315. Chapter 315 Candles 3

Chapter 315 Candles 3

Lin Sheng walked into the room slowly and closed the door before a large number of strangers came in again.


The doors are locked. It all sounds like it was segregated, all locked outside.

The empty room, the candle table, is sitting on a white blonde.

Your wife's eyes are bright and quiet, hands on his legs, back straight, face Lin Sheng walking into the door.

Suddenly, she lifted her hand and lightly pulled the necklace of the purple dress in front of her chest and pulled it down.


The whole woman is divided into two, instantly split, and a lot of grey smoke comes out of the flesh.

The grey smoke is spinning, hanging, turning into a giant sheep monster on several meters diameters, pointing towards Lin Sheng.

The brake, Saint Light, turned the whole room into the day.

Lin Sheng's right arm has risen, and his heart has turned out to be extremely bright, and he's looking at the smoke monster.

Smoke sheep's head is shaking, surrounded by pornographic tattoos, and seems to be fighting out with Saint Light's madness.


Lin Sheng, the other hand is on the line.

The hand knife after Demonic Ability amplification exploded, instantly splitting the sheep into two.

And then Saint Light came in, blinking and purifying it.

The grey smoke was dispersed, and the noble woman on the seat was drying up quickly, as if all the flesh was dispersed, blinking into dry bodies and falling on the ground.

Lin Sheng, look calm, go to the candles on the table.

Yo, Chi!

The brakes, all the shadows behind him, hit countless rough black triggers.

Hundreds of triggers need to be quick, and Lin Sheng's arm's thighs will be haunted in the instant.


Lin Sheng's face is bleak, golden Dragon, and the double golden glow is shining.


All the triggers have to be broken by his tremendous hardware Rock Dragon Bloodline.

The darkness of the darkness sends forth a grievous cry.

Lin Sheng is not moving, walking to the table, stretching his hand to the candle.

The candles are dizzy, and a serious blurred and familiar illusion emerges and disappears.

Fresh yellow candles explode with a tremendous force of exclusion and appear to resist Lin Sheng's capture.

“It's meaningless.”

Lin Sheng took his hand.


All the fantasies, under a massive Saint Force shock, exploded instantly.

His hand was steadily caught at the bottom of the dark golden candle, and took it.

He's no longer the weak one ever. The Tenth Level Saint Force, put in any place, can count as a small man, let alone Rock Dragon Bloodline and strong Demonic Ability.

Just when Lin Sheng touched a brake at the candle desk, the darkness around it was like a bitter scream.

Thousands of threats and dangerous tides are generally retreating, and everything is returned to calm.

He picked up the candle desk and hit it carefully.

This is a very common candle, dark golden doesn't know what the material is. The outer shape is like three root roots surrounded by each other, and the spiral goes up and puts candles on.

white is full of candles that are so wide as egg diameters, flaming fresh yellow flames.

Lin Sheng looked at the candle for a while, suddenly stretched his fingers out into the flame.

“No temperature.”

He reappeared his fingers.

After a while of study, this candle seems to be nothing special. It's the flame of ordinary candles.

He turned on the candle desk, turned around in the room, and there was no other discovery.

That's when a slight second needle voice slowed into his ear.

“Wake up…”Lin Sheng lifted the candle, returned to the table and removed the body of the precious woman who fell on the chair. Then find another chair. Sit down.

You know, you know, you know, you know, uh… you know, you know, you know…

The second needle sounds slowly, and it's getting louder.

His vision began to slow down, and his body was getting some kind of depression.

pā tà.

Something fell on the ground.

Lin Sheng, open your eyes straight from the couch.

Television is also open, inside it is advertising electric boilers. A red dress blonde is taking a pot of electricity, showing a smile.

Just like buying that pot to bring her home together.

The doors of the room are also tightly closed, and there are no signs that have been opened.

Pull the curtains out of the window and slice into the white light.

“It's dawn…”Lin Sheng looked down and fell on the floor on the remote control board.

The outside corridor concealed the voices of the crew talking and seemed to be talking about customs skills in the video game.

Lin Sheng came up, washed up, changed clothes.

Last night's dream had nothing to gain, except for an unknown candle. He was planning to study it carefully, and the dream was over.

“But I'm no longer in trouble than the first wolf to run away, and now the general dream is dangerous."

He smelled the feeling and the body of the three forces used in his dreams.

This has been the first time since his strength has risen, and he has done everything in his power to fight.

Those monsters, each of them, are tantamount to two wings, and he killed at least hundreds of wings last night. And all the amplification wings of the violent force system.

peng peng peng, peng peng peng peng!

Suddenly, the door was knocked out quickly.

“Captain! Wake up, Captain! ”

outside Melissa screams loudly.

Lin Sheng swiftly opened the door, saw Melissa and Bella, and there was a male crew, three of whom stood together and looked at sweaty and seemed to be some kind of anxiety.

“Captain, please! There are other school teams coming! It's a mission! ”Melissa, speak quickly.

“Other schools?”Lin Sheng, this is Benne University, near the campus. There are other school teams in this way.

“Go and see.”

A few people simply packed up, took a few team members in the villa, and left the door quickly. Under the direction of a team member, he will soon come to the front of the Defence Service.

It is true that a black jeep is at the gate of the Defense Service, with a field license, and there are two short-scale girls in it.

As soon as they come, they quickly walk out of the firm, one tall short, one man and one woman, right up to move towards Lin Sheng.

The two men were dressed in fantastic clothes that made it easier to operate, just in their chests and in the emblem of the University of Zia.

“University of Zia?”Melissa's eyebrows, "It's at least 100 kilometers from this side. How did you get here? ”

“Not just them.”Bella looked towards the right side.

There is a parking of a different type of vehicle, all of which are consistent field plates.

“I haven't seen these cars before.”Bella, whisper. "It must have been the word of the dead secret. "

“Captain, what do we do now?”Melissa said, "Lin Sheng."

Lin Sheng's peace scanned two of them.

“Leave them alone for a while. You want to die the secret, that's their business. All we have to do is complete the assignment. Leave the rest alone. ”

“Do you want to tell the school?"Melissa's not sure.

“No need. They're coming by the bright light. They should've known. ”Lin Sheng, look cool.

“And, in the case of Miss PurLevel, these people dare come, do you really think they're going to be ordinary students?”

The remaining three people have heard Lin Sheng.

“So what do we do?”Melissa's got some excitement.

“Leave everything alone. Looks like God's secret is coming out. ”Lin Sheng will do whatever he wants.

He doesn't care what God's secret is, so long as he doesn't affect the distribution, he cares what he does.

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