324. Chapter 324 Disbandment 3

Chapter 324 Disbandment 3

Lin Sheng's ocean spill swiftly hit a bunch of words, although there's a lot of confusion in the middle, I guess, I think, maybe, some kind of blurred eyes.

However, the specific judgement was not ambiguous, and all of it had been sent up.

After the haircut, he was bored and brushed the other sticks.

Ten minutes later, suddenly, there was a slight sound, and the invitation he had just responded.

Lin Sheng, come back quickly.

"The answer is very good, thank God!"The tone of the Lord's response is respectful.

There are also some exciting responses from the crowd. But it's all fantastic, there's no wave.

Lin Sheng's easy harvest was 10:00. Obviously, the subsidiaries are very satisfied with the content.

Get the score, he's upgraded to 1st Level, and finally he can issue an invitation.

Stop drinking some sheep, he keeps brushing.

‘Request for instruction:Demonic Ability's future base choice, is corrosion strong or violent force and fantasy strong?'

"Who's the strongest student in Corsica?"

"Whose name is the leopard?"

‘About Van Eun.'

In a series of invitations, the most interesting thing is that demonic Ability has a choice of directions for the future, and the ability to fight is strong.

Lin Sheng looked at it a little bit, and it's been arguing over 100 floors.

It's boring to clean up other invitations for the latest date, and Lin Sheng is basically looking at it, and is planning to close it.

Suddenly an invitation drilled into his vision.

‘Margaret Senior Sister will be in trouble when he graduates.'

Lin Sheng thought about it. It's a lot of language content with subjective emotions like leakage.

Just look at these words, Lin Sheng's eyebrows picked up.



Margaret's quiet collection of long sword, with a slight sweat in the forehead, followed by a hot towel on the side of the school sister.

She's going home.

Come to Miga, she's actually just trying to avoid that cousin in the family that almost suffers her. That cousin called the strongest hope of the family.

innate talent, sometimes that doesn't make sense.

Cousin SaMiga was born three years later than she was, but cultivation Demonic Ability was less than a year away from her five years of hard work.

And she never had, nor had she been angry, even more desperate.

Unfortunately, however, all efforts are meaningless.

innate talent, it can't be won. Hundreds of failures have made Margaret understand this cruel reason.

She thought she could be calm to face it all.

But when the authorities were really about to move forward, she understood that she was far from being as calm as she thought.

Samia, that cousin who couldn't breathe her, that innate talent terrifying monster, is coming to Miga!

And the other party named Spirit Heart Castle Manor for her!

Margaret was in a state of deity all day when he got this message.

She knows why Samia came.

In the family branch, she was a elder woman, and in the branch she belonged, she had a great voice and influence.

At the same time, her parents left her with a great deal of industry and resources. These are what Samia needs.

If the future patriarch is to be genuinely determined, he must completely break all competitors.

And Margaret, he's one of his competitors. Although the weakest one.

“Senior Sister, are you okay?”A Spirit Heart Castle Manor's little sister cared.

“It's okay…The sword show I'm a little gone. Sorry. ”Margaret laughed and apologized to each other.

“It's all right. Even Senior Sister, who walks away, can show such a strong sword."A male scholar is genuinely complimented.

The rest of the people are tied up in time.

Margaret's got a smile in his eyes. Not to say anything, but to continue to tell several school sisters about the problems that have just been raised.

Regrettably, her heart was not distracted, even when it was constantly misleading, or when she was reminded of the correction. The atmosphere is sometimes very embarrassing.

Castle Manor, on the second floor, an open balcony. Lin Sheng stood down and saw Margaret pointing out the situation of other trainees.

He was also a little startled, and then smiled.

In the absence of the professor, the course of teaching the participants' experience now comes from Margaret.

As the all-Castle Manor idol Senior Sister, Margaret's height, Lin Sheng is far more than ever.

Lin Sheng stood on stage and looked closely at the following teaching scenarios.

“Quality, man, experience in the field, skills, etc., are good in all its aspects. Unfortunately… innate talent is too weak. "

Margaret is not Melissa, but demonic Ability innate talent, she has no other side than innate talent.

It's all in the middle of nowhere.

No accident, no surprise, no surprise, no priest talent to hide identity. Margaret is so ordinary that she is a desperate human being except in the context of his family.

“Is that why she's being followed by so many mediocrites?"Lin Sheng seems to understand something.

“Forget it, it's none of my business, or look at the new research equipment.”He ordered disciple Adolf to purchase very comprehensive research equipment for research dedicated to the replication and development of energy integration points.

These equipment are expensive and large. So there's a lot to be done with and installed, and so on.

Lin Sheng had to take time to take care of himself.

After all, these things are not a good man. Because of the experimental equipment that it uses, it is only after its own personal exam that it can be more responsive.

Upon its determination, Lin Sheng left Spirit Heart Castle Manor and, together with researchers of the interrogation equipment, went to another newly acquired small villa in Adolf City.

That's a little villa with a yard, and a big basement.

Lin Sheng intends to make people change into an experimental basement. Just how to change, he needs to design his own key position.

Just when he went out to the prison guard while looking for Van Jon to teach Soul Artifact to fall.

A group of unintended guests officially arrived at Spirit Heart Castle Manor in the absence of Professor Voban Tiira.



“This is Spirit Heart Castle Manor?"A short blue wheat colour boy, with interest, looks at a wide range of Castle Manor's clandestine boundaries.

“Yes, Young Master, this is Benne University Laboratory, Spirit Heart Castle Manor."A red dress maid next to me, whispering and calmly answering. "Do you need me to give you details? ”

“No, I've seen it once in the morning. Remember. ”Juvenile mouths laugh, bringing foot moved towards Castle Manor's door, and then people go.

“Let's go. Don't let the companions here see us rude. ”He's relaxed.

“Actually, it doesn't matter.”The red dress servant calmly said, "Even the size of the sister is the strongest group here, but the quality of the students here is known to be different.

For those who are vulnerable, it is already the greatest fortune that they have ever had since their birth to be able to reach the daylight of Young Master. "

“What level of role can be nurtured in such a factory? Don't expect too much.

After all, it's just a Ruling Crown School in Midway Miga, so it can't be too high. Margaret just came here to fix the body, not to go in. "Juveniles laugh.

“You're talking about it.”The female servant has a slight low head and has agreed to it.

“Come on, let me see her life here. It's too long to go back. ”

“I'm afraid Big Sister won't be willing to go back.”

“Since I came here, that's not her anymore.”A word of young people flowing lightly, a pencil moved towards Castle Manor gate.

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