317. Chapter 317

Chapter 317

Lin Sheng understands what that means.

It was the lack of school power, the inability to face up, the radiation control of all situations, and the patrols had to do their best.

Lin Sheng understands this arrangement.

The same is true of his request, as long as these foreigners do not affect their completion of their assigned tasks, the rest of which is irrelevant.

With this idea, Lin Sheng patrols twice a day, sooner or later.

There is really no change in the case of an alien who is a little harvested.

Time slowed down.

Two days later.

Benne University School Service.

Oh, my God.

Professor Voban Tiira's fingers continue, rhythms knock on the chair and scream.

He brows slightly wrinkle, staring at the vice-president of tea across the street, Suna.

Like him, there are three other professors and mentors.

They had their own research in small areas. But the vice-president, Suna, suddenly made them gather here in 20 minutes.

Within the school service, the atmosphere is slightly depressed.

“So, sniper, our power, hasn't found the root yet?"Crystal Cane's owner, a man with a stick, an old man with a black hat, with low questions.

“Even if no one else sees it, our strength has fallen by one third? Deputy Suna, are you sure this isn't a joke? ”

Voban Tiira is equally invisible.

Schools' industries and their very high core have a lot of connections.

While Benne University is just a mid-swim Ruling Crown School, there are also a number of industries. The daily output of the major factories is an alarming figure. Once the industry is repressed, it will inevitably lead to excess output. Revenue fell.

“I didn't mean to be kidding.”Suna's cold, she's not in the same mood.

“Recent regional unrest with respect to cult has been increasing in our universities for certain reasons.

There is also an increasing number of mentors sent to suppress patrols. Some of us themselves are understaffed. This scandal has now erupted suddenly. ”

Her hands crossed, her fingers slight, her eyes cold and her grave.

“The Bartolia mentor studied the case of banned drugs, which had a very negative impact on the reputation of schools. The National Assembly of Miga has adopted a bill of cuts in the funding of our research. ”

No one in the school service has spoken.

Although Batoa is only a mentor in school, no one outside the world knows whether this research is private or whether it is a school award. It is necessary to have this bill.

“What did the principal say?”Silent Volcano's factory owner has a low level of questioning.

“The teacher has contacted several members of Parliament Moon Pool. Such a situation is now the result of a number of relations that have struggled to suppress. ”Suna indifferently said.

The room is silent again.

“So what are we going to do? What's the point? ”Silent Volcano, owner coldly said.

“Meaning?”Suna smiled so lightly, “That's why people come over, naturally, because we still have the last chance to retreat.”

“Last turn?”

A couple of people had a hidden exchange of eyes, looking towards Suna, waiting for the latter text.

Nor did Suna allow you to wait long, and it was very simple to say the trouble.

“Think everyone knows about the death of 7 Locks Tower?”

Her eyes were scanning, and soon she discovered that there was a natural and depressed face on the table.

“As you think. The Government has confirmed the mobilization of university elites and will form the Joint Law Enforcement Department, which will act in a unified manner with regard to the seven Locks Tower.

All schools had the stroke to do, but unfortunately we, Bern…Just hit the knife. ”

“How many people do you need to draw on it?”Voban Tiira has a feeling.

“Our school target is fifteen. The minimum requirement is four Wings, of which five Wings are at least eight. ”Suna quickly answered.

The room is once again trapped in the general silence of death.

Long time.

Silent Volcano's owner only opened his mouth.

“So, how much do we have to stay at the top of our school? The rest must join the Ministry of Law? ”

“That's it.”Suna, slow down the head. “Moreover, this time all Miga ranker cannot be left outside, the teacher has officially gone, and perhaps now has arrived in the capital. ”

Even the principal is out of hand.

There's nothing right down here.

“The requested date cannot exceed February at the latest. Let's get ready. It is dangerous, and it is also an opportunity. ”Suna left the last sentence and left slowly.

Voban Tiira has slowed down his hand.

He was well aware of the consequences of such a country, summon.

And 7 Locks Tower's war will never be small, and death and injury are even more inevitable. The last rally was brought together, with the remaining elite in universities.

Mortality is too high.

Maybe this time will be a little better, and, after all, it will be better prepared.

But 7 Locks Tower is not ready for success?



Miga, Northern Charlene, Moon Rivers.

And the rushing rivers rush towards the distant.

The sun is round, spreading soft and red light.

on the White River, a bunch of white pigeons flowing wings and eating bird particles on the ground.

At night, there were a number of tourists on the river who came to walk and eat. A couple of kids pulled the kite around and laughed out of the way.

pā tà.

A blue flame lit up, flaming white cigarettes. On the side of the smoke, a circle of golden alphabet prints appears to be worth nothing.

Smoke men are tall, black clothing, grey white hair is tall, like scratch and hard exaggeration.

His skin is white, even some pathetic white. With gold rings on the ear, on the one hand with gold.

Men look forward to sunset and smoke deeply. The wind blows his clothing right to the left.

“Dignity. Miga's law enforcement department has been reconstructed, and our personnel have arrived. ”

A silver short woman in white coat pants, standing behind a man and humbling.

The woman's face is cold, as if nothing happens, she can't change her face.

“Mitsubishi. Don't always be so cold. You should laugh. "

Men take off cigarettes, smoke is like a wire that flies around him. Touch him with a pale, handsome face, a monstrous sense of beauty.

“Now, the large seal points are vacant and ranker is brought together to the Ministry of Law, and I suggest that the watershed plan be formally implemented."Silver hair is cold back.

“Don't be too serious."Man said with a slight smile. “Just a game, just a game. ”

“It's a game for you, but for us, it's fate.”Girls are serious.


Men drank a cigarette and hit the head with their hands.

The remaining cigarettes are extinguished in the middle of the sky, dissolved into black ashes.

“Destiny, in fact, is a game.”He's serious, “Too serious, it's gonna die.”

He turned back, stretched his hand and touched her hair.

“You're dead and I'll be sad.”

“I'm honored. But theoretically, as long as I'm with you, no one in the world can kill me. ”Silver blonde is cold.

Men laughed like cats touching their hair.

“You should enjoy this age. A thousand years ago, I named that powerful man, the era of the Wind Wind International, the age of gold.

And now, the first generations have been strong. They come together again, face me, face 7 Locks Tower.

Good will, good accumulation. Destiny makes us meet again here. This will be a new era! ”

Men said with a slight smile.

“In comparison with gold, today they may not be as bright as their fathers. But it's equally exciting. ”

He's got some drunken took a deep breath, as if he was sniffing some kind of drunken smell.

“What do you want to say?”Mitsubishi Circle.

Men again show smile.

“You don't think…Are you looking forward to it? Look at their will and hope and shine in front of me. "

He opened his arms, as if he wanted to hug something.

“So I'm going to be this age. It's called Silver! And give them all that they may please me in their struggle. "

“Silver…”The silver women behind them look low and look at men who face the sunset.

(This chapter is over)

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