320. Chapter 320 Return 2

Chapter 320 Return 2

In the Miles, a slight fluctuation in the heart of the skin is floating from the source.

A bleeding red light faint, slowing down from the ceremony mapping centre, springs and moving towards all around.

“Hope, despair. Blind ear, interrupt. Shadow, souls. Break the limb, cut the face… "

A blurred voice drilled into Lin Sheng's ear, which started to be difficult to understand, but quickly, but in a few seconds, it evolved into frequency and language that he could understand.

One half of the red light of the plasma, a transparently fledged red arm, slowly stretched out, as if the rescuer found from the deep well, grabbed the red light.


A strong deep breath sounds open.

And then the second arm stretches out, grabs the light on the edge. And then the third arm, the fourth arm, article five…

the sources of densely packed arms continue to grow, and the voices of that deep breath are becoming more acute and more intensive.

As if you want to crawl out of something dizzy, it's getting more urgent and more agitated.


A sudden, invisible spiritual shock exploded, spreading a fresh, big, weird creature in the light.

It's like a fresh cloud with hundreds of pairs of arms. In it is a covenant embedded in a lot of colored spinning eyes.

Those eyeballs rolled out, like the goose eyes.

“Great…Very good.Can summon come to me, great bleeding eyewitness — It's your fortune! ”

The clouds Demonic Spirits float in front of Lin Sheng, full of three or four metres wide, six metres tall, like a mass of twisted rubber mud.

He's got a lot of unintentionally shaking arms, like seabed seabed seabed seabed's sophisticated fibre.

“Come on…Speaking of your wish, I will meet your will! ”

He slowed down and approached Lin Sheng's face.

Lin Sheng lifted his head and showed a sobering and aspiring complex myth on his face.

“…All will, will you? ”He shakes his voice and asks.

“Of course, this is a fair deal. So you have to think about it. ”The clouds of Demonic Spirits, all the eyes in their bodies, flash down, spreading the noise of the fog.

Lin Sheng shakes his body, swallows the foam, and it seems to be alarmed at the extreme point.


He shakes his voice, wants to speak, but he can't always say anything completely.

“I…You want…You want… ”

His voice is getting smaller and smaller, almost invisible. As for cloudfog Demonic Spirits, they had to be closer to hearing.

“What do you want?”Demonic Spirits is asking.


“Everything you have!”


Lin Sheng's head up, right arm deep into Demonic Spirits in the body.

He's got a weird smile on his face.

That brake, a path of pure and white rays of light, came out of his arm.

The pure Saint Force, like the most sharp scratch, exploded suddenly from Demonic Spirits in the body and turned into countless arrows to the Quartet.

Hey, Chi!

the white Saint Force of densely packed has purified all the contacts and has eliminated most of the demonic Spirits' imminent physical rush.

He whispers in the sky, crazy wants to go backwards, back to Demonic Spirit World.

Unfortunately, it's too late.

the Saint Light source of densely packed sources is constantly being shot at on the ground's ceremony formula and the road back is completely cut off.


With the last scream.

Saint Light burned the whole body of Demonic Spirits in a minute, leaving only a blood balloon of the size of Lin Sheng's fist in his hand.

The circle is like eye jewellery, and there's some holes in it that are constantly shifting, looking around everything.

Lin Sheng puked a little bit. Feel Saint Force on your body for a while. Look at Demonic Spirits in your hand.

“I didn't think of a little bit of bait, and I hooked up so big…It's a Banly!

At least Level 9! tsk tsk, if it wasn't an attack, it wouldn't have been so quick to resolve. ”

In fact, his practice in Black Feather City is not new.

Many powerful jurists occasionally use this method to seduce fishing, capture strong Demonic Spirits and demons.

Some of them treat demonic Spirits and demons as slaves and serve themselves. Others simply use it as a synthetic material.

There are also direct arrests when they eat, or feed their own pets.

Of course, the last level of this can be achieved, even in the Empire of Black Feather City, which is the strongest.

As in the dream, Lin Sheng met before.

The thunderbolt was captured by the jurists and trained as a guard.

Lin Sheng checked the remaining ceremony chart, and the five living people, as a consumable of ceremony, had disappeared completely and had no remains.

There are two remaining men, lucky and left two remains unaccompanied.

This is also due to Lin Sheng's killing of Demonic Spirits, cutting off a portion of the ceremony's remuneration.

“Well, eat this first."Lin Sheng looks at Demonic Spirits in his hand.

It was purified by Saint Force, pure spiritual jewellery, of course, because it was cleaned up by Saint Force, so the jewellery had inevitable breaths with Lin Sheng Saint Force.

As to how to transform this soul, Lin Sheng used a best way to reduce its depletion.

That's ceremony turning bloodline. Turning the soul directly into Rock Dragon Bloodline.

The converted ceremony, Lin Sheng, is already very skilled, just a little undermaterial. This time, the next time it's done, it's clean and needs to be supplemented.

After a gentle red light, Demonic Spirits, the size of the fist, became a pure Rock Dragon Bloodline, further altered Lin Sheng's bone marrow and moved towards rocks.

“About 50 per cent, almost 60 per cent… tsk tsk, this is really a big fish."

Lin Sheng threw out a little Mars, ignited ceremony remnants, and cleared them. That's the way moving towards the villa.

He concealed that more than half of Rock Dragon Bloodline was nurturing an unknown force.

His body is undergoing a crucial change.

After this change, there may be a qualitative leap.

The next morning.

Lin Sheng continues to carry the team, with Melissa, Bella, and three more brave crews, to begin patrolling tasks together.

It was as he expected.

Last night, just one night, there were more than 10 clashes in town.

These people give Benne University faces, no daylight. But even then, at least four people were seriously injured, even disappeared, in the conflict last night.

This, of course, excludes data other than those five who Lin Sheng started.

After a slight mediation of several disputes, new information was finally available under the white silver deposit.

Gentlemen at the bottom of the hole, we're going up!

Lin Sheng et al., the first of the patrols received information from the General Command and called for enhanced compliance.

Of course, they're just ordinary golden scholars, and nobody expects how much they can do.

Lin Sheng was also happy to sail, and he was lazy as long as there was no obvious trouble.

It's just night, he's got some sticks, and he keeps using fire in the woods to seduce the inconvenient team.

And then, as in the past, a breath eats, transforms humans into sacrifices, and catches out the big Demonic Spirits.

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