322. Chapter 322 Disbandment 1

Chapter 322 Disbandment 1

Back to the villa, Melissa was still on the first floor watching the cell phone, and only two or three of the remaining crews were here. The rest of them went outside to see the fun.

“There are two groups of Demonic Ability Users out there who have helped them take over the mediation. The rest of the crew like to watch the excitement and run out. "See Lin Sheng back, Melissa, stand up and explain.

“It's okay. From now on, the team can be disbanded, and everyone returns to school to receive a score incentive to fulfil its mandate. "Lin Sheng, come in.

“So fast?”Melissa surprisedly said.

“We should have taken over long ago, just because we taught them to come slowly, otherwise we'd be in school now.”Lin Sheng walked up the stairs, “Go back and pack up and see you later."

“Well, see you later.”Melissa, there's not a lot of cars in town anyway, and it's estimated to be a lot back together.

She didn't crap, she quickly sent a message to the crowd with her cell phone, and she followed up and picked up.

The rest of the crew look at me, and I see you, and I stand up and go back to the room.

Lin Sheng went back to the room, put everything that needed to be packed in the suitcase, and then took off his clothes and took off a hot bath.

Just finished wearing clean clothes, and the door passed a slight knock.

“Please come in.”Lin Sheng calmly said. His five-senses are very sharp, and naturally they recognize each other well before someone knocks on the door.


The door is slowly open. Melissa bites his lips, and his eyes faint in.


“Is everything okay? Pack it up? ”Lin Sheng smiled and asked.

“Well…It's packed, nothing can be taken away. ”Melissa, head up.

“Did you buy a little souvenir for the family?”Lin Sheng asked.

Melissa shakes his head and says, “There's no need in the house, the shopping, the buying.”

“Then let's go. The bus can move anytime, just waiting for us before. If we leave now, we can catch up for dinner.

I can't wait for a chicken stew in the school restaurant anymore. "

“Your wishes are still real."Melissa can't stop laughing. “As captain, do you still like school food? ”

“What status? Those are meaningless, and life is to live happily. Whether it's not a cafeteria thing, as long as you like to eat, don't care about anything else. ”Lin Sheng will do whatever he wants.

Melissa laughed, he wanted to stop. But it was interrupted by Lin Sheng's suitcase.

“Let's go, go out together.”

She's under no control, she can only drag the trunk together. Two men went downstairs, and there were several crews under the ground packed up.

Lin Sheng greeted them out together, and the phone called the big bus, which had already been driven by the driver Master.

the whole group got back in the car. Throw the baggage on the baggage shelf.

Lin Sheng sat in the last seat, lightly sighed, on the back of the chair.

Melissa sat on the other side of his left seat. There is a way between the two.

Lin Sheng didn't care about Melissa's strange expression, but only at the beginning of the body trying to integrate Saint Force and Rock Dragon Bloodline.

The theory of energy aggregation is a strange argument on which the exterminated research is based.

This theory means that not all energy can find a convergence point.

Theoretically, it is true that all energy is possible to integrate other energy, but the question is what conditions need to be achieved, which is not known.

The vast majority of energy requires extremely stringent conditions of integration.

And the great thing about this research is that they have studied an energy convergence point that can still be implemented successfully.

That's the shadow power.

After the head of the laboratory, who personally presided over the integration of the shadow into Demonic Ability, they succeeded in creating monsters like demonic Ability Users that could not be detected by most demonic.

It also violates the taboo areas of the great cult.

So they were extinguished.

Lin Sheng did not follow the way in which the shadow was integrated, but it was possible to start trying to integrate Saint Force and Rock Dragon Bloodline. Just need some advanced equipment support.

The bus is shaking and running fast on some steep mountains.

Less evacuation in the car, less than ten.

Melissa sat on Lin Sheng's side, raised his head a little later, and he fell down.

She's been doing so for half a day, and her heart has always wanted to talk about what it says, but it's always been a shell because of the effects of her personality.

Oh, yeah.

Suddenly, the whole car was a shock, and everything was shaking down because the car went to the shallow pit.

“Ouch!"On the one hand, close to a student, screaming in the back of his head.

Obviously that moment, shaking into the brain.

That's the consequence of Demonic Ability's failure to exercise the costs. Once attacked, these new hands and ordinary people are less powerful than they are.

Didn't wait for this student to study what just happened, why did he get hit in the head, and the car went on.

Melissa looked at the next time.

It's almost time to arrive in the city, and if this trip is still uncertain, then there will be little chance of reaching Lin Sheng so close. After all, Lin Sheng is the best genius in the factory.

She was not aware of what Lin Sheng said earlier, the feeling that gave her a new path was what it meant.

But since he was a genius disciple of the Spirit Heart Castle Manor factory, he was also the main holder of the team's mission.

So Lin Sheng's words are definitely much more credible than those of them.

Melissa looked at Lin Sheng, who was closing his head, and finally made a determination in his heart.

Let's see what Captain Lin Sheng can give her.

Choose, always double.

If Captain Lin Sheng gave her directions that she didn't like, she could totally ignore the old road before.

That's what Melissa thinks. That's what I do.

Once again, the car was severely stuck, and a lot of things in the car were almost empty and scattered.

Melissa, while stretching his hand, approaching Lin Sheng, is waking him up.

She didn't wait for her to do it, and she saw Lin Sheng keep his eyes closed and suddenly opened. In those freshgolden eyes, there was no surprise in the temperature of calm.

“Decide?”He looks at Melissa. “Once it starts, there's no turning back. ”

Melissa took a deep breath, tough head.

“Decided!”She cried down to answer.

Lin Sheng laughed.

He left Melissa behind, not a simple single-minded test.

Melissa had a very rare spiritual potential, and she was strong not on cultivation Demonic Ability, nor on exercise.

Rather, when she is in a state of tension, danger, stimulation, a sense of guilt, the stronger the greater the potential.

That's the evil soul, that's where Melissa really freaks. Theoretically, her sense of guilt is stronger and her potential is stronger.

But Lin Sheng never saw such a scenario.

And the so-called sense of guilt, expressed in the current language, is described in the term "sense of guilt". In ancient times, such acts are called confessions.

A whole time of confession, Dayton, Buddha.

It is estimated that Melissa's potential person.

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