316. Chapter 316

Chapter 316

There's no way these outsiders are going to be studying.

Lin Sheng walked into the defense and pushed the black metal door.

Within the door-to-door office, a few students are assembled in front of the Dean table, asking what the crowd is forced to do, and the tongue is very unhappy.

One of the golden short cousins, wearing a half-brown shield, with no gun gloves on his back, with a metal long bow on his back.

He looks crazy and keeps interrupting the words of Dean, a member of the Town Defense Service, and his fingers knock at the table.

Lin Sheng came into the door and attracted the attention of these people at the end of the day.

The Queb man turned his head over and looked at the top Lin Sheng face.

“Boy's student patrol? There's nothing wrong with you here. The job in this town is taken over by our Royal Fly College. You're all right. ”

He's cold, and he seems to be very upset.

“Royal Fly College?”Melissa's heart sinked, and if it was said to be with Ruling Crown School's other universities, they'd argue about one or two.

But the other one is the Royal College…That does not belong to Ruling Crown School, but to military universities directly hosted by the Government.

All those who have been nurtured are the elite who will enter the military in the future.

Most importantly, these non-Ruling Crown Schools are very harsh and harsh. So there is a wide gap between the two sides in the actual battle force.

Melissa's heart doesn't care about each other's voice, and that's right.

She's just a microbiased look towards Captain Lin Sheng.

It is now up to the captain to decide.

Lin Sheng had a slight smile on it.

“I am sorry that this is our patrol area in Benjamin, and that, during our mandate, you must declare it to me in advance, regardless of any appearance."


The blonde man laughed at Lin Sheng Dongton.

“Do you hear me? What was he talking about? Declare it to him? "To this little boy with no hair…”


A green light suddenly flashes. The precision was drawn from the face of a man, with a fibre trace of his cheeks.

The sound is still over.

The blonde man pointed to Lin Sheng, and the move had not been put down, and the sound was just like being suspended.

He touched the blood on his face, he looked at the blood on his finger, and there seemed to be something else that didn't believe what just happened.

“I'm sorry.”Lin Sheng's smile on his face is getting more depressed. "Here, there's no need for the weak. ”


A large densely packed Demonic Ability line suddenly flies out of his side, like a sea volume of green hair, and tide flows to the Royal College in his office.

Several also reacted, as crazy as they inspired their own Demonic Ability potential, but the new green Demonic Ability line belonging to them had just risen and had been torn apart and torn.

Yo, Chi!

A moment later.

The whole office is quiet.

The students at the three Royal College just kneeled, white, tear nose and snow, and they couldn't get down.

This is Demonic Ability's over-expenditure.

“Shall we continue?”Lin Sheng's smiling courtesy. Thousands of wire flights quickly recovered and integrated into the air next to him.

Nobody answered.

Melissa stood in the rear and saw Lin Sheng's release of the sea level Demonic Ability line, like the tide, suddenly collapsed the Demonic Ability defence system of several people in front of it.

While only using the baselines to manipulate the wire, that demonic Ability felt indifferent, even if they were not targeted, they felt shocked.

Lin Sheng's Demonic Ability, too much!

New students like them, even lower graders, are not used in Demonic Ability province. Life is afraid of using light and becoming a common human level.

After all, hundreds of values, too, are too small.

But at a time like Lin Sheng, hundreds of wires have been erupted, and this is a big trick, as if it were to hit people with money. It's exaggerating.

It's already a high-ranking Demonic Ability Users.


Lin Sheng's voice is coming.

“Well…Yes! ”Melissa, hurry up.

“To put a message to inform everyone here. Here, it's Benne University's patrol area. Anyone who dares to act here to influence the lives of the people of town.

Our patrol will intervene and punish. "Lin Sheng calmly said.

“This…?”Melissa and Bella are a little stuck, aren't they positive provocations to all foreigners?

“Problems?”Lin Sheng looked back at them.

“Captain…Are you…? ”Melissa wanted to talk, but he said nothing.

“No, then go.”Lin Sheng indifferently said.

The two are helpless. They can only turn around and find printers.

Lin Sheng smiled at Dean of dumbstruck and turned out to be out of the office.

Since it was the top genius, it was occasionally necessary to show the special features of the top genius.

More than 700 Demonic Ability values he showed can be compared to some senior wings Demonic Ability Users. Not to mention that he has a stronger Saint Force and Rock Dragon Bloodline.

Double wings, that doesn't sound good.

However, the extent of the exaggeration is already extremely high among these students, which are more than one or two hundred values.

Of course, stronger people naturally have school mentors. No matter what they do.

This is the core area of Benne University, which, in fact, is unlikely to compete even if there are high-value people.

And then, Bern has a university with ranker strong.

Of course, Lin Sheng doesn't care if there are really high values for Demonic Ability Users.

Get out of the defense, he sweep the street.

A car still stops by the road, but there's a lot of strangers in the car.

They are watching this side with vigilance. Seems to be very nervous about everything around.

Soon, Melissa will also print a good announcement. It's right next to the wall at the Defense Service.

“Good.”Lin Sheng shot. A circle of Demonic Ability's slight turbulence.

The fragmented Demonic Ability has been refined into graves, flying out towards all around the air.

It soon attracted the attention of all Demonic Ability Users around.

“I'm Lin Sheng of Benne University. And the captain of the patrol team in this area, whatever purpose you're here.

I hope you do not unduly harass the inhabitants and affect their quiet lives.

Of course, you may not listen to my advice. Just as soon as something happens, responsibility is on its own. ”

Lin Sheng has been very gentle in declaring his own request once again.

His voice is not great, but everyone close can hear it clearly.

No one speaks.

It's just a few obviously powerful learners out of the ordinary, far away from moving towards Lin Sheng, showing up the cold smile on his face.

After the announcement, Lin Sheng, with two Melissa, patrolled the town a little bit, and found no trouble, which was to relax.

After lunch, Lin Sheng asked Melissa to wait for lunch, and he called the school general commander.

There is no demand for them to be guarded, just to keep them as steady as possible. If you can, do your best to stop people from approaching the mine hole.

(This chapter is over)

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