323. Chapter 323 Disbandment 2

Chapter 323 Disbandment 2

Lin Sheng stretched right hand, pointing to the lightning of the flash, dizzy, moving towards Melissa.


He lightly points his fingers on Melissa's eyebrows.

No colorless light disappears, everything restores calm.

“I gave you a little initial seduction, a good feeling, a good refinement."Lin Sheng whispers.

Melissa, at the top of his finger point, was a trembling man, as if there was some kind of breakdown. Don't move on to the ground.

Lin Sheng doesn't think he just gave the other party a little Saint Force as a conductor. At the same time, that Saint Force, in Melissa in the body, took a few rounds of Ash Seal Sanctuary's tracks.

After that, as long as Melissa continues to study Saint Force, he must do so in the manner of Sanctuary.

And in fact, before the poor Saint Force Series in cultivation base is exposed, they must have fixed time from the missionaries to obtain one round of cultivation Ash Seal.

And Ash Seal is time-valid.

This is not the question of Lin Sheng, but the focus of the Temple system itself.

Lin Sheng ceased to listen after Saint Force gave Melissa, just sitting in a quiet position waiting for the vehicle to arrive.

More than 10 minutes later, the first bus arrived at the home of a recent trainee.

The car stopped, the crew said hello to Lin Sheng, exchanged contact, jumped out of the car and formally left.

After that, it was the second crew, the third…

And soon, even Bella got out of the car, and Melissa was still in a state of lawlessness.

Lately, the vehicle slowed down at Spirit Heart Castle Manor's point of import and export.

Lin Sheng stood up and walked out of the seat. Look at Melissa, who still lost his eyes.

He kept his head down and said a few words lightly in his ear. And then you put a good note in Melissa's pocket, and that's why you drove off the door.

The seed he's left, and next, look at Melissa himself.

Of course, in a short time, he won't tell Melissa that she was sent to Saint Force. And in a short time, Melissa is unlikely to quickly refine substantive Saint Light.

She would only experience the role of Saint Force in raising her body, but she didn't know that it was Saint Light.

Once she tastes Saint Force to strengthen her body's dessert and wants to return to the normal state of progress of the original turtles, that miserable mess will prevent her from suppressing and again looking for him.



The next day. Spirit Heart Castle Manor.

Lin Sheng sat in the restaurant alone to eat a simple breakfast in front of him.

White bread plus tomato cherry sauce, with pure lipstick milk. Add four more cow eggs.

That's where the professor is not, and Mira Sheng decided to eat breakfast himself in Castle Manor.

Invisible Servant perfectly implemented his request.

Pick up the bread that smelled good jam, Lin Sheng took his cell phone and looked at the latest news.

He has found an organization online and joined a group of Benne University alumni.

All of them are students in Benne University who are or have graduated, and there are occasionally several retention schools that are helping teachers.

This alumni group is a long-standing organized group that will meet online every other time.

Lin Sheng joined this group, however, primarily for the purpose of obtaining up-to-date school information and Demonic Ability information.


A new short news school friendship page, a similar place, was brushed out.

‘Here we go! The white silver deposit is beating up!

Three Ruling Crown Schools, two immediate universities, and a bunch of leisure people, together with hidden cults, all fought. "

There is a photograph that has just been sent, which is somewhat blurred, but there are three places where it is rarely possible to see a prolonged forest, with deep green rays of light blowing off.

There is also a slight flow of blood on the ground outside the woods.

Soon, someone's coming back.

"And cult?" With so many college teams, how dare the cult venture? Aren't you afraid to die? "

The owner of the invitation responded quickly.

‘I don't know, but I got information in my team, and it's said that the cult came up with a priest, that's great. The raid killed a newly arrived assistant, and it was terrible. "

‘No, no, no.It's so bad.

‘Which school guy was killed? Be clear! "

The owner replied:'No, there is a confidentiality mechanism, and it cannot be said that the situation is complicated here anyway. People are less powerful than three Wings, better run away. "

"Where's the cult?" I'll do it!Suddenly, a friend of the pure blood spear knight came out, chop nails and sever Iron responded.

"There's blood!"

‘It's pure blood! This is beautiful! "

‘Hey, hey, pure bleeding horses, cult or whatever iron is gone.'

The following is a full array of exaggerated cheerleaders, and Lin Sheng, in his description of the colour language, probably shows that this pure blood spear knight should be a very powerful guy.

Otherwise, so many people will jump out.

In this alumni group, his number is registered, there is no quota, only honest vision and response.

Breakfast on one side, Lin Sheng on the other side, sweeping some of the rest of the comrades on the Internet. It's also very interesting to find some useful information.

For example, there are places in the city where Black Tide has erupted, where members of the cult are operating, etc.

While many alumni are hampered by identity and dared to expose themselves completely, it is only a mere word of disclosure, and many insights can be learned.

Wrap it up, Lin Sheng will soon eat all breakfast and bite it on Invisible Servant.

Soon he saw another interested invitation.

‘On the north side of the city, the Special Police Force sought Demonic Ability's collaborators to investigate the murders.'It's an invitation.

Here, there are often many requests that come out from time to time. Many of the tasks triggered by these requests are, in fact, not eligible for publication in the school mission column.

Access to qualifications is generally difficult. And the slower annexation of the declaration, approval, and then the task, which is a slow process, is not going to work.

Now, Demonic Ability Users, the young people, prefer this straight and upward style.

The request was followed by a schedule of compensation, an annex, which would require a downloading order to see.

Lin Sheng is now zero and is not eligible to receive an invitation from the mission.

He's sophisticated and continues to brush. If some requests for purely information are found, they can quickly complete the accumulation and upgrade the grade.

With that aim, Lin Sheng soon found an invitation that he could solve.

"Seek help, would you like to teach, within Spirit Heart Castle Manor, how's Margaret Senior Sister's true strength and status?"

The sender is a guy named the chimpanzee hot. Because there is no sign of sex, there is no idea that men and women are.

The reward for this request is full of 10 points.

You know, as long as five o'clock points, Lin Sheng can be raised from zero to 1st Level.

“Margaret Senior Sister's strength, to think that no one is clearer than I am."Lin Sheng laughed, and put this on.

He and Margaret fucked up many times.

Although only consultations were cut, it was probably possible to judge the strength of each other.

As for the position within Castle Manor, that would be easier. Except for his core disciple, which is the highest in Margaret.

(This chapter is over)

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