326. Chapter 326 collision 2 (Thank you for the bell little alliance lord)

Chapter 326 collision 2 (Thank you for the bell little alliance lord)

Lin Sheng one after another checked the operation of all the instruments and determined whether they were normal.

The vast majority of these instruments are the research institutes in his replicated memory, the tools acquired. Some are still upgraded.

Of course, it also incorporates the material required for some of the experiments in Black Feather City.

“This place, almost on the basis of Miga.”Lin Sheng checked all places and was no longer satisfied.

“In the course of the mission, the remoteness of the two Heart of the Dead has been completely eliminated. Physical intensity has increased some more. ”

He was curious about Heart of the Dead.

You know, his physical intensity now has reached a very strong level, although no specific tests have been made, there must be more than ever.

The physical intensity of this level, on which Heart of the Dead can build, can go further.

Obviously, the applicability of such things is very strong.

“and Demonic Spirits…"Lin Sheng is considering the possibility of establishing a Demonic Spirits corridor.

This magic is historical in the records of Black Feather City.

It was called by the jurists – the door to the border.

This is a powerful tactics that can connect the interface and keep the biological sources from being transmitted on a continuous basis.

Of course, to complete this technique, there must be a strong energy core.

“If it were in the Temple, I could use the Saint Force pool as the core function of energy, unfortunately…Here's Miga. ”

Lin Sheng thought about the programme.

Demonic Spirits could be used as a long-term source of sustainability, and if long-term reserves were to be made, it would be better to establish the interface.

Otherwise, every summon must have blood meat as a prize, with little influence and early detection by other Demonic Ability Users.

“and the soul…”Lin Sheng is in the sink. "The study of the soul also requires a lot of spiritual support. "

The sources of souls can also be addressed if they are able to produce the shadows in quantities.


Suddenly, the phone on him sends a message.

Lin Sheng's cell phone number, which has been given very few people, is almost everyone he attaches great importance.

So even if it's a short message, it's unlikely that it's a daily bullshit without nutrition.

Get out of the phone, turn off the lid and clean your eyes.


And suddenly he turned his eyes and showed the color on his face.




Melissa stole his arm, was surrounded by a red one and dumped it lightly.

She was thrown away, fell on the lawn and couldn't climb.

The giant forces that erupted on the red wire, and the density of Demonic Ability, hit her Demonic Ability, almost instantly.

Melissa never thought that Demonic Ability could be very strong to that level.

Demonic Ability, the maid of the red dress, compared to Demonic Ability, all of them, is like the difference between steel and bean corruption.

On the grasslands ahead of Castle Manor Hall, seven rounds of people fell.

There are still a few chicks away, because they didn't do it, so they escaped.

And the core is a few.

Margaret, on her knees, constantly erupted the Demonic Ability Green for a while, trying to resist the pressure on the red light on her body.

But such resistance is not good to see her sweaty, and the red dress doesn't change her face, knowing how much the gap between the two is.

On the other hand, the professor's granddaughter Mira, is one of the strongest in the whole world.

Only she was still struggling to fight more than ten red attacks.

Just looking at the dozens of red silks that are still dancing behind the red dress, knowing that there is no hope for victory.


Mira was anxious to get out of trouble, but one was not prudent, and he was smoked in the red chest.

She broke a big mouth when she was full of boobs. Show out the rice underwear.

Mira was wearing a relatively tight coat. By this clothing, although not injured, the other side's strong humiliation intentions, let her face grow red and almost want to die.


“Miss Mira, since you decided to provoke a dispute, you should be prepared for immediate consequences.”SaMiga, relax said with a smile.

“Apparently using clandestine positions to block us from leaving. This is your first rule. ”The Samia vision is constantly visiting Mira's chest.

“Enough! Samia! ”Margaret screams around. "This is Miga, not Oro's family seal! Take off your disgusting face! ”

“And the power to scream?"Red dress maid expression is cold, and then there are more than ten red wires coming out.

Pull Margaret down on the ground.

A few also sober learners want to support themselves, but they're all disbanded by red wires, and they can't move completely.

For a while, Margaret and Mira's last resistance were finally completely backward and unable to struggle.

“Is that it?”Samia swept the whole place and asked. “Is this over? ”

“unable to withstand a single blow.""Time to go, master."

Samia's disappointed shake head, looking for Margaret on the ground.

“Is that all you've been here for four years, Miga?”

Margaret bites his teeth, shakes, and once wants to support her body.

But no matter how she moves, she can't get rid of the red.

This is the absolute gap in the quality of Demonic Ability. Not a little two, but a double or even more distance.

She cried out.

Over the past four years, she has worked hard and hard to study. Every moment, no one dares to forget the anarchy and suffering of Oro.

Four years of effort, four years of struggle, four years of work.

Come on, just like that?

“Margaret, you really, don't fit to be a superior."Samia shakes his head.

“Just so always struggle at the bottom."

He stretched out his hands with white gloves, took off his gloves and threw them on the ground.

“You look like a dog now.”

Finally, he turned around with a female servant.

Margaret pretty face is bleak in the instant, tears are completely lost in the eyes.

She doesn't know what to say, she doesn't know what to do, she just wants to cry. Crying loud.

Return back to the exit, Samia back to look towards Mira.

“Should we open it now?”

Mira fell down and the painful stretched out a little void.


The invisible blackness of the landscape slowed down and withdrew.

Samia went back and walked in and out.


In a giant noise, the brake was blown up in a black green wave at the entrance and exit.

A huge terrifying Demonic Ability, like seawater turbines, a circle of proliferation, shock, open. Like the same diameter of ink flowers of more than 10 metres.

The two maids were hit by severe explosions and shells fell out of the field, far from being able to react.


The mud in the field exploded and the mud floated, flowing in a mass gravel of several meters and more than half metres wide.

In the Demonic Ability tattoo at the entrance and exit, Lin Sheng spreads his hair and slows in.

“I think…What did you hit? ”He was confused, raised his hand, surrounded by a huge Demonic Ability, like a giant whale sucking, and the rainbow sucked into his arm.

Castle Manor's heading, a lot of trainees are stuck in the face.

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