325. Chapter 325 collision 1 (thanks to the bell little alliance lord)

Chapter 325 collision 1 (thanks to the bell little alliance lord)

The Spirit Heart Castle Manor Gate has gathered a number of participants who have discovered access to the universe.

Castle Manor itself has a very comprehensive alert. Together with the Zamia pressure, there is no intention to conceal it, which makes it easy to detect it.

Several participants looked forward to Samia, and immediately picked up a light exchange of speeches.

Soon, a colour, a tall young man with white skin, with a metal stick, walking to the door.

“Who is it? Without permission, you dare break into the secret entrance! "The tall youth, known as Sikadi, was a senior trainer of three years in Spirit Heart Castle Manor.

he's the strongest of the general high school participants, except for Margaret.

And because he likes to play baseball, why don't you just use baseball bats as his own Demonic Ability weapon, without thinking about making formidable power.

Several people were already on a baseball break, so it was not easy for mentors to leave, and Castle Manor's site could be used at any time. You don't have to be stared at every day as a pill.

I didn't expect to play long ago, and I heard a sign of the alarm pattern, so someone was invading Spirit Heart Castle Manor in the dark?

A bunch of people rushed away from the baseball field, heading straight to the gate. It is intended to spill a stomach's anxiety on the intruder.

“hehe…”Samia picked the eyebrows and made an unidentified laugh.

“We're from Oro, come to see Professor Benne University Voban Tiira, and say another word, is Margaret here?"The red dress maid standing out, and the face is quiet.

“Margaret?"all group faces are different, and there was a bit of a mood, a little harvest.

Just fixing Cardie felt that the two guys came up with some confusion and seemed to be a little upset.

Demonic Ability Users on Oro's side are not very kind. This is recognized throughout the world. Their Demonic Ability Users, did not reach too much, so not a lot.

At the same time, however, a small number of individuals have little physical strength.

“What's the matter with Margaret Senior Sister? We can replace communication. ”Sicky thought of it here, pressed down the emotion to ask.

“Just come and take a look, and remind her that time is almost there. Time to go back. ”Red dress maid indifferently said.

“Let's go, it doesn't seem to be there.”Samia smiled and turned around and was ready to leave.

Suddenly, his foot stopped, with a slight head said with a smile:“Right, by the way, next time, could you come out with a few receptions? You people, too weak. ”

“Weak? Old man can beat you out!A black scholar next to Kaddy was angry, the most unaware of being forced, when a claw was captured remotely to Samia.

Yo, Chi!

densely packed more than thirty green wires were fired out of three directions, as stabbed, towards Samia.

Demonic Ability's wire broke the air, like a path of grace, and the dark green geological display the density of demonic Ability.

This is a lot of Demonic Ability wires that are stronger than general trainees.

Red dress maid eyes cold, shine behind Samia, and arm up.

A wave of delightful sculptures with a triple shield with a lion's skull flowing out of nowhere and blocking her.

Dang Dang Dang!

All Demonic Ability's wire was released on the shield, all involved in the past and vanished.

“Do it to the master!”The red dress is open, and the long dress is slowly shining, with countless strings of string red lines.

“The garbage has to be a consciousness of garbage!"She screamed forward, and the red line on her long skirt suddenly turned out to be like Demonic Ability, and turned out to be big red and flown to the crowd.

“Get out of my way!”Sicky sees great, pupil suddenly shrink, on his own initiative, and he builds up a Crystal Warrior phantom, and phantom subsequently resides and suddenly reintegrated into the body.

“Uniform! Breakthrough Thrust! ”He's full of baseball bats, and he's got a green flame in front of him, and he's coming to the red line.

Green flames hit several meters at altitudes, and just got in touch with the red line, and they set up a flame.

The flames are like bitten biscuits, missing a big piece.

Ficky's not ready to do it again.

Yo, Chi!

a The path of the red line came down from the sky and went through his limb. Bring out a path of blood flowers.

“Shikady!”Master! ”

It is unfortunate that a few of the participants behind have been surprised to start trying to help.

Sicky's on his knees, and he's going down, and he can't play.

“Professor Kaddy!"

“Call the mentor!”

“Where's Margaret Senior Sister?"It's coming! ”

A group of learners was busy with their legs and dragged the repair of Katie back. Then gathered at the door, staring at the red dress maid.

“Let's go, it's not funny.”Samia's boring hit a debt, keep moving towards the exit.

Red dress maid coldly snorted, take the red silk back, put it in the lengthy dress, turn around fast.

There is nothing but an open eye on them to leave, but there is no room for it.

Demonic Ability Users, in their age of age, is already very few to be able to unleash power like Kadi.

The Crystal Warrior of Sicky has apparently become a model, and the battle can also be of great benefit. But he was confronted with demonic Ability's quality far more than his Oro opponent.

This is an unfair solution in itself.

The Samia two went to the exit site and were leaving on foot.


Suddenly, there was a slight glimmer of secrets, the location of the entrance and exit entrance, and there was a strong black air.

“The two of you came all the way and left so quickly, so it didn't seem to me that Spirit Heart Castle Manor was in no good faith?"

A simple, cold sound, coming from Castle Manor.

It's a girl's voice, and it's definitely a very confident girl.

Samia touched the black air with interest. "The mystery? Have you been blocked from and out? ”

He went back and looked far towards Castle Manor.

There's a gateway, where all the participants are splitting between two sides, Margaret and another beautiful girl with tea hair, standing at the door quietly and looking around this side.

“Come back!”Tea long hair girl stretch a little.

Half an empty circle of transparent tattoos, Castle Manor, was set up and the SaMiga two men were surrounded by landing.

The two people have come back to Castle Manor's front door.

“My name is Mira. Nice Castle Manor to be a guest, so…Don't go so fast. ”Voban Tiira's granddaughter, Mira Either, colour staring at SaMiga.

“No one can leave without any harm after hurting my Spirit Heart Castle Manor!"She said a word.

Samia looked at Mira and looked at Margaret again. "Do you know who I am? ”

“I don't know, I don't want to know.”Mira stepped forward and slowed down a tall purple Crystal Warrior.



Lin Sheng wandered around the newly acquired villa.

In the basement, a highly sophisticated instrument equipped with a conditioned sophisticated device is continuously flashing tight instructions and operating lights.

These instruments could be used to help him observe energy sites, record accurate data curves for change up to zero seconds, and develop the smallest and weakest demonic Ability module particles.

Any group of Demonic Ability infecting cells can be cloned quickly to freeze any kind of organisation or organ, even with large segregation rooms, security chambers and the most anticipated ceremony segregation room in Lin Sheng.

These are, in fact, only a small fraction of the instrument mechanism in this villa.

In order to meet the targets for Lin Sheng, Adolf has invested at least $300 million in Miga here.

Miga had a good monetary value at the international level, and a Miga dollar could be equated for Xilun $13.

So this 300 million represents an amount of money that is self-evident.

(This chapter is over)

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