheng took a shower and then swiftly converted the remaining soul into Rock Dragon Bloodline using plastic ceremony formulas in the backpack, together with the materials prepared.

Rock Dragon Bloodline's share has now reached 40 per cent. It's starting to turn the bone marrow.

The transformed bone marrow is constantly transformed out of dragon blood and transformed most of Lin Sheng's body.

After turning around, he drinks some juice, half on the couch, and opens the TV to look like it.

The TV screen switches to a night news channel.

It is highly homogeneous, not to broadcast the news of renewed large-scale fighting between Xiling and Redwing, or to one of the Prince's marriages in Oro, inviting a large number of circulations.

There are also a number of politically distorted news in Miga, the downsizing of a local parliamentarian, the decline in presidential polling to the lowest point in previous years and so on.

“It's meaningless.”Lin Sheng can see that he owes.

He's not a refining maniac, and sometimes he's so relaxed, and he's also working for himself. Zhang Zhang Yu is the key to sustainable development.

It's just a half-day channel, and there's nothing to look at. He's under control, he can only go to the movies channel.

It's just a romantic love show. It's full of young idols, dressed up to be bold.

And occasionally there will be some kind of shocking mirror.

Lin Sheng, that's what it feels like to see with keen interest pleasure up.

Not long ago, he's got a little bit tired of being on the couch.

Now he sleeps once in about two days, transformed Rock Dragon Bloodline body, so he can't sleep every day.

Sophisticated him into two days of sleep.

Awareness is getting dizzy, obsessed.

Lin Sheng was lying on the couch looking at the television screen and dancing, and a man and vision on the top of it began to distort.

His consciousness is also getting confused and stunned.


Suddenly the door of the room, automatically opened.

A blurred silhouette is standing at the door and watching him with silence.

That silhouette neither goes into the door nor leaves, just standing at the door, not moving.

But Lin Sheng was able to feel a vision, staring at himself in peace.

You know, you know, you know, you know, uh… you know, you know, you know…

Slow second needle sound slowed down.


He climbed up, took a deep breath.

From the top of the couch, Lin Sheng shaked into the door, looking towards the door.

There's no one there, just the door is really open, and the cold winds come in from outside.

There's a snow on the TV, and there's always a little SISI voice. Snow White's light is the only source of light in the whole room.

Lin Sheng breathed a few times, slowing off the couch.

“Yes…Another place…So the dream has changed? ”

The eagle of the previous time, let him do nothing.

The third integrated ceremony never found it, and that giant hawk took it completely.

It's good to leave.

Lin Sheng carefully calculates the changes in the room.

There is nothing different about the whole room and the reality, and it is completely unchanged.


Lin Sheng looked at himself.

Just ordinary white leisure. This was the adjustment that began after his Rock Dragon Bloodline had increased significantly after more than 20 per cent.

Those ordinary metal armour have helped him very little. On the other hand, it's getting more and more. Sophistication is directly stripped.

The physical condition was checked and no problems were identified.

He just slowed down to the door, pulled the door and went outside.

Outside is the third floor of the villa, with red carpets on the ground, with ancient broken marks on the wall.

Suddenly, the voices of the request were transmitted from the left hand.

Lin Sheng looked around.

On the left side of the corridor, a black red body wrapped with hard crusts, skinny people, was crawling around his body and crawling fast.

This body has a lot of worm legs on both sides of the body, and these thighs are enough to help him fly fast to move towards Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng stretches his finger, a path of green wire flies out, and precisely stabbed this crawling freak.

Dang Dang Dang!

A series of densely packed collisions spread, and Demonic Ability had failed to return. It was rounded up by shells.

Lin Sheng was thinking about it all the time.

All the silk lines came together and turned into one of the heaviest ones, and suddenly fell down into a weirdo.

Oh, yeah.

This time, Demonic Ability had a lot of power, and, although it had not ruined the monster, the great power still hit him on the side and hit the wall.

The monster struggled out of the walls, and he continued to climb towards Lin Sheng.

“The skin is thick…"Lin Sheng Sophisticated retrieval of the wire, lifted up your hand and masked a little white Saint Force.

Then go ahead.


Saint Force took off and turned out into a half-round blade, a weirdo near.


In one light sound, the blade crosses the ground and disappears.

That freak's dead, and it's not moving anymore. Turn over the ground.

He's got countless thorns of densely packed, and his chest is like he was cracked with a knife, up and down, and there's only one big flesh crack.

It's a high-density Saint Force that can do it, and it needs a lot of Saint Force. formidable power is large, but sex is less expensive.

Lin Sheng waited a while, and no black line was found, walking down the corridor and going down to the stairs.

The spiral stairs have been stretching down, and it doesn't seem to know how many layers.

There are only 3-Layer villas in clear reality, but there are more than 10 layers of view here.

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