319. Chapter 319 Return 1

Chapter 319 Return 1

Night's tree branches are shaking up.

Night wind blows, conceals the screams of a faraway bug owl.

In the dark woods, Lin Sheng opposite, the man's short blade has been constantly moving forward, shining fresh green light, apparently reinforced by amplification.

“A man wandering in the woods so late, kid, it's bold."the man hey laugh, the closer.

Whatever the power Lin Sheng is, he can't leave the student category.

As long as they are students, they will never be their opponent.

What he's going to do is put Lin Sheng in his throat and don't fly out.

Kill people, that's it. As long as harm is reduced, a life will be fragile and flown into the air.

“So…Go to hell! A knife! ”This approaching man, drinks hard and walks forward.

Oh, in the sound of the tsunami.

A silver white burned the blade of the green flame, suddenly pulled out a series of Remnant Shadow, instantaneously cutting towards Lin Sheng's neck.

Knife marks are approaching, closer and faster. Green lights are mixed with silver white light, showing some white faces in Lin Sheng.

One Wing wing wing wing wing level, actually has a lot of secrets that can be used, and the amplification role can be played differently.

Good secrets can make perfect demonic Ability more effective for the quality of human beings. amplification speed, power, recovery, spirituality. Even the soul.

So Demonic Ability played more roles than people thought.

General secrets, like Demonic Ability levels, also have a delicate division.

But in general, there are three types:gold, silver, bronze.

And now this man's residual knife is the real copper mystery.

Although it's just a minimal mystery, it's not simple as long as it can be called mystery.

The worse mystery can also play a very powerful amplification power. Two or even more formidable power exploded into one Demonic Ability.

That kind of formidable power, if it was used in ordinary students, would certainly be nothing.

Even in the case of elite learners, it would be easy to avoid them. After all, the vast majority of participants were not well equipped with the basic characteristics of Demonic Ability, let alone the use of secrets.

the man's idea is right, but unfortunately.


A green crystal, automatically floating, is precisely in front of a blade, that is, Lin Sheng.

The green crystal continues to shine green light, with only nails size, but death stops short blade straight thrust, at least half metre long.

demonic Ability, short blade, is constantly spreading SISI. It seems to be spreading its full strength, trying to break the blockade and stab Lin Sheng's neck in front of it.

But no matter how hard it struggles, there is no way to cross the crystal ahead. The crystal is like a city wall that can't be imagined, with no hope of being destroyed.

“Too weak…"

Lin Sheng raised his head, and his eyeballs slowed apart and became freshgolden.

“It is good that I lack a few last sacrifices to supplement. I'll count you all. ”

He took the first step. Physical stopped is blurred, hand-held moved towards each other lightly printed.


A little bit of blood goes away.

With short blade, that man's chest was hit by a thunderbolt, bending down like a shrimp, and spreading a large amount of blood down his mouth.

Not just him, the rest of them, but not at the same time, and the chest was hit with intangible gravity.

Just a short moment.

A bunch of people are shaking, and the light of Demonic Ability is getting up fast, defending all around, but it's too late.

An attack that was faster than they could have reacted, struck the entire team in half a second.

In the woods, on the grasslands, Lin Sheng's body has slowed down and returned to normal.


In front of him, a man standing in front of him was a man who had just taken short blade's intention to do something to him.


A man spreads a big piece of blood and shrinks on the ground.

Demonic Ability on his body continues to flourish, but nothing can be done. Nothing to save.

Soon, the second man walked down on his knees, and Huh was a fat woman who just stopped the blonde man from leaving.

The woman's nose is bleeding, her eyes are full of blood, and the eyes are likely to explode at any time.

And then the third one, the fourth one. Five…

Lin Sheng, slow down.

“Whatever you have, Demonic Ability. Whether you're essentially divided, you're extremely Demonic Ability Users. That's meaningless. ”

He pulls his fingers up and goes a little bit forward.


Five demonic Ability wires were fired, precisely through five shoulder shoulders. Tie up five people like a real rope.

The agony of intense sorrow has swept into the hearts of several people, but they have lost their power to yell.

Just a brake's superreactive fast attack, and even their own nerves can't react. I've been seriously injured.

“Although I only have wings, my speed is twice as high as yours."Lin Sheng stepped forward to the man at the Fly Gold School in the day.


He's low, his eyes and men panicked against helpless eyes.


Men's wounds are involved, another bleeding spray, and the physical side is on the ground, and it is completely impossible to speak. Just drastic breath.

“Oh, forget you can't talk anymore.”

Lin Sheng said with a smile, looking at men who don't know when to swallow their throats.

“Although I only have a win-win Demonic Ability, but…"He fell down and looked at men's eyes. "My wings, equivalent to your four Wings, even five Wings. "

Men are struggling, like a dying worm. He worked hard to spit and make meaningless noises. If you want to talk, there's even some confusion.

“hehe, joke.”Lin Sheng up straight.

“Many people like to say a bunch of crap before killing people, and I'm different, and I like to kill people first, and then talk nonsense.

It is true that bullshit can regulate itself, make emotions more comfortable, eliminate stigmatization and reach a sense of physical and mental happiness. "

On the other hand, he said that it slowed down on the other side, with fresh green Demonic Ability Crystal Warrior.

Crystal Warrior's body moves, grabs a living body, uproots it, leaves blood out of the throat wounds, starts to be ink and paints ceremony on the ground.

“Well, the total number of former Demonic Spirits is a little smaller, and this time a little bit more bait, a big one."

Lin Sheng controls Crystal Warrior's constant ceremony tattoos.

Five demonic Ability Users, not completely dead. Believe in this sacrifice, he'll recruit a strong Demonic Spirits personality.

Soon, the ceremony chart is ready.

A dungeon soldier extracts material from one side of the backpack, starts collating and then one after another spreads it in the right place.

Lin Sheng stood still and waited until everything was ready to move forward.

“Put people on.”

Crystal Warrior swiftly placed five rapidly interrupted activists on the altar.

Everything's ready.

Lin Sheng is happy to smile, and the low head starts to sing the opening words.

Soon, like someone stole private words in the ear.

A bunch of fuzzy furnaces from Lin Sheng's mind.

Evil greed and invisible waves directly ignore the communication process and drill into his brain.


A circle of weird air flows, spreading from the ceremony map to the outside, blew all around the grasslands into a slight outward leap.

(This chapter is over)

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