314. Chapter 314 Candle 2

Chapter 314 Candle 2

Follow the stairs, Lin Sheng keeps going down, slowly.

The slightest footsteps continue to flourish in the empty spiral stairs, the more appealing silence.

Soon, two floors down.

Lin Sheng suddenly stayed on foot.

He looked up and looked up.

On the floor he just got down, the stairs, standing in silence with a vague black silhouette.

silhouette watched him quietly, no sound, no breath.


All of a sudden, the whole staircase goes down at the same time.


After a scream, it looks like there's something out of the door.

And then it's a lot of intensive footsteps and crawling, densely packed, deaf ear.

Lin Sheng's heart is sinking, standing on the ground, jumping on the horizon and keeping an eye on the source of voice.

Soon, he saw what the source of the sound was.

Upstairs at the stairs, and there's a lot of black crusts like that.

Thousands of strange faces are down, crazingly crawling from the top two speeds, moving towards Lin Sheng's location close.

Lin Sheng, look at it. It's just a vision, not a hundred.

He quickly backed back a few steps and stood by the wall.


Demonic Ability Crystal densely packed in a half-empty air, repeated and invisible.

Not waiting for him to be more prepared. On the side of this building, the staircase goes in and out of the stairs, and a wave of weird waves comes out.

Hundreds of strange people are crowded, like black tide, and crashed into Lin Sheng.

Bang bang bang bang!

Intensive impact continues to blow.

As if Lin Sheng was drowned in a strange tide, he was standing on the edge of a little circle space that demonic Ability crystalled, standing on the ground and releasing a large number of Demonic Ability lines on a continuous basis.

Now he's the biggest control of Demonic Ability line, between 300 and 400. Depending on the number of fluctuations.

But once again, when the demonic Ability wire was released, Lin Sheng knew that these guys were as tough as the weirdo that just met.

The defense of these weirdest people has apparently reached a superb level, and even the Demonic Ability line at one Wing level has not been able to cross its shell.

Lin Sheng's top demonic Ability crystal, and defensive pressure is increasing.

These weirdest shocks, every time they hit, will take at least 40 to 50 degrees of Demonic Ability to reach the top.

Lin Sheng swept, all around the same time there were at least seven monsters who could hit together.

His Demonic Ability is flying faster than 300 seconds. More than 20,000 Demonic Ability, no more, is expected to be consumed soon.

Lin Sheng took a deep breath, and the tongue slowed up red light.


He opens his mouth, and a large number of dark red flame raids flowing out of his throat.

This flame is sweeping out, spreading quickly around a lot of freaks.

The hot torch of dragons will burn at least 30 monsters around them and turn them into torches.

These flammable freaks are all sore, and they're burning more weirdo soon.

In a gradual, less than ten seconds, Lin Sheng was at the centre, and the weirdo around a circle was all flashed.

A monster is constantly turned into white ashes, but more weirdo are like endless ordinary, flying to fill the vacancy and continuing to move towards Lin Sheng.

darred's flame dragon is quickly crowded by more freaks and quickly extinguished.

They look like they have something small to offset the flame, so that the dragon flame is completely incapable of playing the advantage of burning.

Lin Sheng shows vigilance in his eyes.

Demonic Ability, Saint Force, Rock Dragon Bloodline, is his three powers.

Demonic Ability was best placed to kill and damage damage, and Saint Force was less powerful when concentrations were low. Only high concentrations of density can produce powerful power.

Rock Dragon Bloodline is not yet familiar, but passive increases in physical strength and quality in all its aspects.

In the face of this situation, Demonic Ability was unskilled, and he had only one after another option.


Lin Sheng picked up the dragon, swept up his eyes, and the source was constantly running out of his mind, and continued to rush towards him.

“As such, that would be the simplest way.”

His hands press the chest, he sings down his mouth.

“The dawn refits!”


A holy and white light fell from his head, just as the sun came from the source of void.

In this white shower, Lin Sheng has gradually found a thick piece of armor filled with white manoeuvres.

a The path of white armor, like leaf, flown halfway by him, quickly formed into a heavy-pack, tight on him.

That's what he got before the innate talent magic, the dawn reconfiguration.

It is also one of the basic mythology that Paladin in the Temple must have. It is also the strong position of Paladin in the crossroads of the war.

Oh, yeah.

Lin Sheng has stepped a step forward, and his arms have risen up like a knife.

hua la.

The seven strangers before them were cut into two interceptions simultaneously.

Lin Sheng is rushing forward in the face of a strange gap.


One screamed, and he hit four weirdo people, and took his hands as a knife, and cut off all the strangers before him.

all around densely packed, countless strangers continue to flow.

Lin Sheng, no matter what other direction, is just boring his head forward.

He stepped down the spiral stairs, and he ran into 3-Layer. The murder of the freak body densely packed paved the way.

But only the bodies, no spiritual black lines.

Lin Sheng continues to wave his arms.

He absorbed a lot of memories, both knife and sword, and it doesn't matter.

As long as there is a sharp spot, he can use it as a weapon and naturally give rise to the most appropriate techniques for weapons.

A monster was constantly cut off by him, and black red blood was gradually bleeding his feet into darkness.

These weirds are equivalent to at least two wings, Demonic Ability Users. And it's all amplification Demonic Ability Users in the direction of violent force.

Because it is not clear how many heads are, Lin Sheng chose the most energy-efficient and physical way Slaughter.

He calmed his sword and gradually changed his arm to murder.

At first, he didn't know where those weirdo were, but after Slaughter was too many, he was gradually finding out how to summarize these strange weaknesses.

They are different from the general population, and even if their heads are cut off, they can continue to fight. In fact, these weirdo really want to hurt, in the chest, in the stomach.


Lin Sheng crossed the knife and split the three weirdo chests before him. Then grab a weirdo and smash him up.

Bomb up a giant impact.

Under the strong forces of Rock Dragon Bloodline, the artillery artillery that was thrown out of the bullet was blown into the front of the monster and hit a piece of it.

And the bones of the broken and smashed, and the flesh of the beach.

Lin Sheng walked a few steps forward and went down again.

This and the previous layers seem to be different.

On the side of the stairs, the entrance and exit points, concealed with fresh yellow light. Looks like candles or something like dizzy.

Lin Sheng stepped in and left a lot of weird people behind.

He counterarm the knife, in the body's vein, exploded and blasted.


More than a dozen strangers are still split into two in half an hour.

Large horizontal overcrowding of these weird blood crusts, firing at the back, like bombs.

Hey, Chi!

a dozen weirdests of densely packed were smashed by blood fragments and landed on the ground.

It was empty at the time of the show.

Lin Sheng walked in the corridor, moved towards the light.

That's a room.

There's only one after another room open to the entire corridor.

In it freshness and candles shake with wind, constantly shake and release clear light in the darkness.

(This chapter is over)

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