318. Chapter 318

Chapter 318

Heaven tower.

Up into the cloudwhite tower building.

Thousands of silhouette in white robes run fast in them.

A white high-ranking man, like, eyes up silver light, takes a step forward.

The sky is slowly never there, and a hidden white shuttle floats. There are several dozen dozen meters, and there are hundreds of metres of large individuals.

On both sides of the tower, a path from which green light is transmitted, a team of strong Demonic Ability, who has strong breath, continues to walk out of the transmission area and moved towards the centre of the scratch.

The snow has slowed down, but it has just fallen to the central region, and it has gone away independently.


A pure white hawk flies from the sky, pencils straight through a big snow ladder, up and up.

Eagles overflew a serious temple in Mugu and flew a snowfield that was convergent.

Eventually flew into the center of the tidal, in a pure broad temple.

There are seven ice thrones in the lobby, divided into two rows.

Eagle pencils fell straight to the throne at the top of the right place, standing on the shoulder of an old man who must be white and starving.

“Now rank."Old man's low said coldy.


The eagle's chest suddenly shines green, flowing out of a diamond green crystal.


Far away, a long, heavy bell, a long way away.

The seat on the left is up and down.

The first position, a tall redhead woman.

“Red Angel, Nero, rank."

Women have a thick white bear shoulder on their shoulders, with long legs uprooted, and there are still halfway white light spots in their surroundings, as if it were ice crystals.

A second position, a silhouette with a black armor, with a heavy sword and a quiet seat.

“Night Angel, Cansha, rank."

silhouette silhouette silhouette sometimes distorts flash, as if not entity.

A third position, a man and a woman, a black hairdresser, a gray robe, a smile in the face.

“Fantastic Angel, Bethel Carrilena. Stand by. "

On the right, fourth position, a man with a box glass, a black pistol, sit down.

“Academic Angel. Stand by. "

Fifthly, a blurred virtual silhouette, wearing silver silhouette, with a glass of wine in his hand, floating around.

“Moon Angel, sunlight, gentlemen, long time no see."

Sixthly, a green giant lizard phantom passed away, and Green Demonic Ability quickly turned into a blue red eye boy.

“Ophanim, Nan, rank."

Loung Loung sounded up.

great hall has slowed down the heavy doors of ice.


The heavy stone door, up to 10 metres, was finally tied up, and there was no sewage.

A blue light wave tattoo went from there, followed great hall speed radiation, and one after another of the powerful people on each seat was shot and disappeared.

“Now, apparently Angel Hidden Angel has arrived. So this routine, formal start. "Oldman said solemnly.

“This time, the mystery was used, and even Angel was brought together. Don't tell me. It's just a routine meeting? "Virtual silhouette in Silhouette in Silhouette's silver suit, Angel's dawn.

“Nan, have you heard you're having a hard time in Xilun? Are you seriously injured? ”He took the pleasure in other people's misfortune, staring at Ophanim Nan at the final seat.

The southeast leather, the heart burns, but it's tough to see Angel on the moon.

“Just a little wound, I don't care."

“Oh, little hurt?”Angel's neck is slowly growing and growing, as snakes tend to fly slowly to the south, and the vague face is hidden with the devil red light.

“Do you need me to get you some medication? If it were Lord Ophanim, I would certainly take the best discount. "

The south side doesn't change. Why don't you just close your eyes? When you think about that guy named King of Night, he's got a bigger heart.

“Now, the specific response of 7 Locks Tower is negotiated.”The old man on the mainland sends a serious voice.



Miga, near Benne University.

Milin depth.

The chimpanzee's dizziness spreads up from Lin Sheng's hand, but soon red light spreads, and everything returns to calm.

He slowed down a demonic Spirits jewellery, which just ended with purification, with a quiet clothing.

“Not enough to induce at least ten heads to upgrade the bloodline once again."

So far, his control of his own bloodline has been quite refined. How much souls are needed to translate into Rock Dragon Bloodline. He has counts in his heart.

Lower heads looked at the residual stains of the ceremony plastic paper on the ground.

Lin Sheng opened his mouth and flew out a little bit of Mars in his mouth, landed on plastic paper, and burned it in a minute.


the dark red dragon flame took less than two seconds to burn the plastic paper of the whole two-metre diameter. There are only a few black residues left on the site.

When the traces are burned, Lin Sheng is returning to the villa for rest.

Suddenly, it was far away from covenant to speak.

“There's a light over there. I see it. Come on!”

A little hasty footsteps are approaching.

Soon, a few silhouette with a hand power coming from the woods deep.

These people look younger, up to twenty, wearing black night defense jackets, and if they're not light in their hands, they can't be seen at all.

In the forefront, Hezbollah is a brave man with a scar of densely packed knives on his head. It looks scary.

In the latter few, there is a very familiar person with Lin Sheng.

“It's you!”The head of the blonde team at the Royal College in the day pointed to Lin Sheng's creepy step back.

Obviously Lin Sheng was scared.

“It's too late to swim in the forest, but it's dangerous.”Lin Sheng faced a few people showing a gentle smile.

Several people looked at Lin Sheng and looked around the earth at the blood left behind. That's the trace that dragged the body away at ceremony.

the plastic paper of the ceremony formula was burned and did not mean that the blood was burned.

“Go back. Just when we never met. ”Lin Sheng smiled.

The blonde man looked at Lin Sheng's smile and didn't know how to feel creepy. I can't stop freaking back.

“Scared of a hair! Specially with a jammer, isn't it just to get out of here? As long as you get information on the secret of God, you can change a black feather. "

The other man said coldy, step forward.

The blonde man has no ears, and he's full of Lin Sheng's skull, and he spreads Demonic Ability in the day. Steps keep going backwards.

“Go on…I…I'll go first… ”He's a little scared.

“hehe…Bowling, you want to get away? ”A fat woman in the last, stepping back.

“So, you students are in trouble. It's just a little son of a bitch who's dead and keeps walking. "

Get…Kill him?

Quiet around for a while.

Bolinn's head jumped, and he knew it was bad, and he looked up to Lin Sheng.

Under the moon, Lin Sheng's cheek is in the shadow, and while the covenant can see smile, that smile and the feeling that it was before is completely two.

“There are so many missing people who die on a daily basis, and there is no need to kill one.”A man pulled short blade out, brushed a knife in the dark, said with a sneer.

He's got a demonic Ability green light next to him, walking in a big step towards Lin Sheng.

(This chapter is over)

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