321. Chapter 321 Return 3

Chapter 321 Return 3

After Lin Sheng's conversion, if the energy of a living sacrifice is one. So many sacrifices together, up to a maximum of six.

But after summon, the big Demonic Spirits that were caught, their own energy value, at least 100.

Even after Saint Force's purification, a small fraction of the damage is still worth more than 60.

This is more than ten times the proceeds!

It's also Lin Sheng's key reason for not having one another.

After several consecutive times, after he had killed dozens of people, those outsiders seemed to have realized something. No more hooks.

Lin Sheng tried it a few times, and found no one coming, not only this time, but not even the picnic.

All living things, as long as they see his light in the night, they turn around and run away, and Lin Sheng can only do it without any hindrance.

At that time, however, he had just reached 60 per cent of the body's bloodline. It's just the harder it's going to be.

Over time, the cadre of mentors at the bottom of the mineral hole began to return, and the number of attractions increased.

Progressively, when Lin Sheng felt one day, he'd come to the town with a whiLevel.

Finally, aids and mentors from schools took over their patrols.

The mission was completed in advance.

Nor is the task that they can afford.

The school notification arrived and required all student teams to complete their tasks in advance and return to school.

It is a pity for Lin Sheng.

If there were no abnormal variables, it might be possible for him to induce some good priests from the latter. Push the bloodline to 60 per cent.

Sixty per cent of Rock Dragon Bloodline is basically limited.

Unless there is a complete desire to become a rock dragon body, the special bloodline of the human body in the body cannot, in any case, exceed 60 per cent.

Once more than 60 per cent, it is difficult to maintain the basic human body. Instead of moving towards monster externalities.

It's not what Lin Sheng wants.

He also wants to continue to hide and upgrade himself in the Demonic Ability world.

Well, Demonic Spirits is really a very high price for sex. He has formally listed it as one of the best options for spiritual transformation.

Demonic Spirits, Shadow Soul Artifact, Dream monster, is the three different sources of souls he's touched.

The cleanest of them is Demonic Spirits.



“Please let me stay and contribute to the school and to the teachers who have fought to sacrifice at the bottom of the deposit!"

Lin Sheng bowed deeply at the new general command, with a strong voice and a positive breath.

“With the care of the mentors, the students' so-called patrol mission has hardly encountered any difficulties. Rather than we do our job for the school, it's better that schools take care of us in turn.

Lin Sheng is deeply ashamed of that. Schools are paid for us, and we enjoy all kinds of benefits and benefits in good faith. ”

“So…Is that why you want to stay and join the teachings? ”

The new general command is a thin old professor named Titis.

He is not the owner of the factory and a small number of independent professors in the school. School operations are all part of their work.

This is different from the owner of the factory.

Tince has some nonsense looking at Lin Sheng bending in front of him.

Before he came, he knew there was Spirit Heart Castle Manor, the smallest disciple in the house. Lin Sheng's big name, even if he was, would have heard.

I thought that he had decided to withdraw Lin Sheng et al. and put him back to school safely.

I didn't think that little guy would want to be involved in this standby mission.

A new born of his talent would want to be involved in a major conflict task at the lowest level of teaching.

Do you have the guts to die or do you have any other attempts?

Tice's headache looks at Lin Sheng. The eyes of the request fall on the remaining instructors on both sides.

Unfortunately, all the people he saw were moving away from the sight of nature and pretending not to see it.

“Lin Sheng, I also know you and your mentor Voban Tiira, and I'll tell you the truth here. Now the mission has been upgraded to what you cannot afford. The Sky Secret has attracted too many foreigners, and even now more than four 40Wings have arrived. "

He paused, honest looking towards Lin Sheng.

“So the situation is really dangerous, and you stay here, and it only affects the role of mentors and trainers. No contribution can be made. ”

That's what I said.

Lin Sheng can't continue to be bullshit. Everyone actually heard that he was a cause of chaos, but now there's no reason for chaos. Naturally, there's no excuse to stay.

“Well, the students understand…”Lin Sheng showed a slight disrespect and bowed down to the instructors and professors present here for a few words, thus turning away from the Interim Command.

He walked out of the command gate and went further along the timber corridor.

Suddenly, in front of the corridor, a man with white uniforms was seen in his chest, not with a tidal silver emblem.

Men and Lin Sheng wiped their shoulders and looked behind the Interim Command.

Lin Sheng looked at it, smelling some familiar Demonic Ability breath.

“Heaven tower…The same breath as that guy named Nan… "

He stays on foot, slows down.

Soon, come back to the door of Kächā. The RUF speaks and speaks, clearly along the ground, like in his ear.

This is one of the capabilities that Rock Dragon Bloodline has shown gradually.

Can listen to voices in all regions, no matter how small they are.

Of course, this capability is highly broad, but Lin Sheng has not tested its limits.

But it can still be used to listen to voices in the rear command.

Demonic Ability's isolation, and there's no way to isolate this kind of wiretap from the ground.

Soon, clear talk, coming from the back.

“This time you sent a letter, Ice Falls."This is Professor Tice's voice. "Every three years of space correspondence, from you and I meet you, to now, you've got three full wheels. ”

“Who made me the leftiest in Tari.”A man with magnetic voice mocks himself. "Well, that's not much bullshit. This time we get the corner of the hand, we can open three, the entrance is still with us. This is also alive in your hands. How many are you going to enter? ”

Justin laughed:“The top pump makes up the law enforcement department and the school is severely understaffed. Neither the team's mentor must be able to find out, and we're afraid to give up this time. ”

“hehe, you keep blowing, I'll listen.”Ice Falls smile. "That's what you said last time. You didn't say that. And what happened? ”

“No one will easily choose to give up a little dust world. Even if there's little hope, it's the same. ”Another voice is low, and it seems to be the other deputy professor.

"Although we certainly do not have the control of the small dust world, the resources that were first exploited in it go far beyond the area surrounding fixed corridors.

So, since we got the rock of space, it's definitely gonna go. Just how to go, how many people go. ”

“Have you tested it? The stone of space this time? ”Ice Falls continue to ask.

“The test has been tested, not exceeding four Wings, otherwise it would be very dangerous and would affect spatial fluctuations. In addition, we intend to sell a portion of the entry. ”Tis indifferently said.

It's time for Ice Falls to say, "I said," No wonder there's a couple of four Wings out there. There are two other guys with their own disciple. ”

Listen here, the two people's issues are shifting, starting to talk about everyday events, so people are fraught, Lin Sheng is no longer listening and paying attention.

He had some guesses in his heart. It's probably not a general treasure, but a so-called stone of space.

This stone seems to open up the world of dust and let people enter it. And there seems to be a maximum limit on access.

“Funny…"He was not interested, but it seemed that there would be a relatively cruel struggle in it.

As long as there is a fight, there will be murder, corpses, and then he will be given enough blood sacrifices to make summon Demonic Spirits.

“It's a shame…"He is now acting too weak to be a win-win layer, otherwise he can become a part of the extinction, where hunting kills.

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